Baby Travel Gear Essentials

Baby-Travel-Gear, baby travel gearNo matter where you’re going or where you’re staying, you need to focus on four main aspects of travel with a baby–Eating, Sleeping, Playing, and Getting Around.

This list of baby travel gear essentials will help you keep baby safe and comfortable no matter your trip.

Baby Travel Gear – Eating

baby travel gear, wipeable bibA wipeable bib is a must for feeding baby on the go. This way, baby keeps (mostly) clean, and all you have to do is wipe and fold back into the diaper bag.

baby travel gear, chair harness, travel high chairNot every restaurant will have a high chair, and sometimes you might just want to feed baby in your room. To keep baby safe for mealtimes (and off your lap) this chair harness adapts to most any style of chair, and folds down into a little travel case not much bigger than an iPhone.

baby travel gear, insulated bagWhen you’re on the go, it helps to know baby’s food and/or drinks are being kept cool in a well-insulated bag. That this insulated lunch bag is super cute is a total bonus 🙂

Baby Travel Gear – Sleeping

baby travel gear, baby travel bedHotel cribs are not always reliable and, if you’re staying with family, that 20-year-old crib storing paint cans in the garage may no longer be up to today’s safety standards. This baby travel bed by Baby Bjorn is probably the easiest one to set up.

baby travel gear, toddler travel bedIf baby’s outgrown their travel cot but are not quite ready for a twin (or you want to keep them out of your bed) this inflatable toddler travel bed for kids aged two and up is made from phthalates-safe, BPA-safe, and lead-safe PVC and uses standard-size crib sheets.

baby travel gear, travel bed railsSo they’re still at the falling-out-of-bed stage and a pillow or extra blanket rolled under the sheet beside them isn’t doing the trick? These inflatable travel bed rails will keep them safe and snug in that twin bed and don’t take up much room in your luggage. Plus, they’re made of the same phthalates-safe, BPA-safe, and lead-safe PVC as the inflateable bed. Win win!

Baby Travel Gear – Playing

baby travel gear, ipadRemember way back when, when your carry-on bag was full of books, a dvd player and dvds, games, puzzles, and so on, and so on? Now you can just bring this. Of course you can always let baby play with your iPad, but why not treat yourself to a new one and save the old one for the kids?

baby travel gear, ipad caseSo here’s the thing with toddlers and iPads, they can break. Easily. That’s why it’s worth splurging on a super-duper indestructible iPad case, so not even baby’s mucky fingers can wreck it 🙂

baby travel gear, baby headphonesSo thanks to the iPad our carry-on luggage is much lighter. But that doesn’t mean we want to listen to Dora all the livelong day (or flight). These adorable baby headphones will keep the noise to a minimum, and the volume-limiting controls will keep baby’s ears safe. Plus, they’re pretty cute!

Baby Travel Gear – Getting Around

baby travel gear, travel car seatSo you spent the bomb on a car seat that weighs close to 80lbs and took all day to install. Think you want to travel with that? Nope. For travel, this car seat is less than 10lbs, and the ease of transport and use means you’re more likely to bring it and use it. It’s worth the effort.

baby travel gear, car seat travel bagIf you’re not buying baby a seat on the plane, please don’t check your car seat as luggage. This car seat travel bag has wheels to roll through the airport, and is padded to help protect it when gate checking. Most airlines will let you gate check a car seat at no cost. It’s worth the effort.

baby travel gear, good travel stroller, travel strollerThe ideal travel stroller is lightweight, easy to fold, easy to push, and is comfortable for baby to ride and sleep in. The Baby Jogger City Mini totally fits the bill, and the GT version has all-terrain wheels that will sail over cobblestones and uneven pavement. Yup, I definitely have stroller envy.

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  1. Lucy at #

    the link to the car seat doesn’t work, please can you repost?

    • Corinne at #

      Sorry about that, Lucy! Does this one work? Cosco Scenera

      • Lucy at #

        Hi Corinne no it goes to Amazon but says the web page is not a functioning web page….not to worry I can google the name of the seat.

  2. Interesting, the baby travel bed looks like a great idea!

  3. Allison at #

    Did they have all this innovative stuff when my kids were babies? The porta-crib is an essential for road trips. iPad cases are great for kids of all ages.

  4. Great tips. Thank you for this sharing.

  5. Nicole at #

    Great tips. Especially the baby bed as a lot of hotels don’t have proper baby beds anymore. Thanks!

  6. Jordan at #

    I am loving this! I adore the little bee backpack – so cute! Thanks for sharing this great travelling gear.

  7. Randell at #

    Traveling with kids, especially a baby, is a big challenge for most parents. Make sure you create a list of what you need to bring for your kids and make sure you use that checklist when packing for the trip. It will also be great if you can book a hotel known for great customer service. Believe me, a good hotel such as this jackson hole mountain resort were staying at now saves you from a ton of headache when traveling with the whole family.

  8. Helpful, gonna follow these rules next time before traveling with my kids.

  9. Seline at #

    Wow! for a first time mother this is really a good and helpful information. Now i know what to carry for my vacation in order to keep my baby comfortable.

  10. Kathryn at #

    Very interesting and creative stuffs and helpful for the moms who have kids under 1.5 years willing to travel.

  11. Tips very helpful for me. I don’t think anytime this way.

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  12. Rosa at #

    Traveling with a baby really taught. I think every mom agree with me especially for the new mom. Baby travel gear really essential for mom. I have to travel with my baby most of the times. I am searing best one for my baby. Thanks for sharing best baby travel gear. It’s really helped me a lot. I recommend every mom to use it to make traveling easy and comfortable with the baby.

  13. Great list!

  14. Hello, this is such a nice and informative blog for all parents. It becomes really difficult when you are going to travel with your kids. These are beneficial guidelines which are useful for parents.

  15. Your tips and suggestions are totally unique and amazing. I really like your blogs and your content. Its always helpful.


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