Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Sleeping

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Sleep is good 🙂

Concerned about your baby’s sleep routine and naps while traveling? We’ve got all sorts of tricks and advice to share for keeping baby’s sleep patterns intact while traveling, but this list is really all about quick go-to baby travel tips – and the more, the better.

Do you have some advice to add? Please share in the comments below!

Baby Travel Tips – Sleeping…

●Make up baby’s travel crib with sheets and bedding from home. The familiar scent and feel will help encourage sleep.

●Don’t begrudge the baby’s naps. A rest is good for all of you, so plan around them.

●Room upgrades are worth the splurge – there is more space for baby’s gear and a nice view for you during naps and for early bedtimes.

●Going on a short trip but there is still a time change? Consider staying on home time instead of switching to local.

●Thinking of sedating your baby or toddler with Benadryl or Gravol before travel? Consult with your doctor. Some medications can have the opposite effect – making kids hyper instead of sleepy.

●If your tots sleep the majority of a road trip, be prepared for them to be awake A LOT when you get there. Consider hanging out in the back seat to help keep them stay awake.

●For early morning flights, put baby to bed in their travel outfit, that way you can put them right in their car seat when you’re ready to leave for the airport.

●For night flights, pack baby’s pyjamas. Get ready for sleep on the plane by following your bedtime routine at home as closely as you can – story, cuddle, etc.

●For early morning flights, consider spending the night before at an airport hotel. A few extra hours of sleep are priceless, plus most usually offer free parking and airport shuttle included in their overnight rate.

●With big time changes and jet lag, try to stick to your usual routines and times. You will endure a sleepy and cranky day or two but soon you’ll be on track.


12 Responses to Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Sleeping

  1. Carol J. at #

    Thanks for sharing these tips. They are very helpful, especially how to dress your baby for morning and night flights and how to keep your time zone as much as possible. I would not have thought about that but it will definitely make the trip a lot easier.

  2. Excellent tips!

  3. Katie at #

    We always stay on our time for short time changes, except Hawaii we’ll adjust a little. Overseas is easy if you have a kid like mine who doesn’t sleep on planes. We book flights that land at night so we order room service, shower and go to bed. No jet lag!

  4. Allison at #

    Great tips! When my children were young, we tried to arrive at our hotel well before bedtime. Give the kids to explore and settle down before trying to put them to bed.

  5. Gunnur at #

    Great tips !

  6. Great post and very good information to read this one..

  7. We have a wee little one and are planning a trip to Costa Rica soon. I’ll be relying heavily on your blog for tips – and will share some of my own (if I have any fresh ones) on my blog when we come home! 🙂

    • Corinne at #

      Have a great trip, Marti – can’t wait to read about it!

  8. Great! Your blog will help me a lot. Thanks for sharing these tips. especially the familiar scent and feel will help encourage sleep.

  9. Hi Corinne! i am really enjoying your site! i have just begun travelling around with our son, five months old at the time, what an adventure! I’ll definitely be coming back to your site for tips and tricks. Just started my own travelling with baby blog as well, so yours is very inspiring!
    Look forward to connecting!

    • Corinne at #

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Best of luck with your blog!

  10. Sleeper-Man at #

    Yeah, jetlags are a pain as they are but when you’re travelling with a baby… (shudder)

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