Beach Vacation Travel Essentials for Babies List

What to bring to the beach with Baby

What to Bring to the Beach:
Beach Vacation Travel Essentials for Babies List

Every year it feels like summer takes forever to get here. Then, it’s gone in a flash. To make the winter months more bearable, a sunny vacation is definitely in order! Make your life easier by following this list of beach vacation travel essentials for babies:

• Sunhat(s)

A good sunhat, especially one with a string tie, should be at the top of your beach vacation travel essentials for babies list.

Actually make that at least two sunhats, since babies have a special way of removing them and tossing them from the stroller when you’re not looking. Hats with velcro (or no) ties are too easily removed by babies as soon as they realize they are able to. String ties ensure you’ll get at least a little more mileage out of said hats.

• UV Swimwear

Next on the beach vacation travel essentials for babies list is UV swimwear.

Suiting baby up like little sausage in a casing is a much easier and much more effective way of protecting their skin from the sun’s harmful rays. The little baby wetsuits are just the cutest, and when the suits are wet they don’t lose their effectiveness.

If you’re at the beach or the pool, UV swimwear is definitely the way to go.

• Sunscreen

As soon as baby is six-months-old (or older) they are ready to wear sunscreen1.

There are a number of different formulations out there, and they (mostly) all will protect baby’s skin from the sun. The newer mineral formulations that contain fewer harmful chemicals are much better than they used to be. Baby’s face and arms and legs won’t look like they’re coated in a clown’s white greasepaint any more! However, try to avoid getting the sunscreen on baby’s hands, since we know where they always end up! (Their mouth, in case you’re my son and it’s not obvious).

• Stroller Net

If you’re out for a walk with a baby who is under six-months-old or it’s a nap/walk and baby’s skin won’t be exposed outside of the confines of your stroller, invest in a UV stroller net.

We had a lot of use out of ours over two different babies and two different strollers as well as over a travel crib. We used it as a mosquito net during a stay in a particularly buggy cottage.

• Insect Repellent

The one bummer about beach vacation travel is the bugs.

Biting, yucky bugs.

Although mosquitoes bother us and can make us sick on vacation so it’s a good idea to find an insect repellent you feel comfortable using with baby. The Center for Disease Control says, “Most repellents can be used on children aged >2 months … Products containing OLE specify that they should not be used on children aged <3 years.”

• Baby First Aid Kit

Prepare a travel first aid kit for babies and toddlers and have it at the ready to throw in a suitcase. Make sure it contains items to help manage fever, colds, potential allergies, splinters, scrapes and/or cuts, dehydration, and diaper rash.

Probably one of the most essential items in this first aid kit is Advil Pediatric Drops, since they can help manage fevers for up to eight hours and provide relief of pain due to colds, earaches, and sore throat. You know what it’s like with kids… Disaster can strike in the middle of the night! You won’t want to have to dash out and find a drugstore or pharmacy.

Of course you will need to use a packing list for travel with baby and for your carry-on bag as well. But if you’ve got that bit down pat, this list of beach vacation travel essentials for babies will cover the bases you may not have considered.

Have a great trip!


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    We are supposed to go on a trip at the beach with the whole fam this summer, unfortunately there’s a pandemic. Hoped that we can still use those travel essentials for my niece we packed when everything’s okay.

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