Baby Friendly Ontario – Blue Mountain in Collingwood

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster - Blue Mountain, ON

Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster – Blue Mountain, ON

Ed. Note: We love Blue Mountain in Green Season

Living in Ontario, I feel very fortunate to be spoiled for choice when it comes to quickie getaways out of the city. The options are so extensive, that I feel silly the list of Ontario Resorts we’ve actually visited is quite small. One spot that’s just two hours North of Toronto is Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood – and seeing as we’re not a skiing family (yet) summer seems like the perfect time to head up the 400 and check things out.

Though my kids are no longer babies or toddlers, they are still a little too small for the most-awesome-looking zipline. Bub is too young for the low ropes course, but that would be right up my 7-year-old daughter’s alley. But seeing that Bub is over 40 inches tall, I know our whole family would enjoy the Ridge Runner Mountain Coaster, and it’s incredibly difficult to stop them both from climbing – they’d be glued to the climbing wall for sure. The gondola also has a height requirement of 40 inches, so if I could get over my fear of heights we’d definitely be hopping on that too.

But what I’m most intrigued by are the more “traditional” summer activities that you can enjoy with a baby, or a smaller or less daring child. The nearby beach looks lovely, and I also love the notion of a pond in the heart of Blue Mountain Village that you can paddle around in a little boat, or just sit and relax while the little ones toddle about. And if the grown-ups wanted to steal away to play, Blue Mountain’s Active Tots program provides supervised activities structured childcare programming for children 18 months to 5 years of age – priced according to age and includes lunch and snacks.

Without a doubt, we would all be playing at Plunge! – Blue Mountain’s indoor waterpark.

The wide variety of accommodation options means you can book according to your taste or price point. Same goes for dining options at Blue Mountain Village.


This post is supported by Blue Mountain Resort in Collingwood, Ontario. 


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2 Responses to Baby Friendly Ontario – Blue Mountain in Collingwood

  1. Darla at #

    That little coaster looks great! I’ve never seen a roller coaster that goes so close to the ground like that. It looks like a lot of fun, and just there the greenery looks amazing. I would love to spend a lazy weekend enjoying the lake too. I’ll keep it in mind for our next trip!

  2. Maxine at #

    That coaster does look fun and I bet you had a blast. I saw a video on youtube where a dad built his own roller coaster in his yard for his daughter. It was amazing and reminded me of this.

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