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Have Baby Will Travel’s mission is to inspire, motivate, and help families travel with their babies, toddlers, and young children…

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For travel brands hoping to reach new and expecting parents, and connect with leisure family travelers, Have Baby Will Travel is the direct link to those audiences.

We deliver cost-effective ways to engage and resonate via direct and experiential marketing approaches and traditional and social media initiatives. Have Baby Will Travel‘s founder Corinne McDermott is a recognized family travel expert. Partnering with her is an innovative and affordable approach for directly reaching key family travel consumers.

What We Do:

Corinne can help you:

  • develop hotel and resort family programming & initiatives
  • directly market to thousands of new and expecting parents
  • plan and create branded and co-branded online content
  • produce branded and co-branded videos
  • utilize social media effectively
  • represent your brand with mainstream media appearances

Have Baby Will Travel founder Corinne McDermott is a multi-platform media professional. She has expertise in cross-platform multi-media initiatives and branded entertainment with over 20 years of experience in all areas of screen-based media. She is also a TICO-certified independent travel consultant specializing in family vacations.

Since launching in 2007, Have Baby Will Travel has helped over 5 million parents plan trips and vacations with a baby or toddler in tow.

Click here for Have Baby Will Travel’s media kit.

Quoted or contributing as a family travel expert, Corinne and Have Baby Will Travel have been featured in the following media outlets:

Corinne McDermott Media Appearance Logos

Over the course of her career, Corinne was the Content Strategist and Product Manager for Travel, Showbiz, and Family & Parenting at Bell Media’s She then was Editor in Chief for Bell Media’s Movie Entertainment magazine. Corinne is currently Senior Manager – Digital for SiriusXM Canada. Have Baby Will Travel remains her passion project.

Contact Corinne at corinne[at]havebabywilltravel[dot]com
to find out how she can help your brand connect with family travelers.

4 Responses to Family Travel Expert, Consultant & Spokesperson

  1. Hi Corinne,

    My name is Bob DiMenna, the Co-host of the Travelers Blueprint Podcast and more importantly, new dad. In my research for my daughters very first trip I came across your page and was happy to see that with the amount of content you provide, this is a one stop shop for all things baby-travel related. So first, thanks for all the hard work in organizing this information.

    Secondly, I am hoping that you’d be interested in sitting down with us for a podcast episode. I would love for the opportunity to pick your brain, inherit some of your skills, and relay this information to all of our fans. We would love to help promote your websites in the process.

    Our podcasts are recorded through Skype (audio only) and typically take an hour of your time. If you are interested in learning more, please reach out and we can work on scheduling.

    I really hope to hear form you soon.

    Bob DiMenna

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