A Review of Legoland Florida In Orlando

I was so pleased when my dear friend Emma told me she was heading to Florida for a few days with her three boys! I managed to arrange two tickets to Legoland Florida in Orlando for her family, so she could report back for Have Baby Will Travel. Thanks, Emma!

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Emma’s boys at Legoland Florida…

This was our second visit to Legoland in two years, and my older kids (5 and 7) were thrilled to be back. For our family, this is the perfect theme – it’s a lot more affordable than the big D, it’s full of Lego bricks, and there’s an abundance of Star Wars paraphernalia- the new Star Wars Miniland induced loud gasps from the 7 year old. Tatooine and Endor in great detail! Awesome. If you’ve got a couple of kids under 12 who are into Lego, this is definitely a fun day (or two) out.

We set out early from our hotel in Celebration on a Saturday morning in May, and got there faster than we’d remembered. Parking near the front as soon as the park opened was an auspicious start to the day. We ended up leaving after closing time and still felt we could have done more.

Emma’s Top Tips for Legoland Florida:

You can’t do the theme park rides and the water park in the same day. Either plan on spending two days there, or just pick one or the other. We ended up with only about a half hour to play in the water park. Legoland isn’t actually open that long during the day, and it doesn’t cost much extra to play a second day, if you are happy to drive down there again from Orlando or wherever you’re staying.

The 18-month-old had a blast at the Duplo village, and would have spent more time at the water park if he hadn’t napped so long in the afternoon heat. There’s not a lot else for really little ones to do there, but luckily he was happy enough to just hang out and watch what was going on.

Bring your own stainless steel water bottle and keep filling it up at the water fountains. Gosh, it’s nice not to be gouged for drinks at a theme park, particularly in Florida‘s warm climate.

If your kids aren’t into rollercoasters, there are lots of lower key fun things to do like the Ford driving school (my kids insisted on attending lessons twice), watching the pirate water skiing show (giant Lego minifigs on water skis are quite entertaining), and roaming around Miniland USA (particularly the interactive parts).

You can really save money by bringing in your own food, but the Pizza and Pasta Buffet lunch has a decently fast moving line up, tastes pretty good for a treat, and is fairly good value. Also, the Granny’s Apple Fries, that I bought on the way out of the park after it was technically already closed? So tasty!

I hear that visiting on the weekend is actually a good idea because large school groups visit on weekdays. I think the opposite might be true for Disney, so if you are planning your itinerary in advance, keep that in mind.

There are a variety of ways to save money on tickets. Check the interwebs for the best deals – including the buy-one-adult-ticket, get-one-child-free deal that I scored.

My kids are already asking when we can go back. Maybe they’ll even get on a rollercoaster before they grow out of their love of Lego.

Have you been to Legoland Florida? What did your family think of the park?

Disclosure: Emma was provided with 2 theme park and water park tickets to Legoland Florida, but purchased the 3 other tickets she required. Her views are her own.


18 Responses to A Review of Legoland Florida In Orlando

  1. Who says Florida is all about Disney?!?! This place looks like so much fun. My toddler would love the Legos, of course, but my husband would love a pic with Darth Vader too!

  2. what FUN!!

  3. Katie at #

    Ha. Somehow the fact that there’s a LEGOLAND in FL totally missed my radar until now.

  4. We love Legoland here in Florida! Great post!

  5. We like to do the water park and theme park in one day at Legoland California but then again, we have annual passes so we don’t feel pressured to squeeze too much in! Duplo Village is awesome for littles…I’m afraid my kids (5 & 8) have pretty much outgrown it. Sigh. They do grow up, don’t they?!

  6. I hadn’t even heard of this!! We are planning a day at Kennedy before hopping on a cruise ship, but this could be fun as well!

  7. Legoland at #

    The LEGOLAND Florida theme park located in Winter Haven, FL will start building an official LEGOLAND Florida Hotel just like the one in California but with 5 floors and with 150 rooms in 2015.

  8. April Garcia at #

    Went to lego land.family so excited. It was about 8 hundred dollars for our family of 7. So disappointed! Everytime a cloud would approach they would shut the rides down in both areas we were only in the water park about 45 min. Wouldnt open it back up because of cloudy weather. Its fla! There is lots of summer rain. NOT WORTH THE MONEY. BIG LOST!!

  9. galatteya at #

    This is our second day in the park rides arbitrarily close due to a cloud in the sky? Horrible park management with understaffing at the gate (1 attendant with around 70 patrons waiting). It will be Disney next and never again Legoland. No wonder they have resorted to Living Social give aways during peak tourism months.

  10. http://thecutecountrychick.com/2016/01/01/everything-is-not-awesome-if-you-are-the-bearer-of-a-legoland-florida-awesomer-pass/

    Terrible service and dishonoring to benefits that come with a purchased Awesomer Pass. My family wasted time dealing with terrible service and missed out all the Christmas festivities. Disappointing and makes us not want to go back. Very sad, this WAS one of our favorite parks.

  11. Thanks for this we head out on Wednesday and have been searching for legoland touring reviews

  12. Kristi at #

    Terrible!! Terrible !!! Terrible !! Spent over 500.00$ to get in rode one ride. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

  13. Kristi at #

    Did I say terrible

    • Kristi at #

      Terrible does not even give the place justice. Do not go ……,.,..

  14. Kristi at #

    Would love to talk to management about our visit

    • Corinne at #

      How disappointing, Kristi–I’m sorry to hear that. Unfortunately I am not affiliated with Legoland management at all. Are you able to locate any corporate contact information?

  15. Only half of a Star. The Legoland resort pool lifeguards think they are in a military camp, guarding the cord lines that separates the kids pool. The deepest spot barely reach the 1.30, but these guys think they have the right to scream at people and release all their frustrations on the guests. After I went into an issue with one of the screaming team, and asked to speak to a manager, 5 mins after the same guy screamed at a little guest, and his father had to face the same annoying task of reaching out of to a manager. Just replace the cord lines with painted lines on the pool, or replace the military lifeguards with a resort customer friendly lifeguard fleet.

    • Corinne at #

      Yikes — sounds like you had a bad experience. Hope there was a bit of fun at least

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