Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Getting Around

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Have Baby Will Travel’s collection of baby travel tips and advice is based on the first hand experiences from parents getting around while traveling with a baby or toddler. Every experience has its own challenges, so we’ve included packing suggestions, flying tips, advice for getting through airport security smoothly, plus driving, taxis, public transportation, strollers, carriers, diapers, and more!

Do you have some tips to add? Please share them in the comments below!

Baby Travel Tips – Getting Around…

●Use a baby travel packing list, and one for carry-ons as well. Forgetting things you need is no fun!

●Dress baby in clothes with built-in feet. You’re ensured of warm toes and no worry of a lost baby shoe. Or two.

●Separate all of baby’s things throughout your luggage. If a bag gets lost, it’s not THAT one.

●Book flights for when you think baby will be sleepy. If sleep isn’t likely, aim for the most cheerful time of day.

●You can never have too many wipes. You can never have too many wipes.

●A stroller is not just a stroller. It’s also a high chair, a bed, and in a pinch, a luggage cart. Also, a baby jail.

●Bring along one diaper per hour of your travel day. You don’t want to risk running out!

●By sticking to public transportation, you’re free from the bringing the car seat dilemma plus you’re being good to the environment!

●Visit local parenting websites before your trip for information on parks, family-friendly restaurants, etc. These sites often also have coupons or discount codes you can take advantage of . Try Googling “your destination + parents”

●See if your destination requires any vaccinations or medications. Some may not be suitable for infants or toddlers.

●Even if you plan on buying supplies when you arrive, have enough on hand so you’re not rushing out the minute you arrive.

●Be sure baby is eating or drinking during take-off and landing to ease pressure on the ears – swallowing is what you want to be happening. A pacifier also works if your baby takes one.

●Renting equipment at your destination may be easier, but check your airline baggage fees to see if it’s cost effective.

●To pre-board or not? If your airline still offers this try having one of you pre-board and get organized while your partner tires out the kids until the last minute.

●Get wristbands with your information and/or cel phone number on them when visiting crowded places. Mabel’s Labels 411 Wristbands are good ones.

●Keep baby’s food and toiletries together in your carry-on. It’s much easier to stay organized when going through security.

●Try dressing yourself and baby in patterned clothes. Patterns tend to not show spots and spills as much.

●The most important thing to pack when traveling with babies and little kids is your patience.

●Don’t overschedule your days. A looser itinerary means no one will be disappointed.

●Scan your passports and travel documents and email them to yourself. You can now access them anywhere with Internet access.

●Count your bags and carry-ons and remember the number. Don’t ask me why I’m suggesting this.

4 Responses to Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Getting Around

  1. Useful tips there…can you please enlighten me on how to tackle toddlers while they’re whining too much on board? Plus, does scheduling trips during the baby’s nap time always work?

    • Corinne at #

      Hey Patricia!

      Keeping toddlers busy and fed should help with the whining. Sadly, scheduling during nap time does not always work – which is why you have to be prepared for anything and everything!

  2. grant at #

    Hi Corinne

    We are traveling with our 3 year old and 6 month old from the London to LA and are having a hard time finding out about bassinets on the aircraft American Airline. I’m getting conflicting stories of this. I have been told yes they have them on the newer 777 but they are on a first come basis at check in, I have also been told no that don’t have them but you can take some sort of portable one in the aircraft.
    We are also traveling son Qantas and Emirates and both have lot of information on this.
    It would be good if there was good information site to show baby friendly airline tell in what that had in relation to this. Such as if they have bassinets and when the can be booked by airline aircraft and seating class and a photo of bassinet. But if you have any information in relation to AA would love to hear it.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Grant! All I was able to uncover was this from a flyer forum, which is what I imagine you found as well: “Bassinets are available only on 777 aircrafts (not on the long-haul 767 or 757s), and there’s only one per plane, available on a first come first serve basis (cannot be reserved/requested in advance).”

      Sorry to be of no help!

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