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  1. gabe at #

    Hey,Corine, congrats on your business endeavour and many successes. I’ll be sure to watch the S & C show tomorrow at 2. Can I invite all my contacts to join your H.B.W.T. group?

  2. Corinne at #

    Thanks so much Gabe – please do!

  3. Tara at #

    I just saw this segment! You did great! We are leaving in 3 weeks for Cuba with our 11 month old… so it aired just in time to help me get organized!

  4. Corinne at #

    Thanks Tara!
    You’ll have a wonderful time and your baby will be treated like a rock star!
    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

  5. Sonia at #

    This answer is just what I was looking for since I’m going to the Dominican in Feb with a 17 month old. Thanks for all the helpful info!

  6. Corinne at #

    Happy New Year and have a great time Sonia!
    Don’t forget to send in your trip report when you get back!

  7. Stacey at #

    My husband and I flew from Calgary to Hawaii with my twins when they were 18 months old and again when they were 4 years old. We did not purchase seats for them and instead balanced them on our laps. To keeping them content on the 5 hour flight I thought it would help to feed my daughter her bottle of milk to keep her quiet…on the decent into Honolulu she threw up the entire contents of her stomach, all over the wall of the plane. Not my best plan…you can read more tips for travel with twins on my blog http://www.onetinysuitcase.wordpress.com or email me at [email protected]

  8. Corinne at #

    Thanks Stacey!

  9. N.B. at #

    My husband and I are expecting our first child and we always imagined that we would be that couple that countinues to travel with baby. We’ve noticed when we mention this we get a lot of eye rolls.
    Even before being married my husband and I have really enjoyed travelling, and usually like to ‘rough it’ in some ways (hostels, bus tours, camper vans). We have travelled through places like Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and would love to share our joy of discovering new places with this new person!

  10. Brianne Kelly at #

    I saw you today on BT. I am a mother of an 18 month old boy named Brayden. My husband and I have been trying to get away on vaccation with our son but find it too stressful with the baby. We have no idea what we need to bring to help him and us enjoy our trip. We finally just booked our trip and now that I have found this wonderful website, I can get all the convenient supplies needed. I hope to win the give a way and I will recommend this site for all my “mommy” friends, and I have alot of them LOL!!

    Thanks for entering me in this fabulas draw

    Brianne Kelly
    [email protected]

  11. Keira Brown at #

    I have not travelled yet but my dream vacation with my husband and 2 girls ages 2 and 1 would be to visit Nova Scotia and take my girls to the ocean, out on a boat, maybe even see whales and to dance the jig at a caleigh!
    Cheers, Keira Brown

  12. Adella Faria at #

    Wow, I just saw your product on Breakfast Television (which I watch faithfully every morning, and this is why!).

    I am soooo excited. I had my daughter at a very young age and she is my very best friend. She got married Sept 2007 and wanted to start a family. Shannon has a condition that has totally messed up her hormonal balance and therefore she had to resort to IVF.

    She has finally conceived and we are all crazy with excitement for the arrival of this beautiful baby.

    Shannon is a Social Worker for the City of Toronto and works in group homes for disabled adults. She is an amazing person with an extrodinarily huge heart to help others. She is so looking forward to being a mommy and would appreciate your products so much.

    Shannon and her husband Rob love to travel. They have been to the Dominican Republic several times and Rob’s parents live 5 hours away from us. I’m sure when the baby arrives there will be lots of road trips to see both sets of Grandma and Grandpas. Also, we have a lot of family in New Brunswick that we will definately be visiting.

    Well with our fingers crossed, hoping to win, thank you for such great products.

    Adella Faria
    Proud Grandma to be!

  13. Natasha Baird at #

    This is a great site…just watched your segment on BT, you have some great tips for travelling. Love the trunki

  14. Jill at #

    Saw you on BT this morning, just in time – leaving for Florida tomorrow!

    Great site.

  15. Nicole Ladouceur at #

    My daughter just turned one and we have yet to travel but our dream family destination would have to be Italy. My husband is Italian and he has relatives there, including his grandmother. It would be great to take my daughter to see where her family is from, what her heritage is about and to visit some family members that she would not otherwise get to see. This pack would definetly come in handy when we do go over.

  16. Michael Briggs at #

    Very cool, Giveaways are the best. especially in our situation..

  17. Jane Lansbergen at #

    I saw the presentation on Breakfast TV this morning and loved the great ideas. Flying with two small children is a challenge. You have wonderful products to make that easier.

  18. Sierra Lewis at #

    i have yet to travel with my little one because of the sheer confusion and preperation i thought it would take but these items are perfect! i would have to say my dream destination would be St.Kitts

  19. Jodi Webster at #

    My husband and I are big travellers and preparing to have a baby. I saw your demonstration on Breakfast television and thought that your presentation and travelling products were so great I could not pass up sending you a comment.
    Even if I do not win the prise pack you have given us great ideas as to what to buy before we travel.

    Thank you

  20. rob browning at #

    just saw ya on city tv
    thought would take a look
    neat stuff

  21. Nicole Brassard at #

    This website is fantastic. I have already added this site to my favorites!!!

    Thank you!
    Nicole Brssard.


    i am expecting a baby and yet to travel

  23. Linda Finigan at #

    I think your products are wonderful.. I am the parent of 5 and the Grandmother of 9 and have had many experiences through the years. I would love to have some of your wonderful travel ideas in order to share tavel time with the grandchildren as I love to travel and any extra help is always welcome. To reduce worries and replace them with smiles and fun is a dream come true. Thanks for your great ideas

  24. Cristina Roda-Zaffino at #


    We will be traveling with our 7 month old son this coming September! We are planning a European vacation with a mix of visiting family and sightseeing. We are traveling to Italy primarily, but intend to finish our vacation in England. Your site is fabulous! All the handy gadgets and must-haves that I have been scouring for in various baby stores, are all available at one destination. Well done!

  25. Diana at #

    Hi! I saw you on BT this morning-great travel gizmos!I am entering your contest! We have yet to travel with our 5 month old son-to be honest, the thought is a little nerve racking, which is probably why we have yet to venture out with our little one. However, given the products you offer we may give it a try sooner rather then later! Our dream family get-away would be Hawaii!!

  26. Nathan at #

    Who wouldn’t love a trip to Walt Disney world !?! It is our hope to one day in the near future take our little ones to Florida to enjoy all the enchanted magic at Walt Disney World. Maybe we’ll get lucky and win the trip they are giving away on BT as well as ths great travel pack from your site πŸ™‚ Wouldn’t that just be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this fantasic prize pack

  27. Debbie Desmoulin at #

    My family dream destination would be going to Jamaica, Which is where my fiancee is from, we would like to go there to not only visit his parents but to also get married. Therefore this trip would include my family as well!!!
    i have also yet to travel and i have 2 children of my own my son 20 months and my daughter is 7-months, so i would love to give them the experience of traveling. one that i never HAD!!!
    thank you

    Debbie Desmoulin
    april 4 1986
    20 Sewells rd apt 114
    scarborough ontario

  28. Christa Burns at #

    Great contest!

  29. Amber at #

    I am 19 years old with a 4 month old baby girl.
    I’m looking for great easy to use appliances to use on a camping trips i’m going to take in the summer time with my little one!!

  30. Jaime bertelsen at #

    Travelling in may
    We are travelling in may with our 7 yearold and 9 month old on a 5 hour road trip! Help!

  31. Maureen O'Donnell at #

    I haven’t travelled yet with my son but our dream vacation would be to travel Ireland. To explore the countryside and go from village to village meeting new people and discovering new things.

  32. Louise Leonard at #

    I wish we had some of these when I had my children. When we traveled some of the restaurants didn’t have high chairs so we had to hold the child or use a scarf to hold them to the chair.

  33. angelita norton at #

    Just recently had a baby and would love to be a winner of this great prize. I have plans to go away soon and the thought of travelling with two kids will be a challenge. However, with your new innovative items it would make my life easier.

  34. suzanne reid at #

    heard about this on BT. What a wonderful idea.

  35. Joan Gale at #

    This summer we will be taking our grandson to the beach for fun in the sun. He loves the water so I’m sure he will have the time of his life. Must pack a tonne of sunblock and all of his gear.Seen the peapod travel bed and thought that would be perfect for my little man to have some shade wow.My travel tip I always have some wet face clothes in a ziplock baggy for in the car, yes I know they sell wipes but my face clothes are already paid for and I find they clean up much better.

  36. Carol Goddard at #

    I would love to be a winner, all your products are state of the art and are great and very safe for baby. Our family travels alot and would benifit from this contest.
    Have a Great Day
    Carol Goddard

  37. Nicole Best at #

    Just saw you on Breakfst Television. My husband and I live in Montreal (Im a former T.O resident)and are expecting our first child in August. My family living in Mississauga and his living in Windsor, traveling with our little one will be a reality. I always wondered how we are going to do it -this website will be something for sure I will be visiting for tips and products.

    Thank you for creaing such a great site for people such as my husband and I to relieve the pressure of traveling with little ones.

    Nicole Best

  38. Susan Laffan at #

    This would be a great gift for my sister who is having her 2nd child in July. She has never been away to a really great destination but this wold give her a little boost. Thank you.

  39. Tina Diamond at #

    Always travel with a portable chair. A child that is held all day will be very cranky when you return home.
    We use a fisher price chair that folds down for easy travel-allows for a safe place for our baby when we are at very busy family functions..

  40. Nooreain at #

    Hi, I had a chance to travel to Europe last year with my babies. It was fun & according to me, the best tip for travelling with kids is to Pack Lotsss of Stuff for kids.. i mean everything that woyuld make your kid feel at home, like a few fav toys & blanky.. stuff like that & specially fav stuff toy.

    Well i am hoping to win

  41. Raj Chohan at #

    All this stuff is very useful and I hope I win this prize as I need almost everything for my son’s first trip to new york with us. You guys have a great website.

  42. Tracey at #

    I would love to be able to win this prize pack to surprise my girlfriend who has 6 month old twin girls! My girlfriend, Nadine will be traveling to France this summer to celebrate her daughters christening. Nadine’s husband David is from France and is extremely excited to travel with his little angels back to his home land to show them off to all of his friends and family.

    I saw you on BT this morning and made mention to my husband as to how baby products have changed so much in the last 11 years. Thank you for making all of these wonderful products available to young mothers. Travel truly is one of the greatest gifts of all time, regardless of your age!!!

    Yours truly,
    Tracey Mastromarco

  43. Michelle Clouter at #

    I used to believe that if we went anywhere, that we would have to pack a pile of things and it would be a nightmare travelling with a little one. Recently we went to Newfoundland to visit family and it was so easy to do. Our family was able to borrow things from friends so we had to bring nothing with us except ourselves and our clothes. We only brought enough diapers to get us there and we bought anything we needed when we got there.

    So here is my tip: Try to travel as light as possible, and you can always buy what you need wherever you are going!

    Michelle Clouter, mommy to Savannah 7 months

  44. karen dore at #

    Hi, I was listening to breakfast television on your travel baby products and wanted to enter for the contest give aways, but had a hard time to get into the site to enter. Any suggestions. I am a first time Grandmother of 2 month old Aidan and would love to be able to travel with him. Thanks.

  45. April Bollers at #

    Please enter me in the draw for the grand prize!

  46. Crystal Marcial at #

    Enter me in the draw for the grand prize giveaway!

  47. Laura Polidoro at #

    I saw your products on Breakfast Television this morning and was VERY impressed and excited. I am a new mom of a 4 month old boy and my husband and I were just talking about the possibility of travelling with him. Of course, as I started going through the list of things I would need to bring I became quite overwhelmed. Seeing your products online and on BT reassured me that it is certainly possible. Thank you for this website and making it easier for moms and dads to travel with children!

  48. Tammy Acquaviva at #

    I am currently pregnant with our first child. I am 11 weeks 4 days today.
    A travel tip that my husband and I have followed with each of our Carribean or Mexican vacations has been to take doctor prescribed Dukoral to prevent getting sick while away. So far it has worked each time we took it. The one time we didn’t was the one vacation we did get sick so we now swear by it.
    Once we have our children I believe our ultimate family destination would be a huge luxury cottage up North in Ontario for a couple of weeks in the summer where we could really bring the whole family…our children, our parents, our brothers and sister in laws and our niece and nephew. And anyone else in the family that wants to come. That would be a truely winderfuo family vacation.

  49. Adelina Bellisario at #

    Saw these products on Breakfast Television Toronto. They are wonderful. Hope to win.

  50. Colleen Pinney at #

    What an great website! Thanks for all your tips. We’re going to Mytle Beach for our first family vacation and this prize pack would REALLY, REALLY help us travel worry-free!!!

  51. Lana Collins at #

    I was watching bt television toronto this morning and i saw some of the things you offer. I found this very interesting, my daughter is 19 and having her first baby, as i love to travel, i know she will be with me. These things would come in very handy for our trips. Do you have a list of cost of some of these items? Thank you .

  52. Amy Ballantyne at #

    I saw the info on Breakfast Television this morning!!
    Thank you so much – I didn’t even know this stuff existed!!

    I am so glad that there are others like me who are interested in travelling with little ones!

    I am expecting my 1st baby in May and am so excited that travel CAN continue to be part of our lives!

    I will be submitting for the prize – it looks fabulous!!

    Amy πŸ™‚

  53. Pat at #

    Just saw your presentation on BT and was amazed at the wonderful baby gear available for travel. Our grandbaby #6 just arrived a few days ago and we love to travel as a family so I am very excited to see what is on the market. Thanks for the information!

  54. Andie at #

    I have yet to travel with our baby yet I’m not due till july 09. We would love to travel to england and Irland with our baby as soon as we can with little worry .Thank you

  55. Dina Savoia at #

    I’ve gone to Europe with my three and a half year old. I would have to say the best thing for any parent of a toddler or pre-schooler to bring on a trip is: a small umbrella stroller.

    These strollers are allowed on airplanes. They are collapsable, and fit in the overhead compartment. I found it to be very helpful moving around in the airport. I was able to push her around in the stroller as she was enjoying one of her snacks, while I was carrying a backpack on my back and a bag in another hand. When she was tired, she would sleep. This stroller came in handy when we were sight-seeing. We were able to see the Vatican, while she slept in the stroller.

    It is a great, inexpensive travel item to have. I would recommend it to anyone with young children!

  56. Brenda Cardwell at #

    I am entering for my daughter who is expecting in May. I was hoping to be able to help her out as she is going to be on her own with this child. Sadly i have lost my job and will be on a tight budget till i get back to work . These items would help her so much as the baby will be travelling to be with family members as my daughter trys to finish school and enrich her and the babys future ,Thanks for this oppertunity and i have my fingers crossed. Brenda

  57. Savi Nandkumar at #

    I have two children my son is 11 and my daughter is 4 we travel alot to Espanola, Ontario. We go every weekend we can and on holidays, summer, Christmas break, march break. It’s a 5 hour drive and we have a car and when we pack there is just enough room for our legs. We are expecting our third child in June ’09. I’m not sure how we are going to fit a stroller and another carseat. Along with more bags and all the other baby stuff we will need. We stay in a cottage at Lake Apsey Resort. Any way that’s my travel story. We travel as often as we can. I’m a stay at home mom. I try to pack light but I guess I will have to pack even lighter after I have the baby.

    Thank You,



  59. Katy at #

    I love to go back where my conjoint and me meet,because i always tell story to my daugther,i beautyful Lac louise has.Now that she bigger ,she could enjoy the amazing rockies,but with new little brother in the families ill woul’d be nice to be ale to hike and have my hands more free.

  60. Elizabeth Sigalas at #

    My daughter Cynthia is now 7 months old, she will be 1 1/2 when we travel to where her daddy is from, Dominica. It’s nickname is “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” as it has unspoiled natural beauty. It has rainforests, the 2nd largest boiling lake in the world, home to 365 lakes and beautiful scenery. Will be going during their carnival season so Cynthia will be able to experience the Dominican culture. Many of my husbands family members live there and I can’t wait to bring Cynthia to this beautiful island. I was fortunate to visit this island 2 years ago. I think Dominica is a little taste of heaven that Cynthia will enjoy and will be able to learn some french as this is a french island.

    I do have a second dream vacation, as my parents are form Greece, I would love to take Cynthia there when she is 5 or 6 years old to visit the beautiful islands and my culture. This is where she will learn to speak greek.

  61. Toula Kondos at #

    Saw your spot on BT and loved all your stuff. Trunki is too cute! My husband and I are planning a trip for the summer but our dream trip would be to Greece to introduce our son to our family members over there and to go to the Greek islands!

  62. B at #

    I have yet to travel with my kids, but they are 1 and 8 months. I am planning a trip, and though it may not be a dream vacation I really want to start taking them more places. We are going back to my home on the west coast this summer and I can’t wait.

  63. Mark at #

    I need all this stuff so that traveling with my new baby will be a breeze.

  64. Wendi at #

    We’re travelling to Asia to see my family in the summer with our 2 yr old and a 3 mos old. These gears are functional and would certainly be useful for us.

  65. Kelly K. at #

    This is a great site andf an awesome giveaway!!

  66. Trish at #

    I have a 10 year old and a 2 year old,both girls! I can’t believe how products have changed over the years,we had to buy everything all over again, but seeing your great products on BT this morning got me so excited that i emailed all my friends! My dream vac would be to Malta to see my husbands heritage, maybe one day, these products would be veryuseful, especially the travel bed and the Trunki! Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful products!

  67. Garnet L at #

    This would be great for my new Great grandson

  68. Amelia L at #

    Saw you on BT and checked out your website right away! I love it! its marked as one of my favourites.

  69. Darcy at #

    We’ve done quite a few road trips with our 3-year-old and 5-year-old. The things that really helped were: travel bingo, lots of snacks, our DVD player, and books.

  70. Connie Lewis at #

    I’d love to win this. It would be an awesome start.

  71. Heidi P at #

    A great tip for when travelling with your baby instead of packing a bunch of small suitcases rather just pack a larger one…easier to keep track of all the things you need for the little one and less stress on the parents.

    Lovely prize pack.

  72. Lyndsey Hart at #

    What a fantastic prize. I hope I am able to give this to my soon to be born niece + her parents

  73. Frank Ientile at #

    Pack a mini dvd player in a padded lunch pack with cushioning and ziplock the baby food in case it opens. Ziplock all food and crackers etc to ensure safety and convenience.

  74. Manuel Vizcaya at #

    will come in handy

  75. Liz at #

    This is a very cute prize package. Thank you for the contest.

  76. Sandra M at #

    My son and daughter-in-law travel a lot with my two adorable grandsons (19 months and 3 months). This would be awesome for them.

  77. Cheryl at #

    I haven’t travelled with my daughter (11mos old) yet but I would love to take her to Disney soon! I’m waiting for her to get a bit older so she can remember – I remember my first time to Disney World.

    As for tips, I’d say carry a pack of diapers wipes every where you go. It’s good to clean surfaces your baby/toddler might touch, good for cleaning your hands and good for their butts too! πŸ™‚

  78. PJ Dechaine at #

    When travelling my wife and I try to pare our luggage down to the essentials, something we learned from the mother in law. No matter where in the world you are you can find a laundromat, just bring hard wearing clothes that can all be washed toghether.

  79. Sandra M at #

    You don’t even have to travel far for all of those items to be so useful. They would be great even for the weekend trip to Grandma’s!!!

  80. Mara at #

    My first vacation with my baby was when he was two months old. We spent three months driving 2/3 of the way across the United States and back, visiting friends and family along the way. It was fun and doable – but I recommend that anyone who wants to try something ambitious take a few weekend trips first. My husband and I really didn’t know what we were in for.

  81. Maria at #

    This is a wonderful prize…must have for travellers with baby/infant !

  82. Gail at #

    I know my grandson and new little sibling will be grateful to have this prize.

  83. Sandra M at #

    I know that my son and daughter-in-law would be so delighted with these. It’s an awesome prize that would be so useful.

  84. Sandra M at #

    These items would be so useful no matter whether on a short visit to Grandma’s or a longer visit further away from home.

  85. Marisa Deschamps at #

    I bring some crayons and a doodle pad, books or a few toys whenever I go out with my kids. They are a great way to keep them busy when I’m too busy to give them a lot of attention.

  86. Stacey at #

    I love the term ‘self-cater’! I’m a big believer in this and usually pack my suitcase with a few essentials like you said, so we aren’t scrambling as soon as we check in!

    • Corinne at #

      Crackers and peanut butter (or its non-nut equivalent) will never go to waste! I’ve also learned over the years to throw in a handful of teabags from home, as I really miss my cuppas and have never found a decent substitute when I’m away… unless, of course, I’m in Great Britain!

  87. lynn at #

    This will be great for my son who is expecting their first baby.

  88. Mara at #

    I definitely agree with you – I’ve never had anyone be anything but really nice to me when I fly with my kids (my oldest’s first flight was at six months). I do endorse buying a seat for your baby if you can afford it though. My kids have always slept on planes when they can be in their car seats (and I feel like they are safer too).

  89. Great post! I live in Cambodia and travel back to the US often…alone…with two children…under the age of three. All my friends and family think I’m crazy to do these 30+ hour flights alone and I don’t disagree, but what they don’t realize is the kindness of strangers. My kids have sat on many a lap other than mine on planes and someone always offers to help with hand holding, bag carrying or child minding if I need it. While I have had people give me dirty looks, most looks I get are a mix of sympathy and amazement…and then they ask if they can help:)On the lighter side, when we were having some separation anxiety issues, I have fit in the lavatory with a six-month-old and a two-year-old and managed to pee, when you gotta go, you gotta go!

  90. Annmarie at #

    My favorite tip for traveling with a young crowd is to never leave home without crayons and cheerios packed! Our dream family destination is Grand Cayman Island! We were actually fortunate enough to go when my daughter & son were younger. Our favorite activity was the Nautilus. a submergible that explored underwater like a submarine, then surfaces to allow passengers to go snorkeling. My husband, MIL & daughter had a ball snorkeling while I was able to stay “on deck” with my son because he was still so young!

  91. Teri at #

    We would love to travel all over, but the first trip we would like to do is to travel across Canada.

  92. now that i’ve been travling with my son for over 5 years. whatever they normally don’t do, they will start doing in the most inconvenient moments. i have sooooo realized that. my son never ever vomits, we went to one store and he played like a little manaic and vomited everywhere like in 10 different places. it was crazy. he hasn’t vomited before or since that moment:)
    The Travel Expert(a) and an Expat with a Twist

  93. Corinne at #

    Mara & Andrea – I totally hear you. I head out prepared for the worst so am surprised and delighted when people are kind.

    Marina – I laughed out loud reading your comment – so true!

  94. Great contest for me and my readers. I just put a link to this on one of my posts. Thanks:)

  95. Great article! I agree with all of your points and the kids might not remember what they saw or who they met, but they will grow up with a sense of wonder, appreciate for the world and a strong degree of independence! Plus, family naps are the best!

  96. Mary Williams at #


  97. Corinne at #

    Thanks Andrea!
    The only downside could be that my now 3-year-old keeps bugging me to go on trips!

  98. Janet Meisner at #

    Wonderful travel gear.

  99. Maureen at #

    The dream destination would be to go to Ireland. My family has their roots there and it would be great to see where we came from.

  100. Hi, great post, I just linked to this post to one of mine about traveling light:)

  101. Anna G. at #

    My best travel trip with small kiddies is to pack individual snack boxes/toy packs for each child…they will have fun snacking/exploring the boxes as the need arises and they are not waiting for you to give them snacks, etc!! This worked really well on a long car trip to Quebec…We kept replenishing the snacks and rotating toys each night…

  102. Kara Pearson at #

    This is absolutely something i would love to have. This is great since all my inlaw and family are so far we need to be able to have everything with us.
    [email protected]

  103. Debbie at #

    I haven’t done any air travel with our 16 month old yet. This summer we’re headed to Chicago for a family reunion – I could use some pointers on travel with toddlers! This travel gear looks wonderful and useful.

  104. Amanda at #

    Honestly, there are so many beautiful places in the world it is difficult to pick one as a dream destination. However, I think my families dream destination would be Japan. My husband and I both love Japanese food and culture, and Japan looks like such a beautiful place to visit.

  105. justin at #

    I’d love to go to Vegas. My boyfriend, his brother and sister-in-law might this summer to visit a cousin. They have at least 3 kids and wanted to leave them with grandparents. I could watch them at Circus Circus for the 4-day weekend. Driving would take almost 16 hours non-stop. If the kids come along, I suggest an Airstream trailer. I do, by chance, know that my mother’s first husband a.k.a. my half-sister’s father lives in town. There’s also something I would love to learn about at City Hall.

  106. Alisa at #

    You always need lots of clothing with kids since it’s inevitable that once you dress them they will get some sort of stain within minutes and you just never can predict the weather. There’s one tip I have with clothes that works if the timing’s right. I was going through my son’s clothing and had a pile to give away so I decided I would pack these to wear one last time when we go visit Grandma for a week. Before we left Grandma’s house I washed the clothes and dropped them off at a local thrift store, this made room in our luggage for gifts and souvenirs.

  107. Alex at #

    Make sure the kids will be entertained on the way.
    I pack storybooks that come with the CD so you can pop it in the player and they can turn the pages them selves. If you are travelling by plane these are also great to use with the portable cd players.

  108. Alex at #

    Does this mean I can enter more than once if I have more than one tip?? Uptop it says “Please, only one entry per submission – multiple entries require multiple submissions.” Anyway I entered once already, so if it is only one per person then please only count my other entry but I still really wanted to share these other tips so just don’t count this one, thanks.
    I strongly recommend travel size items and sample packs. You can use them up while you are away and save the bottles to refill yourself for next time if you like.
    Also, purchase a reloadable gift card from a franchise that will have many locations on the way, for those emergencies and last minute things you forgot. If you don’t end up using it then you can give it as a gift eventually or buy the things you really need when you get home.

    • Corinne at #

      Absolutely! Just one tip, trip report or dream destination per entry please.

  109. Alex at #

    I’d love to go see family in Oregon for a week then to Disneyland for another week ….That’s my dream vacation for my family of four.

  110. AlisaM at #

    Freeze juice boxes and yogurts ahead of time, they stay good for quite a while and will help keep other food items cool in the cooler.

  111. AlisaM at #

    Find out what stores are going to be near your hotel, ahead of time because if you are not renting a vehicle it may be difficult to get the things you need. My brother went somewhere this year and when he arrived realised there was no convenience stores, or grocery stores near by. He said he ejoyed the trip anyway, but was really hungry. As I mother of four I dreded the thought of not having access to something like a grocery store or at least a convenience store so if I plan to travel I am definately going to look into the stores around where I stay ahead of time.

  112. AlisaM at #

    If you are travelling by car, take turns sitting in the backseat with the kids. The parent who is not driving can have fun sitting in the back playing games, reading/telling stories, or just talking. You and your kids will love it!!

  113. Sarah at #

    My advice for travelling with children would be to try and pack to be prepared for everything (e.g., pack everything that is offered in the grand prize)!

  114. Kim Simpson at #

    I have made many trips with my 4 kids. We have had drive trips, plane trips and train trips. Our latest discovery is audio books, you can get them for any age at your local library. They are free and they keep both the kids and parents interested. My kids quiet right down to listen to the stories.
    Other tips, plenty of food, drinks, wipes and receiving blankets.

  115. Hi there,

    My best travel tip with a small baby is to bring a jolly jumper. We just went to Cuba with a 7 month old, and it was great!

    My ultimate trip would be to Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to go there.

    Thanks for the entry



  116. This would be the perfect thing for my son and his wife.

  117. Heather at #

    Thanks for the great tips. My husband and I have been to Varadero on 3 occasions but are planning a first trip with our 21 month old son. Our only concern is with a car seat. I assume from what I have read we will need to bring our own. Are there seatbelts on the buses from the airport to attach the carseat with? If we took a day trip to Havana do you think we would get a bus/van that could accomodate a car seat? I need to get answers to these questions before booking a trip.

  118. Corinne at #

    Hi Heather!
    The bus will likely be a coach-style in which you won’t require a car seat. However, we brought our seat and used it for our day trip to Havana (we hired a taxi for the day).
    All the taxis and minivans that are used for tourism purposes are new and have functioning seat belts – they may not have the anchor bolt for the tether strap.
    Have a wonderful trip with your son! He’ll be fawned over like a movie star!

  119. Judi at #

    I took a lot of roadtrips and one short plane ride with my baby before he could crawl, and they were all a piece of cake. I just had to plan on longer stops (for feeding and diaper changing) and more of them.

    Now that he’s crawling and pulling himself up, he’s not willing to sit in one place as long. If someone sits next to him and plays with him the whole time, he can go for quite a while, but it’s definitely not as relaxing.

  120. Corinne at #

    Once they’re mobile it’s truly a different ballgame!

  121. We are spoiled by living in Florida as well. Disney World is just another vacation spot for us and we took it for grant. But lovely list of top destination.

    I also want to let you know that I gave you ‘One Lovely Blog Award’


    Thank you for such a great tips for family travel with baby!

  122. Jennifer at #

    Gee, why waste time pumping when you are traveling? Just nurse your baby. That’s the easiest and best way to do it. You don’t have to worry about checking items, sterilizing, or heating the milk. With only one baby it’s very easy to do. If you have a Maya Wrap it keeps the baby in position easily and keeps you covered while nursing. Good luck!

  123. Heidi at #

    FYI – Car seats are no longer allowed to be used while on an airplane. They will check them at the gate though for no additional fee we have found.

  124. Heather at #

    As far as sterilizing your pump… I think Medela makes cleansing wipes. Babies R Us may carry them or try the Medela website. When I bought my pump about 5 years ago, it came with some samples. (hopefully they still make them??) Good luck with your travels!!

  125. Mimi at #

    We did the travel thing with our daughter at 16 weeks, 9 months, 13 months and again at 21 months. I found each time less stressful as I got better.
    I too brestfed and had ready to use bottle supplements. So I fed discreetly, no need for equipment and supplmemented as needed, then discarded the bottles. As she was older and we had the reuseable bottles, I just washed them in very hot water with soap. It was as close to sterile as possible and much the same as many people do with their 2nd and 3rd kids, so I just started a little early. My child never was ill, until our first fever and strep throat at 2 1/2 yrs old.
    I agree with the free car seat checking, and the using your stroller right up to the gate check. Baby formula is allowed unlimitedly if sealed. No extra carryons, on 2 per seat purchased and sometimes they limit it to one. In the beginning it was just necessities, by the older trips there was toys and the last trip included my laptop and some dvd’s. Oh and the absolute is to have your baby sucking at taking off and landing, bottle, pacifier, etc. We got some of this sugary syrup from the pediatricians that we just dipped the paci in to keep her actively sucking as an infant, we told her to drink her juice when a little older and the last trip included suckers. Each time we were better prepared for what we needed on board and my little one still loves to fly and asks often for a trip by plane.
    Best Wishes for a fun flight!

  126. Amy at #

    I’d note that most infant carseats do actually work without the base, even if you use the base most of the time. Check the sides of the seat for instructions on how to install it without the base, and find the “FAA-approved” sticker (you’ll have to point it out to the flight attendant. Also, even if you don’t buy a seat, make sure to ask at the gate desk if there are any free seats – if there are, they will let you use one of them for the baby.

  127. Jessie at #

    Well, Jennifer, not EVERYONE is able to breastfeed forvarious, personal and numerous reasons….some people HAVE or WANT to formula feed, and this is a legit question. I would say for formula feeding, and maybe even to feed the pumped milk if you want to pump, take a playtex drop-ins style bottle and enough liners to last the trip, put the formula in one of the little premeasure containers, and ask the flight attendant to warm the water for you to mix it with. You could take multiple nipples, or just one, and just wash it in the bathroom with hot water and antibacterial dish soap. I don’t believe you need to sterilize bottle nipples every time, only do mine once a week or so, and my kids are never sick.

  128. Ayesha at #

    So far, it seems like you got good advise. However, remember to call the airline and check their “liquid” policy. For a time, you were not allowed certain items, due to security issues.

    While breast feeding is certainly the best choice (I nursed all 4 of mine for a year +), not everyone is blessed to be able to do so. It is every woman’s choice to do with her body whatever she pleases, and to decide how she will raise and feed her children. That said, let us stick to the issue at hand: how to best travel with an 11-week-old baby, in terms of sterilizing bottles and pump equipment when you don’t have access to a kitchen, and what exactly will airlines allow you to check without incurring extra (and often outrageous!) fees.

    May the blessings of the Lord be upon you!

  129. PTA Mom at #

    I don’t know what kind of formula you use, but I would purchase the pre-mixed formula when I traveled with my children to supplement nursing. It’s both convenient and sterile. It costs a little more, but well worth it!

  130. Heather at #

    Traveled last summer with 1 yr old. You can take car seats and strollers up to gate. They will check them at gate free of charge. Utilize your diaper bag. It doesn’t count as one of your carryons so you don’t have to worry about paying anything extra for it. As far as liquids go, you can bring as much juice, milk, or breastmilk as you like through security as long as its for the baby. “Baby” is anyone under 2 yrs old. Hope that helps

  131. Carolyn at #

    I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old. I have traveled multiple times with them. I bring several paper towels and buy more when I get where I am going. I bring a bottle of dish soap (small). I lay out a hotel towel on the counter, and paper towels on top of it. Using the soap and paper towels, I wash the bottles, nipples, pumping equipment in the hottest water I can stand. I never let the items touch the inside of the sink. I lay them out to dry. I pack them up before the hotel cleaning staff comes in. Never sterilized on the road. My kids never got sick. Though my husband says I can really stand hot, hot, hot water on my hands!

  132. Brenda at #

    I too have a little one and never hesitated to take him with me when I traveled so I can very much appreciate your blog/website.

    There is a zoo in Quebec City for the little ones. They might also enjoy the ferry ride over to Isle d’Orleans and back.

    The Chateau Frontenac and Dufferin Terrace are a must. The best park is the Plains of Abraham but I can’t remember if they have a playground there or not. The Citadel would probably be fun if you made it to the Changing of the Guard. Just walk around the old town and experience the sights and sounds. The food is terrific too. Try the Aux Anciens Canadiens Restaurant for traditional tortiere and real maple syrup on just about anything!

    Have a GREAT time. Take lots of pictures and videos of the munchkins.


    • Corinne at #

      Thanks Brenda-

      I was so excited about poutine that I completely forgot about tortiere!

      We’ll definitely check out your suggestions – have to find a minute to plot out an itinerary today.

  133. Marla at #

    Aloha, I may not have twins but one of the easiest ways to travel is to rent any equipment you may need when you get there. I used babytravelmadeeasy.com and all was well.

  134. Tami at #

    Travelling with a newborn is, I think, much easier than travelling with a toddler. I personally couldn’t have travelled with my son without a good carrier. When he was newborn I used a stretchy wrap, called a Moby and when he got to about 5 months until now I use the Ergo, which is a soft structured carrier. I would have struggled to navigate the various airports with all our carry ons (umbrella stroller, car seat, diaper bag and my own carry on) without having my hands free. I also found them invaluable for when in the air- for getting to and from the bathroom. If you intend to use a carrier in the air then check with the airline ahead of schedule to read their policy. I’ve found that where their policy says its ok the flight attendants aren’t always well informed. Its best to be as informed as possible if they’re in the wrong!
    I also travelled twice from Canada to the UK and back with my son in his carseat next to me. We didn’t pay extra, the flight just wasn’t full. If you’re prepared to lug the car seat through the departure lounge its definitely worth it!

    Oh and… some of the more major airports (like London Heathrow, won’t allow you to take ANY liquids through. But don’t despair there is a pharmacy inside the departure lounge so you can stock up on the necessaries- you just might not get the brands you and your babe are used to!

    Happy travelling all,

    (Mum of one very well travelled 20 month old boy!)

  135. Loukia at #

    Hmmm… every time I have flown with my baby, he was nursing… or had just fallen asleep after nursing, so I didn’t hold him the way I was suppose to for take-off… but you know – when a baby has just fallen asleep on a plane, you do NOT want to move the child AT ALL for fear that he’ll wake up!

  136. kgirl at #

    Good to know. Did you buy a seat for the baby, or were you just going to hold him? Is their policy, free until 2?
    I have also been told to hold my baby in ‘burping’ position for take off and landing, but will rebel if necessary (like if baby is screaming, possibly due to ear pain).

  137. Corinne at #

    We didn’t buy a seat for him but were lucky that our flight out wasn’t full. Their policy is free until 2 and they were cool with gate checking his seat at the last minute on the way home.

    The flight attendant was cool about the whole ‘holding’ thing. I think they have to tell you to hold them that way but she did say that I was his mama and know best. It was very refreshing!

  138. JackiYo at #

    Is the pricing much different? More? Less? Sounds like a good airline to check out.

    One pre-boarding tip. If there are two parents/adults: one goes on the plane to pre-board with all the stuff, install car seat if you have one. Let the kid(s) run around/be free right until the final boarding call.

    I got such STRANGE looks from the crew when I was there with the car seat and no child πŸ™‚

  139. Corinne at #

    It was actually less than Air Canada or WestJet and the travel times were far more civilized.

    Great idea about splitting up the pre-board. The trouble with waiting to board usually means not having access to the overhead bins. This solves that one!

  140. it’s great to take pictures of all this, because the only way to remember is to look thru them over and over again:)

  141. Corinne at #

    You’re right Marina!

    Too bad that there’s still less photos of him than of his sister at the same age – the reason being now the photographer is supervising the preschooler instead of constantly snapping!

  142. Lorraine at #

    Congratulations to you on venturing to Quebec! These photos are not only lovely, they are inspiring to families who are in newborn-land and who may be thinking about travel. We were also just in Canada (Nova Scotia)…but I have been eyeballing Quebec for the restaurants. Great to find you blog!

  143. Corinne at #

    Thanks Lorraine! I was surprised to discover this time around that the newborn was far easier to travel with than the preschooler!

  144. We loved the old streets of Quebec City and all of the little eateries tucked along them. We were last there July 1 (Canada Day) a couple of years ago, so there were tons of people and buskers of every imaginable grade of, um, talent.
    I’d love to go back in the winter for the carnival and Ice Hotel!
    Meanwhile, what a great first trip for Riley. He looks pretty relaxed πŸ˜†

  145. jessiev at #

    TOO Cute. that hotel bed one is just precious. glad he likes to sleep!

  146. Corinne at #

    We definitely lucked out in the sleep department – Baby Riley is totally chill!

  147. Glennia at #

    Lovely photos! The food looks delicious.

  148. Oooooh…Poutine! It’s been close to five years since we were up to Quebec and I’ve had poutine. You’re definitely right…leave the peas for another time!
    Tourtière looks great, too. It reminds me just a tiny bit of pasties with the chunks of potato.

  149. Jen at #

    Your last two lines are perfect…I totally agree! We took our kids everywhere right from the get go, on planes, trains, and cars. We fully utilized our maternity leave like you suggested! It helped that we didn’t have much of a routine I think because both of our kids go with the flow very easily…my son took his first steps in Roman ruins in Trier!

  150. Corinne at #

    Thanks Jen!

    LOVE that about your son! Family legend suggests that my first unassisted steps were on a plane. Guess the travel bug gets planted early!

  151. Fast facts sounds like a great idea! I’m a sucker for cute babies on the beach and the little butt in the photo made me smile. Thanks for that πŸ™‚

    • Corinne at #

      You know she’s going to hate me in about 10yrs or so!

  152. Cute pic, and I look forward to checking out your Fast Facts section when I have time. Sounds like a great resource for travelling families.

  153. Corinne at #

    Thanks Karen!

  154. What a fun picture. Didn’t she get all sandy?

  155. I have so many pictures of my son that he will be sooo angry about when he gets older. And wait til he has girlfriends, I’ll be whipping them all out:)

  156. Corinne at #

    Sand was everywhere all week – I look at it as a good exfoliator!

    That pic was in my header before I had the site redesigned. I just love to look it!

  157. Mara at #

    I too like the sandy baby bottom. What always amazes me is how much of that sand goes into their mouths – and then out the other end!

  158. Kymri at #

    I just wanna slather that kid up in sunscreen!

  159. Corinne at #

    Mara: She definitely tasted her fair share – didn’t even grimace… (although I was surprised at how it comes out in the diaper!)

    Kymri: She was wearing SPF 65 – she has nary a freckle!

  160. Good luck with your new pages

  161. Victoria at #

    I was like you with my first baby, terrified of going anywhere. Now my third child is three years old I’m much more relaxed, so relaxed in fact that we’re planning a round the world trip! I’d agree that tiny babies are the easiest to travel with, much easier than toddlers, but sometimes it just seems like too much of a challenge to leave home with a baby.

  162. I love the picture of little Riley! Too cute!

  163. jessiev at #

    what a lovely trip! i esp like the international breastfeeding symbol. hadn’t seen that before!

  164. Oh.. You are not a big chicken. πŸ™‚ But thankfully, that you created this site. I wished it will be sooner since now my kids are out of the baby stage. πŸ˜‰

    I am so bad that I haven’t yet visited our neighbor in Canada yet. But with so many great Canadian bloggers, you guys definitely put your country on my radar.

    The pictures sure look like it can be any European cities.

  165. Corinne at #

    Thanks guys!

    I pretendeded we were in Paris one morning – went to the nearby market for baguette & cheese and had a picnic in our hotel room.

  166. We love Quebec City. The History and the architecture is extremely photo friendly. And contrary to what some people here say the people are very friendly.

    The Doorstep photo is really nice.

  167. I love the breastfeeding sign. Mamas International blog is having a whole theme on that this month. about breastfeeding without feeling embarrassed. You would never find this sign in the States.

  168. Lorraine at #

    This sounds like a colorful and inspiring city. I agree with Tim about the doorstep photo – very nice!

  169. It’s great that your kids can enjoy travelling with you and that the area is so wlcoming to families

  170. Corinne at #

    My husband will be thrilled at all the props for his photo. He was especially proud of that one. (It’s getting difficult for him to focus on his photography when we travel now as we’ve another person to supervise!)

  171. As Tim says, we loved Quebec City. We were there one Canada Day…so there were lots of tourists, buskers and separatist protesters! Like you say, it is a nice little slice of Paris πŸ™‚

  172. We went to Berlin when Big S was 10mo. We had a blast wandering the streets. Berlin has many great parks and open grassy areas for little ones to get the giggles out before you travel to more somber spots in the city.

  173. Actually, Cuba is known to have the best medical care in ALL of latin america. since they spend most of their lives in school, becasue there are no jobs, they come out with the best education:)

    Also, the whole hype about Che, is a facade. Castro practically kicked him out when he started to go too ‘revolutionary on him’ and started to gain popularity!

  174. Corinne at #

    Are you sure about the Che thing? Read Castro’s autobiography and didn’t get that at all…

    • There are tons of rumors about Fidel not wanting Che to continue with his head on Revolutionary ways, that’s why he was happy to send him off to the Congo.

  175. Sarah V. at #

    I totally agree that travelling with a baby is easier than a toddler. But even though it’s more challenging, travelling with a toddler has its advantages. They are so much more aware of the world around them, and they seem to understand that they’re someplace new and different. The best feeling in the world is watching my daughter’s face when she sees something new for the first time!

  176. I agree that children of all ages benefit from traveling. Even if a baby or toddler can’t remember taking a trip, they live the experiences of the trip as they pass.

    I’m glad I started traveling with both my kids when they were just babies too. Some kids who aren’t accustomed to travel don’t like the disruption to their schedules while away but my four-year-old daughter loves to travel and cries when it’s time to go back home.

    Great ending line…so true!

  177. Glennia at #

    I agree that you can travel with kids at any age, and the earlier, the better. For us, the most difficult time was around 15-30 months, because our son was a total wiggle worm. One hellish flight to Costa Rica at 18 months was enough to have me swear off travel for a year or until he could carry his own bag. Every child is different, though, so you have to judge by your child’s disposition, ability to adapt to new environments, and level of comfort with strangers.

    • Corinne at #

      Our toughest flight was definitely the one where she was 20mos.

  178. Madeline at #

    We also went to Berlin when our baby was 8 months old and had a great time! (See link for my post about our visit.)

  179. Jayzelle at #

    Hey everybody! I’m getting ready for a 2 week vacation to my beautiful Dominican Republic with my 7 month old baby, and let me tell you that i’m so glad I found this website because it has helped BIG time!!! I will be leaving in 2 weeks and i’m very excited since it’s going to be me and baby(husband staying with the other kid)and can’t wait to see how it goes. Thank you so much for a wonderful website and can’t wait to share my experience with you.

    • Corinne at #

      Have a wonderful time Jayzelle! Can’t wait to hear about your trip.

  180. Lorraine at #

    I think you offer some good advice, between the travel insurance and getting up-to-date on all relevant vaccines beforehand. Also, next time I head down, I want to consult with my pediatrician about any meds available to help stomach bug symptoms if the kids happen to come down with it (i.e., kids just brushed their teeth in the sink rather from bottled water). We did travel to Mexico when my youngest was 10months and had a wonderful time. Great post – thanks for addressing these concerns!

  181. Corinne at #

    Thanks Lorraine!
    My biggest fear re: water when my daughter was so small was the fact that she would drink her bathwater!

  182. Amber at #

    Hi! I’m heading to Cuba for a vacation soon and was also wondering about carseats…My daughter will be 20 months old and we will be staying at an all-inclusive. In your opinion, should I bring a carseat or just leave it at home?

    I really appreciate all the info you have on your blog!

  183. Amber at #

    Oooh, I also have a question about Traveller’s Diarrhea (sorry LOL). Is it something that “happens to everyone” or something that can be avoided fairly easily?

    Thanks. πŸ™‚

  184. Corinne at #

    Hi Amber!

    If you’re planning on doing any excursions, than I might bring the car seat just in case. Likely your transfer to and from the airport will be in a coach bus where no car seat is needed.

    We’ve always brought our car seat, and when we went to Cuba we used it when we hired a cab for the day to trip around Havana. Other then that my daughter sat in it in our room to eat her snacks!

    So to make a short answer long – you probably won’t need your car seat, but it can’t hurt to bring it along.

    Traveler’s Diarrhea can usually be avoided with scrupulous hand washing and/or use of hand sanitizer. If you have a particularly sensitive tummy, stick to the old Peace Corps. saying of “If you can’t peel it, or heat it, don’t eat it.” Water is Cuba is potable, but may have micro-organisms that can throw your system out of whack. Stick to bottled water for drinking & teeth brushing and you should be fine.

    Have an awesome time!

    • ash at #

      hi corinne, thanks for all the useful information!

      we’re heading to cuba (mostly havana) in a couple of weeks with our 4-year old and had a question about restrooms. basically, we’re worried about being out and about with our daughter and her suddenly needing to use the potty. are there easily accessible restrooms around? in restaurants? grocery stores? etc. are they (somewhat) open to the public etc. etc.?

      also, we’re coming from the US and you mentioned something about USD not being accepted. i read that there’s a 10% surcharge but that they are accepted. any clarification would be much appreciated.


      • Corinne at #

        Hi Ash!

        Now that restrictions are easing somewhat, you may be ok exchanging US dollars. We were always told specifically NOT to bring them. US credit cards will not be accepted.

        Public restrooms are clean, for the most part, but rarely have toilet seats and probably not paper. I always travel with a stash of my own and wipes or hand sanitizer for afterwards. People were very kind when we were out and about with my daughter at a similar age. In Trinidad I entered what I thought was an art gallery but it was essentially a family home with some art set up in the living room. The proprietress graciously allowed us to use her washroom and refused a tip. The “least clean” public washroom was in a fast food restaurant (El Rapido) and the best were in hotel lobbies. With a child in tow, you’re usually cut some slack and allowed to go ahead even if you aren’t a guest.

        Good luck and please let me know how it goes!

        • ash at #

          thanks, corinne! i didn’t realize that there’d be (clean) public restrooms, and, yes, we plan to carry toilet paper with us, too. πŸ™‚

          thanks, again!

    • Jordana at #

      There seems to be lots of discussion about making sure a taxi has rear seatbelts to be able to use car seats however I imagine most of these are older vehicles that don’t have the latches for car seats – my kids are 2.5 years old so out of the infant buckets. Can anyone clarify for me. Thanks!

      • Corinne at #

        They typically don’t have tethers. So if you can keep rear facing as long as possible, that’s your best bet. Other than that I just figured untethered is better than no car seat at all…

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    Krista (in St. Kitts)

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    Hi everybody, I’m back from my 2 week trip to Punta Cana, Dominican Republic with my 7 month old baby and let me tell you that it was an adventure. I want to share my experience with you and give you my personal opinion about the resorts and services I used while there. Is there a way that I can do this? Please let me know. Thank You.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Jayzelle!
      So glad to hear from you! Please send an email to info(at)havebabywilltravel(dot)com
      Can’t wait to hear all about your trip!

  298. Carolina at #

    Lovely post. Reminds me of how I need to stop every once in a while and write down all those little experiences that make traveling with kids so enjoyable.

  299. Allie at #

    What a beautiful post. I come from a family of travelers- my parents have worked in the business longer than I have been alive. My most vivid memories involve travel and travel has sparked so many wonderful passions like art, history, food and other cultures.

    Your post brings those wonderful , exciting memories back, thank you!

  300. Corinne at #

    Thanks so much – it was kind of sitting in my head for a long time. Felt good to finally put it out there.

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  316. kgirl at #

    I’m sure I’d be more vigilant in a plane too, but yesterday, I didn’t even stop the kids from licking the shopping cart. I know, I know. But I’m figuring that the hand sanitizer has so completely wiped out all the ‘good’ germs that we need to balance things out again. I’m suffering from germ fatigue, I guess. But how was your trip?!

  317. Corinne at #

    Because once they’ve licked it once? Haha!

    Trip was fab and I agree about the ‘good germs’. I do try to stay away from most things “anti-bacterial”, but the hysteria surrounding H1N1 before we left was so nuts that I was second-guessing our decision to go.

    Not sure if the hype is less in Florida or we just weren’t as tuned into the media while we were away (prob. a little of both), but it felt good to get away from our day-to-day life AND the nutso H1N1 reports!

    Glad to report my momentary wave of Howard Hughes-ishness is retreating.

  318. Emma at #

    Hi Corinne,

    We fly out to Varadero in 4 weeks. Last time we travelled to Cuba we did not have vaccines, and with no problems we didnt think having them this time either, Now we will be travelling with our 22mnth old son, and when i spoke to a clinic they told me they did not recommend the vaccine for under 2’s

    What is your view on the Hep A vaccine for youngsters?

  319. Corinne at #

    Hi Emma!

    We didn’t give our daughter the vaccine before our trips to Cuba and Mexico with her, as my Dr. didn’t feel it was necessary.

    Here we have the duo vaccine for Hep. A and Hep. B – and my doctor explained that Hep. A doesn’t cause long term liver damage and infants and toddlers are low risk for Hep. B as it’s transmitted via blood and bodily fluids. Hep. A is best avoided by vigilant hand-washing and choosing well-heated foods, and you’re likely doing that anyway.

    Even though they aren’t necessary, many of my friends and family members have chosen to get their tots vaccinated before their trips down South. Here kids do get vaccinated against Hep. B when they’re a little older, so I decided to wait until then.

    Hope this helps and have a fantastic trip! Can’t wait to hear all about it πŸ˜‰

  320. claire at #

    This will solve all our holiday sleeping issues!!!!

  321. Meg at #

    This is so funny. When I was in high school and lived in Buffalo we used to fly out of Toronto to go to Florida. There was a fabulous, best I have ever flown airline Wardair that we would try and take. (giving away my age, huh?)

  322. harsha jain at #

    i signed up to be a baby bjorn beleiver.
    thanks for giving all of us this great chance:))).

  323. Corinne at #

    Too funny!

    As a kid I used to always fly Wardair with my mom when we went over to Scotland every year to visit family. The meals were served on real china!

  324. Lisa at #

    I signed up to become a BabyBjorn Believer!

  325. Tarpon Springs is a great place to see and explore.
    Be sure to check out Sunset Beach one of the great spots for a sunset in Florida

  326. darcy fedorchuk at #

    You are a great writer…

  327. kgirl at #

    I have definitely been expecting the worst, but also getting excited. It will be an experience, that’s for sure. Now to forward this to the huz, an even bigger skeptic…

  328. Corinne at #

    It also helped that we were there at a not very busy time. I think our experience would have been markedly different had we had to wait hours in line for rides…

  329. Corinne at #

    Oh – by the way – the Snow White ride is really scary!

  330. jennimom at #

    We feel your potty training pain!

    That’s why e just developed an amazing iPhone potty training app and think it is great tool for your readers. It has an interactive rewards chart and original catchy song by kids recording artist FM.

    Ce=heck it out at:http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/its-potty-time/id342564231?mt=8

    Good luck from the moms @ appsNminded!

  331. I’m glad you had a great time. I couldn’t relate much because we love Disney. πŸ™‚ But with that being said, I think we have Disney’d out. We have been going there several years in a row and I think I have had enough. But who knows, next year I might be planning Disney trip again.

  332. Corinne at #

    I’m not sure why I got all cranky and jaded as a grown up – might have a lot to do with being a total travel snob in my ’20s.

    One thing’s for sure, Walt Disney World has a real effect on people, we definitely want to go back.

  333. I have a one day pass to Sea World burning a hole in my pocket as I try to convince my husband that our just-short-of-two-year-old grandson is ready for his first visit there. I can’t imagine what it would take to convince him a trip to Disney World wouldn’t be out of the question, but your post gave me a lot of good points to make with him. You certainly have the child-like spirit it takes to make this work.

  334. Corinne at #

    Hi Pat – thanks for your kind words!
    Take it slow and try to plot out your day in advance. We’ve never been to Sea World but if they have big aquariums there your grandson will love it. My daughter has always been fascinated by fish and we can spend hours at the undersea exhibit at the zoo.
    Please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions!

  335. I remember all of those moments traveling with my girls as infants. Now that they are 7 and 11, I hope they will have memories of our travels and time living abroad. We are just back in the States after a year in Spain. Seeing the world through their eyes is priceless.

    Thanks for such a wonderful reminder of the early years!

  336. Carolina at #

    We’ve never been to Disneyworld but have gone to Disneyland countless times. I agree with all your pros, and yes I also believe you really will enjoy yourself more if you plan ahead.

  337. emily e at #

    I’ve flown a dozen or so times with my almost two year old- and other than when we went on a cruise, I’ve always managed with just a diaper bag and a carry-on suitcase. I always buy diapers and supplies wherever we go- but we have only traveled domestically with her, so I might change my tune if it was international. Babies don’t require much!

  338. Corinne at #

    Hi Emily!
    I’ll grant that I packed less when we were visiting family in Florida recently – but then I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the same (or comparable) brand of teething biscuits!

  339. Great baby travel tips, thanks for sharing

  340. Meg at #

    Clearwater is a great, underrated beach. Last time I was there, the water was a little murky and filled with grasses, but it is so warm and shallow. There is so much sand on the beach, and great eats right off of it.

  341. You have discovered one of Florida’s treasures for sure. Clearwater beach is the perfect spot for families with tots. We enjoyed spending summer vacations there for many years. Sometime you might want to go a bit further south and check out Sanibel / Captiva Islands. Much better dining choices and more intimate beaches. No franchise businesses allowed last time we were there. There’s also a lighthouse and the Ding Darling park to explore. Night skies are not sullied by city lights. I saw the most stars of my life one night on the beach there. Enjoyed your trip vicariously!

  342. Corinne at #

    Each time we go down I try to find a different place that’s still nearby for us to discover. Last year it was Treasure Island, and this year it was Madeira Beach. Sanibel Island sounds ideal for next year!

  343. Wow, I’d love to get to Cuba. The beach looks stunning!

  344. Corinne at #

    Go as soon as you are able! We fell in love with Cuba the first time we went.

  345. Jen at #

    I absolutely love that picture of your little one staring off into the water…that is exactly the picture I would choose to hang on the wall!

  346. Corinne at #

    Thanks Jen! When your husband is such a photography nut, you run into the interesting “problem” of too many beautiful pictures! We call him the “Papa-razzi”…

  347. Rhonda Harrison at #

    I there we are planning a trip to cuba with our 10month old son. I am nervous but mommy and daddy definately need a vacation. My question is do we need to bring a car seat? We do not plan on leaving the resort only to and from the airport. Any tips/ suggestions greatly appreciated.

  348. Rhonda Harrison at #

    Question 2 is it worth it or will mommy and daddy need another vacation when they return lol

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Rhonda – congrats on taking your first vacation with your baby!

      If you do not plan on leaving the resort, than there is no need to bring along your car seat. Most transfers are by large coach buses (and most actually have seat belts), but since you don’t use a car seat when you travel by bus at home, I think it’s overkill to install it once you’re there. This depends on where you are going and how long the bus ride is, of course. We’ve never been on the bus for much longer than 20min but some resorts are further out and may take an hour or more. Then it will depend on your comfort as well – a squirming baby can be a pain to hold in your lap for that long so you both may be more comfortable if you lugged the seat along.

      LOL to your 2nd question! If you have the expectation that this trip will involve a lot of lying on the beach or by the pool, than you may be disappointed. However, if you’re prepared for playing in the shade in the sand or splashing by the pool, spelling each other off for naps (if your baby will nap in the room), walks around the resort (bring your stroller) and generally having your baby treated like a rock star, than you’ll be ok. Cuba is a wonderful place to vacation with a baby, but trips with your son will not be your previous definition of relaxing for some time!

      We’ve been to Cuba 3 times in the past 3 years (daughter 11mos, daughter 23mos, and now daughter 4 and son 8mos.) so if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

  349. That is so good the hear! We are booked on Westjet for a flight to San Diego in February and one to Hawaii in the summer.

    I was concerned about traveling with a 3year old and an 8 month old but I am glad Westjet is so kid friendly!

    We will see how the new carry on restrictions affect our flight…

    • Corinne at #

      My fingers are crossed for you that the carry-on restrictions are eased up by February!

  350. Kelly at #

    That’s good to hear. Lately I’ve been preferring Air Canada for the in-flight entertainment (I like the HBO shows and the way you can choose the movies). However, on our last AC flight, we had to do a leg on United Airlines (which your hubby must love). Not a fan.

    We have some flights coming up and I can’t decide whether to stick with AC or go with WJ. And then there’s the frequent flyer miles dilemma. Mama wants the lounge, yo!

    • Corinne at #

      I also prefer the AC seat-back entertainment (when it’s working!) and the fact that there’s often a plug is a definite bonus. However free entertainment is free entertainment, and the fact that I can say we’re 4 shows away from landing is helpful – not that I know the Treehouse schedule by heart or anything πŸ˜‰

      Apparently WestJet is going to introduce their own frequent flyer program sometime this year.

  351. Meg at #

    But you can get anesthesia during childbirth.
    Actually I am glad to know that someone else cried on that first trip. (might be a fun meme to get lots of travel writers to talk about crying on that first trip)

  352. Corinne at #

    Oh I cried – and then my husband somehow managed to get her to sleep while I devoured a giant pina colada.

    The bonus after all that effort was discovering that she would actually sleep on the beach or by the pool after a swim. We were hardly ever in the room during the day after that!

  353. Meg at #

    I had to buy a bigger suitcase, but brought my pump along on our travels for the first year. As I remember the Medela pump transformers may be OK with multiple voltage so all you need is an adapter rather than converter. Check in the instructions.
    In addition to the bottle brushes, I would bring your own dish soap as well. It doubles as laundry detergent, will save a trip to the market, and you will know your baby won’t react to it.

  354. Corinne at #

    Great point Meg! Our camera battery charger is compatible with different voltages, it never occured to me that the pump might be also.

    Mine is an Ameda and we only brought it to Florida with us so voltage wasn’t an issue.

  355. Carolina at #

    Ha,ha, I’m with Meg, the epidural makes childbirth so easy πŸ™‚ but there’s not much you can do for sleep deprivation. Keep sharing the stories.

  356. Corinne at #

    Thanks Carolina!

    I had an epidural with my daughter and her birth was hard work but it didn’t hurt.

    Time hasn’t quite yet softened the memory of my son’s unintentionally drug-free birth!

  357. nancy at #

    Hi Corinne,

    Thanks so much for all the great info.

    My husband and I are planning on travelling to Cuba with our 21 month old. I was wondering about the milk in Cuba. Did your children drink the milk provided at the resort? Is the milk safe?

    Thanks so much for your time.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Nancy!

      Some swear that the milk they serve at resorts is powdered, some swear that it’s goat’s milk. Personally, I’ve only ever seen the blue tetra packs – and that’s pasteurized cow’s milk.

      We find the Cuban milk to be a bit sweeter and creamier than we’re used to. My daughter didn’t really like it, but it’s not unsafe.

  358. What a great list of resources. I look forward to reading your articles and will share this list with my fellow mom’s. Traveling with a new baby can be stressfull but its important for new parents to know that it can be done.

  359. kgirl at #

    Last week, our flight to Florida left Toronto at 6:30am. Oy. We decided to stay at a hotel at the airport the night before, so that the girls (and us) could get the maximum amount of sleep in before leaving for the airport. We gained about an hour, plus were able to leave our car there for the duration of the trip. The whole thing cost only slightly more than the higher category park n fly, and the car was underground all week. We’ve done that flight several times before, and this time was definitely the most manageable.

  360. Corinne at #

    Amazing tips – didn’t realize you could leave your car there in Toronto as well!

    So long as it doesn’t break the bank, paying a bit extra to make your life easier is worth every cent.

  361. Melanie at #

    It’s no doubt that the prices are incredibly lower out of Buffalo (being from Toronto too) – but I would drive to Queenston/Lewiston instead of the Peace Bridge – it is much faster in our experience to get through it…

  362. Corinne at #

    Great tip, Melanie!

    Although, no matter how hard we try to take the other routes, we ALWAYS get end up getting stuck on that one coming home.

  363. jessica at #

    Good on you! (: im only 11 but i love Disney! me and my family go nearly every year. we’re going again this year surprisingly, this will be our 7th time! I first went when i was two, but we’re going again and i will be twelve wen we go this year. Ive been to Disney land Paris before, at Christmas time, it was amazing. although it wasn’t as good as Disney Florida. When we go this year me, my mum, dad, brother and sister but also my sisters new born baby Cameron! He will be 3 months old when we go, and we are so excited! He will love it as much as we all do. Did i mention my brother Ross was on worlds strictest parents, so we are going to have dinner with the dad mark garnet, out in Florida! If you have never seen it go to you tube, and type worlds strictest parents Ross and Naomi, that is my brother Ross. Jessica xxx

  364. I love Honeymoon Island in Florida. We always have a blast there when we bring our kids. Water’s a little chilly at times though!

  365. Traci at #

    I would not hesitate to bring my children to Europe, if finances permitted! I traveled to several European countries as a kid, and while I don’t have many specific memories of museums and other sites, I do remember special places and experiences, like running after pigeons in St. Mark’s Square in Venice with my brother!

    • Corinne at #

      Totally agree Traci! When we have the time we don’t have the money (and vice versa!)

  366. lizardmama at #

    I bring a sundress and flip flops for myself and my daughter, and as soon as we disembark at a sunny destination, we go to the washroom and change! Makes the long line-ups for customs, car rentals etc much more comfortable. Plus it doesn’t take up much room in the carry on bag. (The sundress is also back-up for the inevitable vomit/spill etc on the plane).

    • Corinne at #

      Great tip on the sundress! I always stash flip flops in the carry-on too!

  367. Agreed. We’re not likely to fly if every time we get price-gauged at check-in. Thankfully we never fly Spirit anyways. πŸ™‚

  368. Corinne at #

    I’ve heard they’re the American equivalent of Ryanair – ridiculously low fares but charge extra for every. little. thing. And now carry-ons!

  369. Ruth at #

    I just came across this blog, a great resource!! I am flying cross country (Chicago to Seattle) with a 9 month old on Southwest. Did you find it necessary to sit in the bulkhead area? Would it be worth paying the extra $$ to get more leg room, or just board after the A group? I would greatly appreciate any advice you have, I am starting to worry.

  370. Corinne at #

    Hi Ruth – and thanks!!

    We didn’t sit in the bulkhead, nor did we pay extra for priority boarding. Families with children under 4 board after the A group, so that’s what we did. We had no difficulty finding a seat, and the flight attendant at the gate was able to tell us if the flight was full so we could bring our car seat on (if you’re bringing yours).

    Don’t worry! The deal for us on Southwest is no seat-back entertainment, so be sure to have plenty of distractions on hand, as well as snacks.

    Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any more questions!

  371. Scott Carmichael at #

    My daughter started using the potty the day she turned three – and of course we’ve had to deal with the challenges of finding a bathroom when she needs it. When we travel, we always carry a Kalencom Potette Plus ( http://bit.ly/bztnvW ).

    It does two things – it is a toilet seat ring (for using on large seats) and it is a portable potty. The bags for it are a tad pricey, but once you’ve managed to save the day by letting your little one pee or poo in the back of the car on a long road trip, it suddenly becomes an invaluable piece of gear. I posted an image of it in one of my Gadling articles: http://bit.ly/aMZtqj

    It comes with a couple of disposable bags and a carrying bag. I got mine at BuyBuyBaby where it retails for $17 – but their coupons always take 20% off (Bed Bath and Beyond coupons also work there!).

    Of all the kid gear I’ve purchased, this one is the one that has saved me the most!

  372. Corinne at #

    $17 is a small price to pay for piece of mind, especially where potty training and traveling is concerned!

    What a great item, Scott! Thanks for sharing!

  373. hi from blogher! thanks for this post – i know i’ll need it sooner than i think!

  374. Corinne at #

    Hi Ericka!

    Thanks for your comment! If you ever have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!

  375. Happy Blog Birthday!! Here is to many more wonderful years!!

  376. B Smith at #

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this, and just the simple fact that it starts with “There’s no basement in the Alamo”…that owns me!!!

  377. Annette D at #

    We live in the Houston area and have visited San Antonio several times. We just love the Riverwalk ! We have visited the Alamo but have never been to Fiesta Texas or
    the other attractions. Thanks for the chance!

  378. B Smith at #

    Ok, I just can’t remember the name?! Is it the “private club of Satan’s helpers?!”

  379. Larry P. at #

    I’d love to enter! Thanks for the chance!!

  380. Eva Walls at #

    WOW! Great prize package! And I know the answer, too, I think… The Wheel Inn Restaurant

    • Corinne at #

      Nice try Eva – but nope!

  381. Sarah B. at #

    I LOVE Texas! Hope we win!!

  382. Larry P. at #

    I think the bar was called Apache?

  383. Mel at #

    Hmmm, I can’t think of the name of the infamous bar, but I definitely would adore this prize. One of my dearest friends lives in San Antonio and I haven’t seen her in years. This year marks the 9th anniversary of our friendship (and three other dear friends. We all lived together and worked at Disney for a semester during college.) The last time we all were together was at my wedding in 2004. Since then (and the time has flown) there has been graduations, weddings, babies, and uncountable miles in between.

    This year, we were supposed to go on a cruise. Unfortunately, my work schedule didn’t allow me to go.

    Help me go see her and let us introduce our sons?

  384. Sarah at #

    Wow, what a great prize package! We just moved to Texas in the last year and we hear great things about San Antonio :). My fingers are crossed!!

  385. Sarah V. at #

    I live here, but I’m going to enter to win anyway. This is a great prize pack! SA is a lovely city, so congrats to whoever ends up winning. πŸ™‚

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    Just love visiting San Antonio. Would be a lovely trip, and I sure would enjoy to go to the riverwalk. The bar’s name is The Cadillac Bar.

  389. Kellie Prinz Johnson at #


    The biker bar in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is “The private club for Satan’s Helpers.”

  390. Corinne at #

    Sarah & Larry got it! You see the name of the bar when Pee Wee crashes into it on the motorcycle. *snort*


  392. Andria at #

    The Apache Bar! I would love to win, I’m going to SA for Memorial Day weekend.

  393. Andria at #

    Oops! Too late πŸ˜›

  394. Jacqui at #

    Already headed to San Antonio this summer for a convention, would love to take my husband and kids and enjoy some time not working but relaxing and enjoying family time. So rare these days.

  395. Eva Walls at #

    Shot, that’s where the dino’s are. Sorry, it’s the Apache. Can I still have a bonus entry?

  396. Corinne at #

    No worries, Eva!

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    Ohhh and the bar is the Apache for the bonus entry. πŸ™‚

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    I’m sure you don’t want a sob story, but please pick me. I lost my job last July and still haven’t found anything. A weekend get away would do us wonders.

    The name of the bar is Apache.

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  401. Great giveaway!! πŸ˜€ I’m overdue for a vacation! hehe

  402. Bonus entry: Apache Bar

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    It was the Apache bar where he knocked over the bikes!

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    It was totally the Apache Bar. Was he with Large Marge?And, I want to go to the Alamo.

  408. Joy Bennett at #

    I’m new to TX and have never been to San Antonio but this would be the motivation to take that 4 hour drive. I can’t wait my kids want to go to Fiesta TX.

  409. Joy Bennett at #

    The Apache Bar in Pee Wee’s big Adventure.

  410. Kerrie G at #

    My 3 boys would have a blast in San Antonio!! I would have them look for the basement in the Alamo πŸ™‚

  411. Kerrie G at #

    infamous bar in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure—The Apache Bar!!!!!

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    We love SA and the Riverwalk!

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    It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been to SeaWorld.
    We’re overdue for a visit.

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    I have always wanted to go to San Antonio’s Riverwalk, and my daughter wants to go to the San Antonio Zoo. My husband wants to go anywhere there is golf courses!

  419. Tricia Andrews at #

    It’s the Apache Bar! He crashes a motorcycle he is riding (for about 10 seconds!) into the sign by the road!! It’s the scene after the now infamous “Tequila” dance on the bar. CLASSIC SCENE!

  420. Donna Souther at #

    Ahh haa… yes, Pee Wee was T the Apache Bar !!

  421. Donna Souther at #

    Awesome city… would love to take my girls & husband to San Antonio….. Sea World.. river walk and soomuch more.. thanks for the awesome prize package….

  422. Kendra at #

    Sounds fun – I would love to take our boys to SA! We were there a few years ago, but the boys are a much better age to really enjoy it this time!

  423. Kendra at #

    Pee Wee… wow – that takes me back! Didn’t remember the Apache Bar until I saw the other comments. How could I forget that movie???

  424. Sharon at #

    Love San Antonio and would love to visit!

  425. Sharon at #

    Bonus entry – it’s the Apache Bar!

  426. Grandpa at #

    This trip would be awesome for the 4 grandkids and us. We try to take them on trip each summer and do something different. Last time we went to San Antonio there was 2 of them. Your lineup of activities is just great for them and us. Sea World would be their first choice, Children’s museum next, then Ripley’s. The wife would have to visit The Institute of Texan Cultures first! This trip would be awesome!!

  427. Grandpa at #

    PeeWee’s hangout: The Apache Bar

  428. Emily at #

    We would LOVE to win this. We just had our first baby & would love to take our first family vacation!!! How exciting!

  429. Sharon at #

    I would love to get to visit San Antonio!

  430. lh at #

    Forgot about the bonus: The Apache Bar

  431. Herman at #

    We haven’t been to Sea World since my daughter was a baby. We’d absolutely love to go again.

  432. Herman at #

    Apache Bar

  433. Kori at #

    My husband & I went to the Riverwalk for our honeymoon & go back every year for our anniversary. With this package, I guess we’d have to take the kid & let her bring a friend. πŸ™‚

  434. Kori at #

    I didn’t remember the bar until I saw the other comments. Apache!!

  435. Schmidty at #

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  437. Sandy Anderson at #

    San Antonio has always been a great place families want to go to. I will have to watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure before I go. Is there really an Apache Bar in San Antonio? I thought it was called the private club of the Satan’s Helpers! : ) The Apache Bar is what I’ll look for as well as all the great places your trip mentions! I’m excited!

  438. Wilburn N. at #

    We would LOVE to see the Alamo in person! We’ve only been in Texas for a few years and haven’t ever made it to San Antonio! And the Apache Bar – forgot all about that one!

  439. kk at #

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  447. this would be amazing. thank you so much.

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  449. Allison at #

    ;-S that was supposed to be *heart*, not hole! bonus entry: apache bar?

  450. This would be so great. I have 3 kids 16/8/6 that have only lived in Kansas and have only been on 2 vacations. One to Omaha and one to St. Louis. I run a home daycare and it is hard to get away very far and I wanted to wait until the youngest two were a little older so they could rem. it. This would be a great time for our family to finally get away!!!!

  451. Susan at #

    My kids age 16/8/6 have only been on 2 vacations. One to Omaha and one to St. Louis. I wanted them to be a little older so they would rem. it. I run a home daycare and it is hard to get away. They would love to leave Kansas….this would be great

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  454. Would love to win this!! I’m in Louisiana and have only been to San Antonio once.

  455. Apache!

  456. “Liked” you on Facebook

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    I would LOVE to take my family to San Antonio! I didn’t realize there is sooo much for kids to do there!

  458. shawna at #

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    thanks for the chance!

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    I would love to visit Texas and SeaWorld! πŸ™‚

  460. Diane at #

    The Apache Bar

  461. molly at #

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    bonus: Apache

  463. sara at #

    We visit SA sometimes but my husband usually makes us drive home to save money. We’d love to be able to spend the night after spending the day at SeaWorld.

  464. sara at #

    Thank goodness I’m not the 1st respondent, or I would have had to google the answer…..Apache.

  465. Jake at #

    We don’t have plans for a family vacation yet for this summer. SA sounds like a good choice.

  466. Jake at #

    PeeWeeHerman…what a blast from the past. lol. Apache Bar

  467. Chip at #

    When we stay in Texas for vacation, SA is one of our favorite destinations. There is so much to do for everyone. In spite of visiting there numerous times, the only one of the things we’ve done on the list is Fiesta Texas. It would be great to experience the rest.

  468. Chip at #


  469. Shannon at #

    Great prize package … thanks for the opportunity. We could seriously use a “baby moon” … not going to have the time or money to get away after our first is born in November!

  470. Fabby at #

    Our family would LOVE this trip. Hopefully luck is on our side.


  471. Trina C at #

    We have never been to San Antonio before. This would be a fun getaway. My son would love the Wax Museum and Sea World.

  472. Trina C at #

    The Bar in Pee Wees Big Adventure is the Apache.

  473. Amanda K at #

    The name of the bar is Apache

  474. Jeffrey at #

    I would love to take my wife and kids to Sea World!

  475. Jeffrey at #

    The Bar is Apache.

  476. Simone at #

    We live in ATX, but little man has never been to the Alamo, only Sea World, so this would be a nice trip. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  477. Simone at #

    Its the Apache Bar. TEQUILA! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  478. Kaci at #

    SeaWorld is the only thing on the list that we’ve seen.

  479. Kaci at #


  480. Thomas at #

    I think Ripley’s & Louis Toussard’s would both be interesting.

  481. Thomas at #

    apache. tequila!

  482. Sammy at #

    We live in Texas & have visited SA on several occasions. We enjoyed the Riverwalk & downtown area but only saw the attractions listed from the street. My daughter really wanted to visit Ripley’s Haunted Adventure but we thought she was too young & it would be too scary. Ripley’s Believe It or Not would be a good substitute & she just might be old enough now for the Haunted Adventure.

  483. Sammy at #

    bonus: apache

  484. Patsy at #


  485. Patsy at #

    bonus: apache

  486. Reba at #

    Tex mex & salsa at Casa Rio would be worth a trip by itself. The rest is just bonus. πŸ™‚

  487. Reba at #


  488. I see your point. Stick all the crabby baby haters on Spirit. The fun loving families can find other airlines.

  489. MJ at #

    What a fun-filled vacation this would be. Love it!

  490. MJ at #

    bonus entry: apache

  491. Kyla at #

    We’re close enough for a drive. Sounds like fun!

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  493. Carly at #

    I’ve heard great things about the Crockett Hotel. Have only been to SeaWorld once, quite a few years ago. This would be a good excuse to go again.

  494. Carly at #


  495. Josie at #

    I love SA! We weren’t planning to take a vacation this summer to save money, so this prize would be great. We’re close enough that we could drive.

  496. Josie at #

    Just thinking of the bonus cracks me up. Apache….tequila.

  497. Jo at #

    We were at Sea World in Florida the summer the original Baby Shamu was born. Would love to go to Sea World again.

  498. Jo at #


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    Excellent article! Thank you for all the information!

  500. I love Tarpon Springs, not just because I’m Greek πŸ˜‰

  501. Just got back from this area in Florida. My parents have a place in Holiday which is just north of Tarpon Springs. We’ve visited a few beaches in the area as well as Clearwater but Honeymoon Island is my absolute favourite.

    At this time of the year, the mornings were absolutely goregous. The water was so warm and still. The boys had a blast in the water and the sand is smooth and white. We saw dolphins regularly. Tons of seashells to pick over. But be careful for stingrays!

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  552. Lisa MK at #

    Thanks for posting this! I was there in March with my husand and daugher (she was 18 months old at the time) and we had a great time … great island for kids. Very easy to get around in and lots to do.

    There were lots of calm, gorgeous beaches and we all loved running all over El Morro and hiking in the rainforest.

    It is VERY Americanized (by Caribbean standards) which is to be expected as it is part of the US technically which can be off-putting but it was definitely a lot of fun.

    BTW, I have a funny picture of my daughter and husband in front of the same mural!

  553. Corinne at #

    Thanks Lisa!

    I agree that it is very Americanized – but it was actually less so than I anticipated. Plus, I was grateful for a McDonalds when my daughter needed the bathroom while we were traipsing around Old San Juan!

    Soon I hope to add new destinations to the main site, and Puerto Rico is one of them. I’d love to hear more about your trip one day!

  554. kara at #

    Can’t wait to read more! Love the pic of Megan lying in the grass at El Morro.

  555. Zelma at #

    Love it! I’m glad you liked Puerto Rico. If you or anyone needs a local “non-official guide”, I’m your gal! πŸ™‚

    • Michelle at #

      Hola! I’m here with my husband, my mom and our two daughters–2yrs and 5mo. We are in Luquillo. We only have 2 more full days and fly out on thursday 26th. My mom needs to be at the airport at 3pm, but our flight doesn’t leave til 7:45pm, I think.

      We did El Yunque today and had a good time and got rained on at Luquillo beach the other day. We may go back. But if you have another toddler friendly option here or close, I’d love to hear it! We may try Old San Juan the day we leave, but I don’t know if much will be open, if T.givign is celebrated in any way here.

      • Corinne at #

        Hi Michelle–I hope you found something fun? Running around on the lawn at El Morro would be great fun for a toddler.

  556. Gladys at #

    Beautiful! I have never been to Puerto Rico before-I will plan my next vacation with that in mind-thanks

    • Sarah at #

      My husband was born in puerto rico and we went down last summer, we are from Connecticut, and I fell in love with the island. So much so that we bought a home and are moving. We are traveling back this month with our six month old and I am interested to see how he will do flying. I can’t wait until we are officially moved in. We choose a home in a nice little town named patillas right on the Caribbean ocean. I am looking forward to showing my baby puerto rico,last ssummer he came with us in utero, now he can see the beautiful island and meet his family!

  557. Kara at #

    I think I gained five pounds just reading your post. But the food there is so worth it…

  558. Wait…why didn’t I hear your story about meeting Ricky Martin while we were in Puerto Rico?! Do tell!

  559. I guess great minds (& hungry bellies) think alike! I just posted my story on Family-Friendly Food in Puerto Rico (before reading yours, I swear!) on Travel Mamas. I’m still trying to lose those extra pounds I gained in San Juan. It was worth it though!

  560. Corinne at #

    I’ll have to check out your post, Colleen!

    With all the unexpected travel we’ve been doing, I’ll be spending September at the gym!

  561. Corinne at #


    In the olden days in my previous career, I was there for a big interview for a documentary on him I was helping with.

    Funny thing was Behind The Music was there shooting with him as well, and he’s kissing me goodbye in the BTM credit roll montage. Just one of my lame claims to fame! πŸ˜‰

  562. Deep fried is the universal word for delicious. Yum.

  563. Nita at #

    I never go to Cuba after read this blog I wanna go right now!

    • Corinne at #

      Seriously Nita – it’s an awesome beach!

  564. Gladys at #

    Great scenery! sad summer is coming to an end

  565. Anna at #

    Look forward to reading more about your fantastic summer! Swimming with dolphins looks amazing.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks Anna!
      It might take a while to get it all out there, but for a summer that we didn’t have much planned, we sure did a lot!

  566. Ah!! Look like you had a great summer with many beach trips. πŸ™‚ Can’t wait to hear more about Jamaica.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks Amy! Lots and lots to write about – it was awesome.

  567. Spencer at #

    Thanks for the information. All useful tips to take heed of.

  568. Anna at #

    Great tips in this post. And I love the photo, I have a very similar one of my son which was taken in a sink in Germany! One for the 18th…..

  569. Corinne at #

    Thanks Anna!
    Bub was only 10 weeks on this – his first trip. He had another sink bath on another trip a few weeks later but he was that much bigger and soaked the counter!

  570. Anna at #

    Any ideas on the best car seat when traveling with a 2 year old? A car seat that’s easy to assemble and not too heavy would be ideal. There seems to be a lot of opinions on the Web.

  571. Erna at #

    Hello, thank’s for the useful information:) It is improtant to know everything before we go with our baby. Which resort would you recommend best? We are planning our vacation to Cuba (with our baby girl of 12 months) this month (october). I’ve read Cayo Coco is best. But what is your oppinion?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Erna!
      Cayo Coco is a good choice if you have no intention or desire to leave the resort. If it’s your first trip to Cuba and you’d like to get out and experience a bit, I’d recommend Varadero. It’s a decent driving distance to Havana, has a lovely little park in town, and the beach is fantastic.
      Bon Voyage!

  572. I like the post so much Because am thinking of family vacation to travel overseas but Don’t decided the destination because i don’t have idea where should i travel with my wife and my daughter (she in only 9 months.). But from your article i get good information about the tourist places where i travel with my sweet daughter.I am very grateful to you for this post.I decided to travel Italy with my Family.

  573. Great tips and information sharing. I wish I has this sort of thing available when I was flying with 2 children aged 2 and 6 months. It’s quite a trick to get it all right.
    Definitely better to be breast-feeding than carrying all the bottle stuff. And the ability to time the feed for when the plane is ascending or descending, so their ears don’t drive them to scream their poor lungs out, is a great gift! That or suck a sweet.

  574. Once you have those Disney ears you will always want to go back! It is great to see Disney from a different point of view.

  575. This is wonderful.
    A family resorts that all will really enjoy.

  576. My next post: “Why to Get Your Son Circumsized Before Breastfeeding Him Midflight”

  577. I love your positive attitude about flying w/ babies. I don’t mind at all when little ones are seated next to me on flights. In fact, I sometimes offer to sit beside them. πŸ™‚

  578. Corinne at #


  579. Corinne at #

    Oops – need to add vaccinations to that list!

  580. Snakes would definitely be scarier! I agree that planes are noisy affairs anyway, between other passengers, the drone of the engine and the attendants walking around… but then I’m used to the noise of kids. My husband and I now fight over who gets to sit next to our five year old – another seasoned traveller that’s happy to sit back and amuse himself on plane. Miss 3 is wonderful and I love what she’s getting up to at this age… but on a flight I dream about the days when she too is 5! Can’t wait to see the redesign and read more about the Turks/Caicos

  581. Corinne at #

    @Stephanie – I hope you’re on our next flight! πŸ™‚

    @Tracy – It’s so great when they’re excited about a plane trip because they know they’re going somewhere fun! Pretty sure that’s what motivates my daughter to behave!

  582. Anna at #

    It’s great that you didn’t notice the crying and I think that’s probably the chase for many travellers.

    Looking forward to reading more about Turks & Caicos.

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