Is Beaches Turks & Caicos Worth the Money?

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Spectacular, but worth the splurge?

I’m cheap.

There, I said it. When it comes to travel, I totally agonize over and completely over-analyze plane fares, package prices, taxes, and fees. If I find out someone paid less for the same trip as me, I’m irked. So had I not been invited to visit Beaches Turks and Caicos, I’d probably never know what I was missing.

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A Bit About Beaches Resorts…

Of course I’d heard about the Beaches Resorts brand, they were supposedly the be-all and end-all of family travel brands. Beaches Resorts tout themselves as “The Luxury Included Family Vacation, and claim they are unparalleled when it comes to services and amenities for all guests, especially families. Those big claims made me skeptical. And I was happy to be proven wrong. Simply put, I thought Beaches could never live up to the hype, and – in my opinion – they surpassed it.

A Bit About Beaches Turks and Caicos…

Our family suite in the year-old Italian Village, was pretty awesome. The family suites are spacious and well-appointed, and can connect to house a family as big as 12 people. All the villages are lovely – the Caribbean being the oldest one – but even the most basic room is more than equipped to fit a family of four and all the related baby travel gear. The nice thing about Beaches is even though the rates vary (incredibly) wildly depending on your room, all guests are welcome to utilize all the amenities. There are no wristbands saying what you do and don’t qualify for; in fact, there’s no wristband at all. (Nice)

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I couldn’t compete with Elmo…

Everything is included at Beaches Turks and Caicos. Everything. From one scuba dive per day to the excellent baby and kids clubs (from newborn on up), from the delicious lattes to the fantastic teppanyaki restaurant (reservations needed), it’s all included. You don’t have to open your wallet at Beaches Resorts unless you want small extras like having your hair braided or a professional family photo. WiFi is FREE!

So, Is Beaches Turks and Caicos Worth the Money?

The resort is spotless. The food was excellent. The people are super-friendly and the beach is spectacular. But the question remains… Is it worth the money?

The answer is, that depends.

Like I said, I’m cheap. And Beaches Turks & Caicos ain’t cheap. A few weeks after my Beaches Resorts press trip, I went to Cuba for a week with my family. The cost for our entire vacation to Cuba would have been the cost for one of us to go to Beaches. But, is it worth it?

Beaches resorts, Beaches Resort & Spa, Turks & Caicos, Beach, Child, Beautiful, beaches turks and caicos

SUCH a beautiful beach…

I met a number of families who go to Beaches Turks & Caicos every year, or were there for their 4th or 6th or 8th visit. And I asked why. The resounding response was that they work hard, and they know exactly what they are getting when they go to Beaches Turks and Caicos. They know every member of their family will have a good time. They know the resort is beautiful and clean. The food is good, and the water and the island is safe. And they can truly relax, because they know everything and everyone is taken care of. And that’s worth something.

Beaches Turks and Caicos spoiled me. Our resort in Cuba was a (Cuban) 3 star in an area that’s still developing tourism-wise. So, I can attribute some of my initial distress to the fact that I was operating on 1 hour’s sleep, but I thought there was no way we could stay there. Our room was small, with decor that was kind of mid-renovation. The grounds were tidy, but a little on the sparse side. There were three restaurants (as opposed to 21 at Beaches Turks). The pool was  a little run down. But what was funny was my daughter couldn’t tell the difference. Obviously there was no storytime with Elmo or baking with Cookie Monster (!), but my daughter was as delighted to be at our dilapidated Cuban retreat as she was at the truly luxurious Beaches Turks.

And that’s when I gave my head a shake and realized the whole point of a family vacation. To relax with your family.

If the unknown or unusual little things stress you out, you can save your money and splurge on a Beaches vacation knowing all will be taken care of . If you’re cheap like me and not terribly fussy, cheap vacations are where it’s at.

Finally, I will say this. If money were no object, I’d go back to Beaches Turks & Caicos in a heartbeat.

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We travelled to Turks & Caicos as guests of Beaches for the purpose of a review. 
All opinions remain my own.

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27 Responses to Is Beaches Turks & Caicos Worth the Money?

  1. Christine Roeske at #

    Sounds like a lovely time!

  2. Shawna at #

    I like this post, because it goes back to the question, who is the vacation for? If it is for your kids, they don’t need all the hype and extras. They need a beach and sand castles. If it is for the parents, then the extras that make Beaches relaxing might be worth it. But I’m with you…save your cash for the next adventure!

  3. Corinne at #

    My kids are pretty happy with a pail & shovel and a beach. When they’re a bit older we’ll probably have to look for places with more amenities… but I hope not!

  4. Excellent review! I can not wait to take my family of four to the Beaches Turks & Caicos. Air prices from Dallas are hard to stomach but one day. *sigh* One Day. Thanks for sharing!

    • Al Shin at #

      Trurhful article! We were at Turks and Caicos a few weeks ago, skipped beaches and stayed at a hotel near the beach. Loved it!!!

  5. It is a great place actually, it is just suitable for anyone. Beach is always fun for a family trip, as kids normally love to play with water and sand along the beach

  6. Grace Bay cradles one of my favorite beaches in the whole world. The water here is so clear and blue its just breathtaking. I cant wait to get back down here this summer and complete my Scuba Certification – world class diving here (and its free!!)

    Another nice thing about Providenciales, is the locals have not adopted much of a beach-selling attitude. So you don’t get people trying to sell you every little thing all the time.

    In fact, at times you will be the only one on the beach if you walk left or right. Uninterrupted beach therapy at it’s finest.

    Yes, it is a little more pricey, but when you book strictly on price its hard to remember the money you saved, but you certainly never forget the unpleasant experience. The staff here goes above and beyond to make the vacation something you will never forget. Imagine having your child tucked in at night by Elmo!!

    We recommend booking your trip early for the following year. Per adult, the deposit is $200.00. Lock in your room and work on the air when it becomes available. The reason this strategy works is because you lock in at current year rates and assure yourself a room. This place is growing in popularity and we have been seeing the resort sell out in traditionally low occupancy time periods. You might also want to consider using a Certified Sandals / Beaches Specialist if you want to arrange reservations at Kimonos or other excursions ahead of time. Tanya, the Senior Sales Manager in the sales office at the resort is awesome and takes care of the guests so well – we just love her!!

    Just be warned – take your kids here and it will be the place all other resorts are judged by. You might wind up hearing “When are we going back to Beaches”.

  7. Sonja at #

    Ahhh . . . looks and sounds fabulous. I’d go anytime.

    • Corinne at #

      It totally was, Sonja. I’m aching to go back!

  8. Sonja at #

    My husband and I have been to beaches Turks and Caicos years ago, and we were so excited to go again last year with our then 3 year old daughter and she LOVED it. We had taken her to the DR the year previous and after turks to the DR again (different properties). Yes she loved all of them, but honestly, the only one she spoke about, was beaches Turks. They know what they are doing when it comes to relaxation and fun for the whole family. We are going back again this January and everyday she asks when she is going to see Elmo. So as much as I agree it’s what you do as a family on a family vacation – beaches turks and caicos makes it easy on the parents to make the vacations the best and I feel it is worth every dollar, the memories we have will last forever. My daughter dancing with Abby Cadabby is a video that I can watch a 1,000 times, and I think I have.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks so much for sharing, Sonja – totally agree that Beaches knows what they are doing when it comes to looking after the whole family!

      • Chris at #

        I am in Turks right now .. In Cuba last May Jamaica in June & Aug . Difference hmm well 3 days I can say people in Cuba are more friendly vs TC but Jamaica wins hands down. Food is best in Jamaica. Turks nothing special. I live in Toronto and the food there is far better than Turks. The one thing Turks does have is seafood 🙂 Cuba has a lot as well but not nearly as much. Turks – very quiet nIght life. Cuba is better vs Turks in this aspect but Jamaica is king ..Turks casino…pass. trust me. safety wise Turks Cuba then Jamaica. TC .- good place to come to retire can be boring.

  9. Debi at #

    The resort is great, food wonderful,but many of the male staff would hit on women they suspect may fall for them. There was a latin/Hispanic one from the dive boat that would not let up. I did not go on vacation to be picked up. I did not want to complain while I was on property. I can’t give you a greencard already.

    • Jessica at #

      If you are looking for a cheaper alternative, go to Beaches Negril Jamaica. My family and I have been there and everyone has enjoyed themselves. My kids are now 11 and 13 and have been to Beaches Negril four times! This year we are going to Beaches TC for the first time. As a family we can’t say enough good things about the service, food and entertainment at Beaches. We absolutely love it! Just stay on the property while in Jamaica and only do excursions off the property through the resort, if you are concerned about safety. We have never had any bad experiences during our stay in Negril Beaches.

  10. Charles at #

    It looks nice, but the prices are outrageous. I’d have to take a 2nd mortgage out on my house to pay for a trip there. It is great for the folks that don’t mind spending $10K on a week vacation for 4 people, but for the rest of us, it just doesn’t work. The only way I’d go here was if I won the lottery.

  11. Giorgio Stillitano at #

    Stopped reading after you compared to 3 star Cuban hotel. What do you expect going to a 3 star Cuban hotel?? Always 4.5 and up! Some exceptional 4s are fine too. Ive been to Cuba 6 times and always LOVED my stay

    • Corinne at #

      Giorgio, we LOVE Cuba and just returned from our 7th visit. My point here being (which I obviously wasn’t clear with) that people have Beaches expectations when booking a 3* Cuban resort, and to be more realistic when booking their vacations. With that said, our most recent Cuban vacation was our first at a 4* and it was fabulous!

      • Joe at #

        Can you recommend another carribian resort or island that would be a 2nd choice if beaches TC was not affordable?

        • Corinne at #

          Turks & Caicos is a pretty expensive island. You can find great and more affordable options on Dominican Republic or Jamaica, and especially Cuba if you’re able to travel there.

  12. I always love reading about your lifestyle, Corinne. Keep the great posts coming!

  13. Going to the beach is always one of the best family experiences. It’s one kids will always treasure even if they are already grownups.

  14. Mary at #

    Is the beaches T&C a good resort to go to with a 7 month old?

    • Corinne at #

      Probably the BEST resort for a vacation with a 7-month-old!


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