Win A San Antonio Family Vacation Package!

See You At The Alamo!

“There’s No Basement In The Alamo!”

I could recite you Pee Wee’s Big Adventure line for line. But maybe I won’t do that right now.

Instead, I’m delighted to inform my American friends that I’m giving away a great prize pack courtesy the San Antonio Convention & Visitors Bureau. Fellow  Canucks, I know this is a big fat drag. I’m not even eligible to win! Don’t worry, I have every intention of  embarking on my own Pee Wee tour one day – even though I was super bummed to discover the dinosaur exhibit is actually somewhere in California.

Apparently there’s more to San Antonio than the Alamo – and it looks much more family friendly than the bar where Pee Wee did his Tequila dance!

In total there are 12 blogs participating, with 12 unique prize packs and 12 chances to win!!  Here’s the list of my fantabulous prizes:

Two Nights at the Historic Crockett Hotel (includes complimentary continental breakfast)
Passes for four to:
The Institute of Texan Cultures
Ripley’s Believe It or Not!
Louis Tussaud’s WaxWorks
San Antonio Children’s Museum
Texas Transportation Museum
Sea World San Antonio
Complimentary dinner for 4 (2 certificates for dinner for 2) at Casa Rio along the Riverwalk
A Vacation Toiletries Kit
from Baby Day Kit

Airfare, transfers, and additional meals are not included.  With the exception of Sea World, all attractions are within walking distance of the hotel – don’t forget your stroller!

For a complete outline of all the participating blogs, all the prizes, and all the rules & regulations, please visit the San Antonio SAVE Summer Sweepstakes page.

To enter, leave a comment on this post. One per person, please! However, you can post the name of the infamous bar in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure for an extra chance to win! Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook so you’ll be the first to know who wins! Tell ‘em Large Marge sent you.

Winner will be chosen end of day Wednesday, May 26, 2010 through

UPDATE: Yay! has selected comment #14 as the winner of the San Antonio family travel prize pack!

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Congrats Kellie – I’ll be getting in touch!

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Be sure to visit the San Antonio SAVE Summer Sweepstakes page for more information on the contest, as well as other sites participating in the giveaway.




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122 Responses to Win A San Antonio Family Vacation Package!

  1. B Smith at #

    I would absolutely LOVE to win this, and just the simple fact that it starts with “There’s no basement in the Alamo”…that owns me!!!

  2. Annette D at #

    We live in the Houston area and have visited San Antonio several times. We just love the Riverwalk ! We have visited the Alamo but have never been to Fiesta Texas or
    the other attractions. Thanks for the chance!

  3. B Smith at #

    Ok, I just can’t remember the name?! Is it the “private club of Satan’s helpers?!”

  4. Larry P. at #

    I’d love to enter! Thanks for the chance!!

  5. Eva Walls at #

    WOW! Great prize package! And I know the answer, too, I think… The Wheel Inn Restaurant

    • Corinne at #

      Nice try Eva – but nope!

  6. Sarah B. at #

    I LOVE Texas! Hope we win!!

  7. Larry P. at #

    I think the bar was called Apache?

  8. Mel at #

    Hmmm, I can’t think of the name of the infamous bar, but I definitely would adore this prize. One of my dearest friends lives in San Antonio and I haven’t seen her in years. This year marks the 9th anniversary of our friendship (and three other dear friends. We all lived together and worked at Disney for a semester during college.) The last time we all were together was at my wedding in 2004. Since then (and the time has flown) there has been graduations, weddings, babies, and uncountable miles in between.

    This year, we were supposed to go on a cruise. Unfortunately, my work schedule didn’t allow me to go.

    Help me go see her and let us introduce our sons?

  9. Sarah at #

    Wow, what a great prize package! We just moved to Texas in the last year and we hear great things about San Antonio :). My fingers are crossed!!

  10. Sarah V. at #

    I live here, but I’m going to enter to win anyway. This is a great prize pack! SA is a lovely city, so congrats to whoever ends up winning. 🙂

  11. Sarah at #

    I believe the name of the biker bar was “Apache Bar”. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  12. Kellie Prinz Johnson at #

    Entering to win San Antonio trip!!

  13. Patsy Payne at #

    Just love visiting San Antonio. Would be a lovely trip, and I sure would enjoy to go to the riverwalk. The bar’s name is The Cadillac Bar.

  14. Kellie Prinz Johnson at #


    The biker bar in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is “The private club for Satan’s Helpers.”

  15. Corinne at #

    Sarah & Larry got it! You see the name of the bar when Pee Wee crashes into it on the motorcycle. *snort*


  17. Andria at #

    The Apache Bar! I would love to win, I’m going to SA for Memorial Day weekend.

  18. Andria at #

    Oops! Too late 😛

  19. Jacqui at #

    Already headed to San Antonio this summer for a convention, would love to take my husband and kids and enjoy some time not working but relaxing and enjoying family time. So rare these days.

  20. Eva Walls at #

    Shot, that’s where the dino’s are. Sorry, it’s the Apache. Can I still have a bonus entry?

  21. Corinne at #

    No worries, Eva!

  22. Lara Paul at #

    I have always wanted to go to San Antonio!!! It would be so great to take my family there!!

  23. Lara Paul at #

    Ohhh and the bar is the Apache for the bonus entry. 🙂

  24. drejr at #

    I’m sure you don’t want a sob story, but please pick me. I lost my job last July and still haven’t found anything. A weekend get away would do us wonders.

    The name of the bar is Apache.

  25. Jayme Gonzalez at #

    Yay! I hope we win. Our family was planning a trip to SA this summer, and this package would be awesome!! 🙂

  26. Great giveaway!! 😀 I’m overdue for a vacation! hehe

  27. Bonus entry: Apache Bar

  28. Norma Jean at #

    Apache!! Apache!! We’re going to SA this summer and still looking for a hotel deal. This would be perfect! Thank you for the chance!

  29. Cindy Dawkins at #

    Apache is the bar. San Antonio is an awesome city with a wide variety of wonderful things to do.

  30. EmilyB at #

    This is a great giveaway! I hope I win!

  31. EmilyB at #

    It was the Apache bar where he knocked over the bikes!

  32. kgirl at #

    It was totally the Apache Bar. Was he with Large Marge?And, I want to go to the Alamo.

  33. Joy Bennett at #

    I’m new to TX and have never been to San Antonio but this would be the motivation to take that 4 hour drive. I can’t wait my kids want to go to Fiesta TX.

  34. Joy Bennett at #

    The Apache Bar in Pee Wee’s big Adventure.

  35. Kerrie G at #

    My 3 boys would have a blast in San Antonio!! I would have them look for the basement in the Alamo 🙂

  36. Kerrie G at #

    infamous bar in Pee Wee’s Big Adventure—The Apache Bar!!!!!

  37. lh at #

    We love SA and the Riverwalk!

  38. txag at #

    It’s been a couple of years since we’ve been to SeaWorld.
    We’re overdue for a visit.

  39. Robert at #

    What a great giveaway!

  40. pphf at #

    Mmmm…..Casa Rio

  41. Tricia Andrews at #

    I have always wanted to go to San Antonio’s Riverwalk, and my daughter wants to go to the San Antonio Zoo. My husband wants to go anywhere there is golf courses!

  42. Tricia Andrews at #

    It’s the Apache Bar! He crashes a motorcycle he is riding (for about 10 seconds!) into the sign by the road!! It’s the scene after the now infamous “Tequila” dance on the bar. CLASSIC SCENE!

  43. Donna Souther at #

    Ahh haa… yes, Pee Wee was T the Apache Bar !!

  44. Donna Souther at #

    Awesome city… would love to take my girls & husband to San Antonio….. Sea World.. river walk and soomuch more.. thanks for the awesome prize package….

  45. Kendra at #

    Sounds fun – I would love to take our boys to SA! We were there a few years ago, but the boys are a much better age to really enjoy it this time!

  46. Kendra at #

    Pee Wee… wow – that takes me back! Didn’t remember the Apache Bar until I saw the other comments. How could I forget that movie???

  47. Sharon at #

    Love San Antonio and would love to visit!

  48. Sharon at #

    Bonus entry – it’s the Apache Bar!

  49. Grandpa at #

    This trip would be awesome for the 4 grandkids and us. We try to take them on trip each summer and do something different. Last time we went to San Antonio there was 2 of them. Your lineup of activities is just great for them and us. Sea World would be their first choice, Children’s museum next, then Ripley’s. The wife would have to visit The Institute of Texan Cultures first! This trip would be awesome!!

  50. Grandpa at #

    PeeWee’s hangout: The Apache Bar

  51. Emily at #

    We would LOVE to win this. We just had our first baby & would love to take our first family vacation!!! How exciting!

  52. Sharon at #

    I would love to get to visit San Antonio!

  53. lh at #

    Forgot about the bonus: The Apache Bar

  54. Herman at #

    We haven’t been to Sea World since my daughter was a baby. We’d absolutely love to go again.

  55. Herman at #

    Apache Bar

  56. Kori at #

    My husband & I went to the Riverwalk for our honeymoon & go back every year for our anniversary. With this package, I guess we’d have to take the kid & let her bring a friend. 🙂

  57. Kori at #

    I didn’t remember the bar until I saw the other comments. Apache!!

  58. Schmidty at #

    Please enter me for your trip giveaway! It’s close enough to drive for a long weekend. Thank you!

  59. Schmidty at #

    Bonus: Apache Bar

  60. Sandy Anderson at #

    San Antonio has always been a great place families want to go to. I will have to watch Pee Wee’s Big Adventure before I go. Is there really an Apache Bar in San Antonio? I thought it was called the private club of the Satan’s Helpers! : ) The Apache Bar is what I’ll look for as well as all the great places your trip mentions! I’m excited!

  61. Wilburn N. at #

    We would LOVE to see the Alamo in person! We’ve only been in Texas for a few years and haven’t ever made it to San Antonio! And the Apache Bar – forgot all about that one!

  62. kk at #

    Thank you!

  63. Clyde at #

    I’d love to visit the places on this giveaway.

  64. Clyde at #


  65. Amanda K at #

    San Antonio would be so much fun to visit. I would love to take the kids to Sea World!

  66. Dixie at #

    We’re already planning to visit SA this summer but no confirmation on dates/hotels yet, so this would work out perfectly!

  67. Dixie at #

    Bonus: Apache

  68. Vanessa at #

    We’d love to visit SA!

  69. Brian at #

    We’d love to take our little cowboys to the Alamo!

  70. this would be amazing. thank you so much.

  71. Allison at #

    i left my ○ in san antonio!

  72. Allison at #

    ;-S that was supposed to be *heart*, not hole! bonus entry: apache bar?

  73. This would be so great. I have 3 kids 16/8/6 that have only lived in Kansas and have only been on 2 vacations. One to Omaha and one to St. Louis. I run a home daycare and it is hard to get away very far and I wanted to wait until the youngest two were a little older so they could rem. it. This would be a great time for our family to finally get away!!!!

  74. Susan at #

    My kids age 16/8/6 have only been on 2 vacations. One to Omaha and one to St. Louis. I wanted them to be a little older so they would rem. it. I run a home daycare and it is hard to get away. They would love to leave Kansas….this would be great

  75. lora at #

    Would love, love, love this package!

  76. lora at #

    bonus: apache

  77. Would love to win this!! I’m in Louisiana and have only been to San Antonio once.

  78. Apache!

  79. “Liked” you on Facebook

  80. shawna at #

    I would LOVE to take my family to San Antonio! I didn’t realize there is sooo much for kids to do there!

  81. shawna at #

    I think bonus question is Apache…
    thanks for the chance!

  82. Diane at #

    I would love to visit Texas and SeaWorld! 🙂

  83. Diane at #

    The Apache Bar

  84. molly at #

    What awesome prizes!

  85. molly at #

    bonus: Apache

  86. sara at #

    We visit SA sometimes but my husband usually makes us drive home to save money. We’d love to be able to spend the night after spending the day at SeaWorld.

  87. sara at #

    Thank goodness I’m not the 1st respondent, or I would have had to google the answer…..Apache.

  88. Jake at #

    We don’t have plans for a family vacation yet for this summer. SA sounds like a good choice.

  89. Jake at #

    PeeWeeHerman…what a blast from the past. lol. Apache Bar

  90. Chip at #

    When we stay in Texas for vacation, SA is one of our favorite destinations. There is so much to do for everyone. In spite of visiting there numerous times, the only one of the things we’ve done on the list is Fiesta Texas. It would be great to experience the rest.

  91. Chip at #


  92. Shannon at #

    Great prize package … thanks for the opportunity. We could seriously use a “baby moon” … not going to have the time or money to get away after our first is born in November!

  93. Fabby at #

    Our family would LOVE this trip. Hopefully luck is on our side.


  94. Trina C at #

    We have never been to San Antonio before. This would be a fun getaway. My son would love the Wax Museum and Sea World.

  95. Trina C at #

    The Bar in Pee Wees Big Adventure is the Apache.

  96. Amanda K at #

    The name of the bar is Apache

  97. Jeffrey at #

    I would love to take my wife and kids to Sea World!

  98. Jeffrey at #

    The Bar is Apache.

  99. Simone at #

    We live in ATX, but little man has never been to the Alamo, only Sea World, so this would be a nice trip. Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  100. Simone at #

    Its the Apache Bar. TEQUILA! Thanks! thebubbledies(at)gmail(dot)com

  101. Kaci at #

    SeaWorld is the only thing on the list that we’ve seen.

  102. Kaci at #


  103. Thomas at #

    I think Ripley’s & Louis Toussard’s would both be interesting.

  104. Thomas at #

    apache. tequila!

  105. Sammy at #

    We live in Texas & have visited SA on several occasions. We enjoyed the Riverwalk & downtown area but only saw the attractions listed from the street. My daughter really wanted to visit Ripley’s Haunted Adventure but we thought she was too young & it would be too scary. Ripley’s Believe It or Not would be a good substitute & she just might be old enough now for the Haunted Adventure.

  106. Sammy at #

    bonus: apache

  107. Patsy at #


  108. Patsy at #

    bonus: apache

  109. Reba at #

    Tex mex & salsa at Casa Rio would be worth a trip by itself. The rest is just bonus. 🙂

  110. Reba at #


  111. MJ at #

    What a fun-filled vacation this would be. Love it!

  112. MJ at #

    bonus entry: apache

  113. Kyla at #

    We’re close enough for a drive. Sounds like fun!

  114. Kyla at #


  115. Carly at #

    I’ve heard great things about the Crockett Hotel. Have only been to SeaWorld once, quite a few years ago. This would be a good excuse to go again.

  116. Carly at #


  117. Josie at #

    I love SA! We weren’t planning to take a vacation this summer to save money, so this prize would be great. We’re close enough that we could drive.

  118. Josie at #

    Just thinking of the bonus cracks me up. Apache….tequila.

  119. Jo at #

    We were at Sea World in Florida the summer the original Baby Shamu was born. Would love to go to Sea World again.

  120. Jo at #