Win An Osprey Poco Plus Baby Carrier!

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Win me!

I am of the mind that you always need to bring your stroller with you when traveling with a baby. But having seen this (relatively new) baby carrier from Osprey, I’m tempted to temper that sentiment. Depending on your destination, and the type of traveling you’ll be doing, the heavy-duty Poco Plus baby and toddler carrier just might really leave your hands free and without the need for wheels.

The carrier itself weighs under 7lbs, and can carry a maximum load of of 22 kg/48 lbs – which is child, gear and pack combined.  But you must not use the Poco until baby can sit upright unassisted and weighs at least 16lbs (7.3kg). The harness is easily adjustable for when baby grows, and there are stirrups for older and taller passengers, to help with dangly (and kicky) feet syndrome.

Some nifty features of the Poco Plus include:

  • A built-in sunshade
  • A size adjustable hipbelt with zippered mesh pockets
  • A large zippered lower compartment for diapers, jackets, and bulky items
  • An inner mesh security pocket
  • Two stretch mesh side pockets
  • A stretch mesh pocket on upper front panel that offers quick convenient storage
  • A zippered stash pocket on the upper front panel
  • Cell phone pocket on shoulder strap
  • Cord loops allow the quick attachment of the optional Daylite daypack

I adore Osprey’s Vector Series luggage – so much so that I included it in my 2012 Gear Guide – and am super-bummed that they are discontinuing it. However, the Poco series of baby carrier backpacks is quite new, and so well-received that I’m sure they’ll be around for some time.

I’m delighted that Osprey has offered to give away a Poco Plus to a Have Baby Will Travel reader! I’m giving Rafflecopter a try for this giveaway. Let me know if you hate it and I’ll go back to the old fashioned way. In the meantime, this giveaway is open to residents of Canada and the US (sorry, Quebec and Puerto Rico) and all the details are in the nifty Rafflecopter widget. You have until October 30, 2012 to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This looks like an amazing infant carrier backpack, and it’s valued at over $250.00. Good luck – and please tell us where you take it on your travels!

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130 Responses to Win An Osprey Poco Plus Baby Carrier!

  1. Keonte at #


  2. Sara at #

    Both Momma and Daddy wear this baby!

  3. Trina at #

    Both of us.

  4. Name at #

    Both of us!

  5. Erica at #


  6. Erica at #

    both in our case, but what’s up with the limited view of family in this poll? “Who does the babywearing – Mama or Dada?” I know babies with fantastic 2 Mamas, 2 Dadas and other variations.

    • Corinne at #

      Good point, Erica – as do I. That’s really just laziness on my part.
      I’ll endeavour to be more inclusive in my language from now on.

  7. Carrie E at #

    Both – depends who is hoding the other one!

  8. Sarah at #

    I get the backpack with essentials (aka snacks) and he wears the kiddo. Now that there’s two I imagine the snacks will go in the carrier with the smaller child. Even out the odds that way!

  9. Heather Allen at #

    Looks like an awesome carrier!

  10. Heather Allen at #


  11. anslie defalco at #

    live it

  12. Andrea at #

    Mom, dad and big brother too 🙂

  13. Kelly Krol at #

    Both Mommy & Daddy do the baby wearing:)

  14. Nancy at #

    Both of us do!

  15. Kelly H. at #

    Usually mama but with this Daddy would too!

  16. Naz at #

    We both do but my husband does more on hikes. He’ll be psyched when I tell him about this carrier, because he loves his Osprey backpack. Currently we have a Kelty.

  17. Angela at #

    Both but Daddy if he’s with us.

  18. Leesa W at #

    This looks amazing! Great for walking some trails in our area

  19. Susheela at #

    both of us!

  20. Jennifer at #

    I try to most of the time and when I get tired, my husband does!

  21. Scarlet at #


  22. Daddy! he’s a daddy’s boy

  23. Alexa B. at #


  24. Alice R. at #

    Mostly Mama, but it’s all Daddy when we go hiking

  25. heidi at #

    both of us will use it

  26. Jamie at #

    We both wear.

  27. Kendra at #

    We both do but when we are all together it’s Dada!

  28. Aimee at #

    We both do, but mostly Daddy.

  29. Merle at #

    We both do!

  30. Right now me but both of us have. Dad’s favorite story was of wearing our daughter at Hearst Castle in California, when we got back down to the car he kept saying how toasty warm she was…yep…that was pee. 😉

  31. Both of us!

  32. Lyndsay M at #

    both 🙂

  33. kelly at #


  34. we both do

  35. We both do; Daddy tends to for day-to-day, Mama does for the tough stuff (uphill snowshoeing) because I’m the endurance athlete.

  36. daddy does
    vmkids3 at msn dot com

  37. Both

  38. Sandy at #


  39. Mama does most of it but daddy does some too.

  40. Ergo carriers/ backpacks/ etc. we love them all! Dad takes Babe for walk every morning with the dog – rain, shine, snow. Both carry for hikes etc.

  41. Pam at #

    Dad does most of the baby wearing!

  42. Adrienne at #

    Right now, it’s just me – so mama.

  43. Jahnel at #

    Mama and dada!

  44. Catherine at #

    Both! Mostly Daddy right now since Mama is pregnant again and has an achy back 🙂

  45. Jess M at #

    Both of us!

  46. This looks like a wonderful carrier! I have some travel addicted friends who recently had babies, so I will pass the article along to them. One of my best travel friends swears by Osprey products, so I’m certain this would be of very high quality.

  47. Brenda B at #


  48. Leona P at #


  49. naomi c at #


  50. sarah at #

    I’m the mom. I wear the baby.

  51. momma does!

  52. I do, and this looks amazing!

  53. Mom! I do, and this looks amazing!

  54. Sarah R at #

    This would be so handy one in the buggy one on the back.

  55. Breanne at #


  56. Kylie C at #

    Both- mama around the house and during errands but dad during big trips.

  57. Tamar at #

    It’s all me, baby!

  58. Katie C at #

    Me and daddy both wear baby! (:

  59. Marianna at #

    Mama does!

  60. both of us

  61. JNCT at #

    Both of us 😀

  62. Jodi at #

    Mama does most of the baby wearing.

  63. Katie C at #

    We will both be doing the baby carrying.

  64. Rachel at #

    Both 🙂

  65. Jenny at #

    We both take turns!

  66. vera p. at #

    Me usually, but we take turns.

  67. Candie L at #

    When the boys were little, it was always their daddy. THank you

  68. Gaye M at #

    Babywearing is a shared adventure.

  69. both do

  70. Mom for sure!

  71. Mom for sure!

  72. Mommy!

  73. Name at #

    We both do the babywearing!
    [email protected]

  74. both

  75. We both do but Dad does all the long haul carrying

  76. Ericka at #

    Momma until I get tired then Daddy takes over 🙂

  77. Jessica at #

    Mostly me, but my husband has tried it out a couple times

  78. Erica C. at #

    Both here!

  79. dada

  80. Angela W at #

    Both of us!

  81. both about equally!

    brich22 at earthlink dot net

  82. just mama

  83. Mom, but winning this daddy could carry the little one!

  84. shawna at #


  85. It’s Mama at my house!

  86. janice at #


  87. They both do. It’s a new day and age….hurray!!!!

  88. definitely dada

  89. No babies for me – this would be a gift for my best bud, who does the majority of the baby-wearing.

  90. We both share the baby carrying 🙂

  91. we both do mainly daddy

  92. Rosey at #

    Mama does the baby wearing!

  93. Ronda at #


  94. Sarah Harding at #

    Mama does the bbabywearing

  95. Mama does the wearing!

  96. Kayla M at #

    We both do but usually it is mama who is doing it.

  97. dad is the baby carrier.

  98. Please Enter Me In Your Giveaway
    It Would Be Great To Win An Osprey Poco Plus Baby Carrier!
    In Response To Your Question Of Who does the babywearing – Mama or Dada?
    Both Parents Do Their Share Equally.
    Thank You For Having This Giveaway!!!!!!!!

  99. both of us

  100. s riches at #

    Dada does the carrying most of the time

  101. The mama (my niece).

  102. I’d say both

  103. Mostly me because I stay home and Dad works.

  104. we both do, we take turns! baby can get heavy!

  105. mostly the mama

  106. me, the mama, of course 🙂

  107. It’s just Mama, “dada” isn’t around.

  108. Deanna f at #

    Dada does the baby wearing!

  109. Danielle at #

    We share the responsibility.

  110. Name at #

    Most of the time its daddy

  111. Most of the time daddy

  112. Angie at #

    Dad most of the time

  113. Julie A. at #

    Mama does the babywearing!

  114. Dad!

    wendym at cableone dot net

  115. Gianna at #

    We both do.

  116. Charlene at #

    Mostly Mama 🙂

  117. Mama most of the time but Dada helps out once in a while lol.

    lisando at

  118. We both do! 🙂

  119. Both of us! 🙂

  120. Both

  121. Tim h at #

    Dad usually but sometimes both.

  122. Mommy does 🙂

  123. Amanda at #


  124. Melissa at #


  125. Nicole at #


  126. Name at #

    Big daddy.