Maldives with Kids: A Maldives Family Holiday with a Baby or Toddler

Maldives with Kids Information for a Maldives family holiday

Dreaming of a Maldives family holiday? Visiting the Maldives with kids is a bucket list vacation!

For someone like me, stranded in Canada, the Maldives is one of those places that seems SO. FAR. AWAY. But, a Maldives family holiday is a typical (albeit very special) vacation for many. I’m excited to share this post from Ioana of Zen Baby Travel.

The pictures alone are enough to make me book flights asap!


Maldives Family Holiday with a Baby or Toddler

What makes a Maldives family holiday so special?

Twenty-plus years of extensive travelling, over 50 countries, and over 1,000 flights give you an idea of the Zenbabytravel team’s addiction to travel. So what makes a Maldives family holiday so special?  

The Maldives are a paradise no longer reserved for honeymooners. In the last few years, the South Asian island nation has become a barefoot luxury playground for families with kids. When visiting the Maldives with kids, expect shallow warm lagoons, fabulous resorts with great kids clubs, and the best snorkelling. Of course this all makes a fabulous destination for you and the little ones. But what exactly is so special?

Enjoying cocktails on the beach while exploring Maldives with kids
Cheers to cocktails on the beach! | courtesy Zen BabyTravel

9 Reasons a Maldives Family Holiday is Special:

1) The Maldives Family Resorts

Imagine a Maldives family resort, with life on a small island, lost in the Indian Ocean, where staff knows and greets you. We loved Banyan Tree Angsana Velavaru with kids and, before the kids, Taj Exotica. We also tested Sun Aqua Vilu Reef next door to Angsana. It’s difficult to beat the sweet gentle pace of life of a very small island, stargazing at night at shooting stars, and embracing the nature. Maldives with kids is highly addictive and very therapeutic.

Starting Maldives family holiday with a view from the seaplane - exploring Maldives with kids
The view from the seaplane | courtesy Zen BabyTravel

2) Getting There Is Half the Fun

The seaplane transfers add to the experience. Gazing at the hundreds shades of blue and atolls is pure therapy.

The beach is your backyard when exploring Maldives with kids
The beach is your backyard! | courtesy Zen BabyTravel

3) The Beach Bungalows

Imagine snorkelling just in front of your beach bungalow. With two small kids, you often find yourself carrying 10kg of stuff to the beach in addition to them. That’s why visiting the Maldives with kids is easy for all parties… just hang around in front of your beach villa to wave at baby sharks and swim with colourful fish.

Enjoying the beach on a Maldives family holiday
Beach for days | courtesy Zen BabyTravel

4) The Freedom

The Maldives don’t offer typical beach villas (or hotel rooms or flats) and so the time spent as a family is different. Angsana Velavaru had the perfect setting. We spent most of our afternoons and evenings in the privacy of our garden and pool. We had parties in the rain, swam at leisure, danced, and ran around as naked as we fancied. It was very liberating and bonding. The kids even loved the few hours of tropical rain and splashing. They were very disappointed to be back in London and find out our rain is still too cold and less fun. We made a YouTube video about our experience:  Maldives with kids: land of bliss Banyan Tree Angsana Velavaru

5) The Nature

The sea and wildlife are utterly fascinating. Our four-year-old loved the sunset cruise where 200 dolphins joined us–joyous and playful for an hour. We’ve been also treated like royalty; the crew told our child fascinating stories whilst the parents were left alone with bubbly, canapés, and the sky on fire… Pure bliss. Baby sharks were omnipresent and we loved to watch them every day on our way to breakfast or the dive centre. A few “Nemos” lived just in front of our villa, and sting rays would join us for daily feeds and educational speeches. The lizards helped keep us mosquito free. We loved to watch them hunting or just sunbathing. The crabs in their shells were similarly great fun to watch and play with for both of our boys.

See more of our experiences here: Maldives with kids – snorkelling safari & shark encounter

6) The Vibe

The barefoot luxury of grabbing breakfast without shoes, just five minutes away from our villa. Or turning up to the beach bar for happy hour; the kids would run around and we would sip cocktails.

Stand Up Paddleboarding on a Maldives family holiday while exploring Maldives with kids
What’s SUP Maldives? | courtesy Zen BabyTravel

7) The Activities

Lots of fun activities were within a five-minute reach. Kayaking ticked with both boys. SUP paddle boarding also ticked with both boys. My 20-month-old would sit with me and we would paddle together. With my four-year-old we ventured out for hours… I would be standing and paddling, he would be sitting, observing, and talking. The shallow and warm blue water lagoons of the Indian ocean were, by far, his favourite exploration areas. There’s also windsurfing, jet skiing, diving, and lots more for older kids and active parents.

Starry nights on a Maldives family holiday whle exploring Maldives with kids
Starry, starry nights… | courtesy Zen BabyTravel

8) The Stars

The stargazing is out of this world, shooting stars included. Maldives skies are stunning. The light pollution around Angsana is minimal.

Visiting the kids club during a Maldives family holiday
Welcome to the kids club | courtesy Zen BabyTravel

9) The Childcare

Lastly, the childcare is amazing. Finding a good vacation babysitter can be tough. On a Maldives family holiday, parents can truly relax and spend as much couple time together as they wish. It’s also far from an enclosed space but it is childcare in a true tropical paradise. On a daily basis, Angsana organised bird feeding and outings. There are also picnics, snorkelling trips, and educational time spent planting corals and taking in part in sea turtle conservation programmes.

For me, these are all great reasons for a parent to continue spending and arm and a leg on a Maldives family holiday. Experiencing the Maldives with kids is worth braving the long flights and the jet lag–even with two small kids! A Maldives family holiday enlightens and charges batteries! And, bliss aside, they are also educational for your kids and a real eye opener.

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