Have Baby Will Travel on Playhouse Disney Channel

Playhouse Disney Channel Cinderella Garden

Meeting Cinderella In The Rose Garden

I felt (and feel!) incredibly fortunate to have been chosen by Walt Disney Parks & Resorts Canada and Playhouse Disney Channel to visit Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida. We learned about the trip in November and travelled in January. It’s been very difficult keeping my mouth shut about the details!

You can watch the first installment of our trip here…

We decided to tell Megan about our Disney trip on her fifth birthday in December. It was a month before we were due to leave, but there was that little event called Christmas in the middle to help break up the wait. I wrapped the Disney Vacation Planning DVD thinking that she’d understand immediately what it meant when she opened it.  Not quite! It took a little bit of explaining, but Megan’s a pretty quick study and the look of sheer surprise on her face was worth the extra effort. At 21-months-old, Bub didn’t really grasp the reason for the excitement, but definitely understood that there was reason to celebrate!

Playhouse Disney Channel Epcot Stroller

Bub "Helping" With His Stroller At Epcot

Megan was still only two when we first visited WDW, but she remembers a surprising amount! On that trip I believe we went on “It’s A Small World” five times, with Megan reluctantly exiting the boat each time. On this trip she had the routine down pat – right down to waving at the ride operator as the ride gets started.  For some reason, I get all choked up when I first hear the song and see the puppets. Last time I could blame the hormones of being pregnant with Bub, but this time around the tears almost started again!

Playhouse Disney Channel Stitch

Bub Meets Stitch, And Likes Him!

I was curious to see Bub’s reaction to the characters, as sometimes they can be intimidating to little ones. True to form, he was very excited to see everyone – even though he had not yet been introduced to many of them. He seemed most enamoured with Cinderella, and tried to plant one on her in the Rose Garden! Chip & Dale appeared to be particular favourites, and he was not happy when our turn with them was over. I loved that we were able to go on so many rides together as a family, as Bub always wants to do everything his big sister does. At Disney World they also have baby care centres in each park for a clean and quiet place to feed and change baby.

As a child I visited Walt Disney World a few times with my family, and though Magic Kingdom has had nightly fireworks since it opened in 1976, we would never stay to watch them. Last time we made the effort to stay for one late night, and it was so worth it. This trip we were able to watch the fireworks every night, as we could see them from our hotel room at The Polynesian! But nothing compares to seeing Tinkerbell light the fuse at Cinderella’s Castle, and staying for the show. It truly is a magical way to wrap up your day.

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    This post makes me want to go back! Such a wonderful place for families to vacation.

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