The First Trip Is the Toughest… Surviving Baby’s First Trip

Practice Makes Perfect. Surviving Baby’s First Trip

Have Baby Will Travel has always been a total cheerleader for family travel. My goal with this site is to inspire and motivate new parents to travel with their babies and toddlers. I think a big part of the motivation comes from hearing stories from other traveling parents.

I came to a realization about 15 years ago. The trip was my (then) four-year-old daughter’s 8th and my (then) nine-month-old son’s 3rd. Other than the usual hassles of a giant pile of luggage and figuring how to make sure both kids are fed and occupied on the travel days, it went off without a hitch. Come to think of it, the very first trip we took with our daughter also went off without a hitch. But, I was still a very stressed out new mom. I wanted to make sure we got to our destination in one piece physically AND mentally. Oh, and enjoy ourselves once we were there.

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Baby’s First Trip | Varadero Beach, Cuba

But when I think of that first family vacation, that’s not what I remember. I remember how my daughter kept dozing off in odd places during the first couple of days. And I remember her squeals of absolute joy as she hit the beach and crawled in the sand for the first time. I remember her pointing at a cat and saying “cat.” (We thought she was such a genius!) And then, pointing at a dog and saying “cat.” 🙂

Much like with childbirth, you just kind of forget the bad stuff.

Like how I cried out of sheer exhaustion and frustration when she wouldn’t nap and woke at all hours during our first few days.

Like how out of sorts I felt until we established our “vacation routine.”

And like how I panicked when I realized the pasta with tomato sauce she was greedily eating had shellfish in it. She hadn’t been introduced to that yet.

baby's first trip, varadero, varadero tower, varadero with baby, cuba with baby
Baby’s First Trip | Varadero, Cuba

Have Baby Will Travel is almost an adult (!). It’s a wake-up call of sorts for me to not forget where I came from. That first trip was tough. And as much as it’s easy to forget the bad, it’s important not to.

I don’t ever want to seem smug or glib about the troubles and hassles involved in getting from point A to point B with a baby in tow. They’re real and they exist and I think being prepared is half the battle.

And also just like childbirth, it’s totally, totally worth it. (Cue: Traveling with a Baby? It Gets Easier)

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7 Responses to The First Trip Is the Toughest… Surviving Baby’s First Trip

  1. Meg at #

    But you can get anesthesia during childbirth.
    Actually I am glad to know that someone else cried on that first trip. (might be a fun meme to get lots of travel writers to talk about crying on that first trip)

  2. Corinne at #

    Oh I cried – and then my husband somehow managed to get her to sleep while I devoured a giant pina colada.

    The bonus after all that effort was discovering that she would actually sleep on the beach or by the pool after a swim. We were hardly ever in the room during the day after that!

  3. Carolina at #

    Ha,ha, I’m with Meg, the epidural makes childbirth so easy 🙂 but there’s not much you can do for sleep deprivation. Keep sharing the stories.

  4. Corinne at #

    Thanks Carolina!

    I had an epidural with my daughter and her birth was hard work but it didn’t hurt.

    Time hasn’t quite yet softened the memory of my son’s unintentionally drug-free birth!

  5. Euney Atillo at #

    True! I agree specially when the baby wakes up during wee hours. Sleep deprivation is always present to contemplate from this scenario I found a product that did wonders This helped me so much. Being a mom is tough but hey the sleepless nights are all worth it seeing them grow with love and compassion that they acquired from us! Awesome story! Keep sharing! Lots of love to the wonderful moms!

  6. Saurabh at #

    Travelling with baby is definitely a hard task and big responsibility. Glad you shared your tips

  7. Emilia at #

    oh god, I remember that first trip! Specifically the airplane and the two hours my son screamed, and the looks the other passengers gave us…..makes my stomach turn thinking about it, though it has been more than three years!

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