Flying with Twins Under 2…

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Hello, Hawaii!

I received an email from Jodie who will be flying from Edmonton to Maui (lucky!) with her family, which includes flying with twins (toddlers!)

Just wondering if you have any articles or information about flying with twins?  My husband and I with our three children are flying from Edmonton, AB to Maui in March. Our daughter will have just turned 4 and our twin boys will be 22 months. We have found the airlines so far are difficult when it comes to two infants…

How to Manage Flying with Twins Under 2

The thought of flying with twins under 2 is enough to make you decide to stay home! I’ve flown with a toddler lots of times. It is A LOT of work. And Jodie will have that work X2! Luckily, we have great advice from Julie Cole (one of the founders of Mabel’s Labels) about flying with her brood of 5 – before she had six! Julie’s funny and helpful article is called Hell in the Skies…

Don’t let the title scare you off. Julie’s got lots of great tips and I have a one more for Jodie as well…

I’m guessing the airlines are being difficult because you have two lap infants instead of one. Although 22-month-olds are technically still infants, they’re a lot bigger and more challenging to manage on your lap for a long flight. My suggestion is to purchase at least one seat for your twins, in hopes that you’ll snag a spare once you board. My daughter was 23-months-old when we snuck in one last “free” flight for her. I would have paid any amount of money mid-flight to get her squirming, yelling, uncomfortable “little” self off of my lap!

I wish you the very best of luck, Jodie, on your journeys – and the most amazing vacation to Hawaii with your family!

ps – if anyone has any more tips for Jodie, please post them in the comments – thanks!

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  1. Stacey at #

    My husband and I flew from Calgary to Hawaii with my twins when they were 18 months old and again when they were 4 years old. We did not purchase seats for them and instead balanced them on our laps. To keeping them content on the 5 hour flight I thought it would help to feed my daughter her bottle of milk to keep her quiet…on the decent into Honolulu she threw up the entire contents of her stomach, all over the wall of the plane. Not my best plan…you can read more tips for travel with twins on my blog or email me at [email protected]

  2. Corinne at #

    Thanks Stacey!

  3. Marla at #

    Aloha, I may not have twins but one of the easiest ways to travel is to rent any equipment you may need when you get there. I used and all was well.

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