Packing Lists: What to Pack for Travel with Baby

I used to joke that the pile of luggage we brought with us on our first trip with baby rivaled J.Lo’s. Only ours wasn’t Louis Vuitton and we had to carry it ourselves. Can you imagine what her luggage cart(s) looked like when her twins were babies?

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You’re going to need a cart…

Traveling Light?

Let’s face it, gone are the days of traveling light. I once traipsed through Europe with one bag strapped to my back, but now that same said bag would barely hold all the diapers. So, you need packing lists for travel with baby!

Yes, you can order baby supplies to be shipped to your hotel ahead of time, and that might be quite cost-effective now with the ridiculous airline baggage allotments (or lack thereof). Yes, depending on where you’re going you can always buy what you need once you get there (although rushing out to find a store is not the first thing I want to do when I’m traveling).

My exhaustive, extensive packing lists are based on our trips to Cuba, where it can be difficult to find baby supplies, the selection is minimal, and what is there is quite expensive.

Yes. I would pack the kitchen sink if I could…

If you think I’m a worrywart and that I’ve gone overboard, I’ll agree with you. In my defence, I’m loyal to certain brands and it would stress me out to try new foods and products with my baby when I’m away from home.

So please check out my Mother of All Packing Lists. Of course you don’t have to pack EVERYTHING on it! It’s a guideline so you don’t forget anything. There’s a printable version too.

No Forgetsies

You don’t want to be 30,000 feet up in the air and realize you absolutely need something! Definitely also check out my Carry-On Packing List. Not once in our umpteen flights did I have that sinking feeling that something I need is either under the plane or back at home.

Have I forgotten something essential – or essential to you?  Drop a line in the comments and I’ll be sure to add it.

Happy Travels!

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4 Responses to Packing Lists: What to Pack for Travel with Baby

  1. emily e at #

    I’ve flown a dozen or so times with my almost two year old- and other than when we went on a cruise, I’ve always managed with just a diaper bag and a carry-on suitcase. I always buy diapers and supplies wherever we go- but we have only traveled domestically with her, so I might change my tune if it was international. Babies don’t require much!

  2. Corinne at #

    Hi Emily!
    I’ll grant that I packed less when we were visiting family in Florida recently – but then I was frustrated because I couldn’t find the same (or comparable) brand of teething biscuits!

  3. Brandi Gentzler at #

    Thank you so much! You have really helped keep my neurosis in check:-).. I will be traveling to France with my 8 month old next week. Thanks again!

    • Corinne at #

      Delighted to hear it, Brandi – have a wonderful trip!

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