Family Vacations On Oahu, Hawaii

Family Fun On The Island Of Oahu…

Lanikai Beach, Oahu, - Image courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson, Family vacations on Oahu

Lanikai Beach, Oahu – Image courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson

Visiting the Hawaiian islands for the first time is a trip (no kidding)!  But the best part about getting out to Oahu is that once you make it over the pond, your vacation is exactly what you make it out to be.  Perfect for the solo traveler, perfect for couples, and even better for families.  Not to mention any combination of the three.  Hang out at the beach watching your kids play in the sand, and steal moments of romance in the painted sunsets and humming Hawaiian night air.

oahu, bishop museum, hawaii, Family vacations on Oahu

Bishop Museum, Oahu – Image courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson

There is so much to learn and do in Oahu, that it’s doubtful you’ll ever be bored.  The island is full of family-friendly museums and learning centers that your kids will go crazy over. The best thing you can give your kids is a good education.  So why not give them an unforgettable experience that will leave their minds saturated with the rich culture and history of the Hawaiian Islands?  First stop on our learning tour is the Bishop Museum where you and your kids can learn all about the history of Hawaii in a dinosaur-nugget digestible kind of way.

Oahu - Koolau Mountains, Hawaii, Family vacations on Oahu

Koolau Mountains, Oahu – Image courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority/Chuck Painter

Next stop on your list should be the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve where you and your kids can get a real taste of the diverse ecology in Hawaii.  This program was set up to teach visitors and residents about the importance of preserving Hawaii’s unique natural resource and marine life.  Hawaii Children’s Discovery Center is another super kid friendly place to take your family where kids get a chance to learn interactively in a non-typical museum setting.  You can’t miss this giant building covered in colors and smack dab in the center of Honolulu.

Another awesome and interactive activity for the kids is the James Dole Story at Dole Cannery Square where everybody can learn about the history of pineapple.  What a great way to get your kids to appreciate the sweet and healthy life of fruit!

Still interested in pineapple? The Dole Plantation by North Shore is home to the World’s Largest Maze, where you and your family can race around and enjoy sweet tasting snacks at the end of the maze.  Probably a good idea to invest in walkie-talkies, or a meeting place at the very least!

While you’re on your way up to North Shore, take it upon yourself to pop off at Turtle Beach or many of Oahu’s beaches  where you and your family can swim amongst the sea turtles.  This is a perfect spot to bring a picnic and enjoy the day watching these wondrous creatures at their resting spot.  Be aware when visiting here, these animals are protected and should never have their space invaded or be touched.  You know what they say about snapping turtles!

Oahu, waikiki beach, hawaii, Family vacations on Oahu

Waikiki Beach, Oahu – Image courtesy Hawaii Tourism Authority/Tor Johnson

Some of the best beach spots for you to take your family are the beaches in Waikiki or at Waimanalo Beach.  The beaches off Waikiki (one nicknamed The Wall) have an offshore retaining wall which is creates calmer waters and sandy coves that are perfect for small children learning to swim and to take a few laps yourself.  Both spots are great places to boogie-board, swim, and even learn how to surf.  The waves here are perfect for beginners because they are relatively calm yet bring the swell in far enough to long-board to shore.  Swim/surf schools line the beaches in Waikiki offering lessons and rentals for all your beach day necessities.

When you’re not running around swimming, surfing, and exploring the beauty that Oahu has to offer, you’re going to want a cool calm place to stash your things, and relax on your off time. Oahu hotels are easy to come by, and have all the amenities of 5 star resorts, regardless of their size and kind.  Hawaii really knows how to do it when it comes to hotel accommodations.  The main goal is to make sure your hotel is equipped with pool, gym, spa, and daycare/sitter recommendations so that you get to have at least one romantic night out while the kids relax back at the hotel.

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*Many thanks to Aqua Resorts for this great information about family travel to Oahu.

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