Thinking Of The Hawaiian Islands With Kids

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Hawaiian Sunset – Looks Like Paradise

Growing up in Toronto, my beach vacations growing up were usually Florida and The Caribbean. In terms of family travel, from the East Coast there are lots of (mostly direct) flights that are reasonable in length. My husband is from the West, so his beach vacations as a child were usually to California and Hawaii. But now that there are so many flights from where we’re situated, the idea of going there is starting to register – especially since I keep hearing people who’ve been describe it. I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth figuring out what I’m missing!

With eight Hawaiian Islands – but six that you can actually visit – I think I might have a difficult time choosing exactly which island I’d like to visit, so I’d likely want to island hop. In reading the Hawaii trip reports sent in from traveling families, I like that there is such a wide range of accommodation options, and the fact that there is no concern for water safety or adequate medical care. Each island seems to have its own personality, so it’s great that you can have a mix of a more urban atmosphere and city amenities with breathtaking nature and beautiful beaches.

Hawaii Beach, Hawaiian Islands

My kinda nature…

I would love to learn more about Hawaii, and share more stories of traveling there with babies, toddlers, and young children – have you been?

What are your favourite islands? Do you prefer to rent a condo or stay in a hotel? Is it easy to get around with a baby in tow? Please share your experiences and send me an email.

Now I’m motivated to update my Hawaii Trip Reports the same way I have with Cuba and Mexico!


Many thanks to Flight Centre for inspiring this post…


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6 Responses to Thinking Of The Hawaiian Islands With Kids

  1. I would absolutely recommend Kauai as THE island to visit with children. It is smaller and less commercialized than some of the other islands and has a great small town feel. There is one two-lane road that goes around most of the island and anything you want to see is easily accessible.

    We spent a week on Poipu Beach in a condo-like hotel, Mariott’s Waiohai Beach Club. It was literally steps from an amazing and very kid-friendly beach, with a protected cove for wading and snorkeling. The 2 bedroom suite had a full kitchen for easily preparing meals, and there were cribs available. See the view from our balcony here: Our friends enjoy staying in a condo in Kapa’a.

    Some of the activities we enjoyed on Kauai: frequenting the farmer’s market for fresh pineapple and other fruits and veggies, eating delicious “shave ice” at stands all over the island, visiting a number of great beaches for snorkeling and spotting seals and sea turtles up close, taking a trip to a coffee plantation for a tour and tasting of many varieties of coffee, and… I could go on and on about our visit. Feel free to email me if you want more ideas for kid-friendly activities! theparticulartraveler (at) gmail dot com.

  2. Sandra at #

    My husband has been to Hawaii a zillion times since he was four and we now take our six year old. I do know Kauai and really know Oahu well. Lots of high/low – great accommodation, food, beaches and things to do. You have the big city (Honolulu) but within mere minutes, you are in small towns to the east and the north.

    There is NOTHING like Hawaii – once you’ve experienced it, it’ll be difficult to go back to your standard all inclusive. It’s not just a resort, it’s a culture.

    Lemme know what details you’d like!

  3. smyke at #

    Love, love the Hawaiian Islands. Went several times when I was younger and single and have now been to Maui and Oahu with my husband and 2 little ones.

    Maui was fabulous with my 1 year old. Not as busy and commercialized in our opinion. Loved the beaches, Lahaina, and an absolute must is the road to Hana. We stayed in a condo complex that was right across from the beach.

    Oahu was our last trip and stayed in Kailua a rental house found on VRBO. We find the condo/house rentals a better option with the kids so that they are less constricted for the times that you are in the ‘house’. Easier to make kid friendly meals in the rental instead of eating out for every meal as well.

    We can’t wait to go back for our next sun, sand and palm tree vacation…I have been in love with Hawaii for years and could happily leave Alberta and move there tomorrow!!! It’s AMAZING!

  4. Mom2Boys at #

    I have a baby and toddler and have been to Maui, Kauai, Oahu, and the Big Island. Loved them all, but you have to decide what type of vacation you want. I would try to focus on one or at the most two islands in one trip. If you enjoy exploring nature and being more outdoorsy, you simply can’t beat Kauai. If you want a mix of nature and activities, Maui is fantastic for the aquarium, shopping, etc. If, however, you want an amazing resort experience while taking a few long drives to explore unique sights (volcanoes, black sand beaches), the Big Island’s Hilton Waikoloa has everything you could want and more. I would skip Oahu unless you are into the history aspect.

    I second the condo rental with kids ( has so many options). Good luck!

  5. Corinne at #

    I am LOVING your responses, thank you so much!

  6. Erica at #

    We loved Maui. Maui was very quiet and the beaches were excellent. The sea turtles were amazing!

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