What to Do if Baby Gets Sick on Vacation

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It’s a parent’s worst fear. In spite of your scrupulous hand washing habits, your diligence in choosing a safe and clean destination, and your careful selection of nutritious and appropriate food, your baby gets sick on vacation. Please note that by saying “sick” I am referring to typical colds and viruses affecting otherwise healthy children. I am not a doctor, and this is not a medical site. If your child has pre-existing conditions or seems unwell, please consult with your child’s doctor prior to travel.

What to Do if Baby Gets Sick on Vacation:
Before You Go…

• Travel Insurance

When you’re traveling with babies, toddlers, and young children, good travel insurance coverage is a must. If you have travel insurance through your work’s extended benefits plan or your credit card, confirm exactly what you are covered for and that your policy also includes your family members. At a minimum, you and your family need emergency medical insurance. You should know if you will be required to pay up front (and be reimbursed later), the duration or any limits to your travel coverage, and if there is a destination-specific list of approved doctors and/or medical facilities (and where they are located in relation to your accommodations).

Print out your policy and familiarize yourself with it before you leave. If baby gets sick on vacation and it’s an emergency, you may not have the presence of mind to refer to it.

• First Aid Kit

In your carry-on luggage, ensure you have a baby first-aid kit that contains basic essentials so you’re not left scrambling to locate a pharmacy if baby gets sick on vacation. Make sure you include a thermometer, baby pain/fever relief medicine, baby anti-histamine, non-prescription saline nose drops or sprays such as hydraSense® Baby Nasal Care products, disinfecting spray or wipes, antibiotic ointment, bandages, a few swabs, and a few unfrozen oral rehydration freeze pops. Be sure to also pack any prescription medications or medical equipment your children require, like inhalers, and have back-up supplies on hand.

• Vaccinations

In most cases, your child’s regular vaccination schedule is enough to protect them from most illness and baby travel vaccinations are rarely required. Consult with your doctor to see if your destination requires additional precautions prior to travel.

What to Do if Baby Gets Sick on Vacation:
While You’re Away…

baby gets sick on vacation, baby illness vacation, baby sick vacation, baby travel sick• Colds & Sinus

Treat mild cold symptoms with acetaminophen or ibuprofen to help with pain or fever, and saline nose drops to help relieve nasal congestion and moisturize the nasal passages. Children with ear infections should see a doctor before flying.

• Vomiting & Diarrhea

If baby gets sick on vacation and is vomiting or having diarrhea (or both) it can be more than a little scary. Chances are it is a gastro bug or possibly something they ate. The number one priority is ensuring that baby does not get dehydrated. Offer lots of feeds (as difficult as that may be) and tiny sips of water or oral rehydration fluid. Guzzling too much liquid at once will likely result in it coming right back up.

Seek medical attention if there appears to be bile or blood in the vomit or if baby spikes a high fever, is unresponsive, the vomiting and/or diarrhea lasts for more than 12 hours, or baby shows symptoms of dehydration like dry lips, minimal pee, or a sunken soft spot (in younger babies).

• Sprains, Strains & Lacerations

Sprains or strains do not need to be treated immediately so long as the child can bear weight on the affected limb. Comfort with pain relief medication and ice intermittently to provide relief. Once bleeding has stopped, treat cuts within 24 hours to minimize scarring and prevent infection. Tend to animal bites or jellyfish stings immediately to prevent infection.

If baby gets sick on vacation, chances are you’ll be next. Wash your hands really well. Don’t bite your nails. Keep hand sanitizer close by at all times, and ensure you eat well and stay hydrated yourself. Because the only thing worse than baby getting sick on vacation, is everyone sick on vacation 🙂

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    Great info. A must-know for all parents who are traveling with their kids.

  2. My sister and I are planning a family vacation for all our kids to get to know each other. I will take your precaution to find the nearest hospital just in case her son or my daughter pukes up bile or blood when vomiting. Speaking of hospitals, any tips on how to find one near our vacation rental? Thanks!

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