Miami with Kids and Babies…

miami with kids, miami with babies
Miami Beach, Florida

I adore Miami, but my visits there have been of a decidedly non-family travel nature.

The first time was (ahem) years ago, in my former life as a music TV producer. We interviewed the Bee Gees in their South Beach studio, and I feel incredibly fortunate to have met these musical heroes of mine. Now both Robin and Maurice are gone… only Barry is left. What struck me about that trip was how bustling Miami is, and also how unlike it is from the other parts of Florida I’ve visited.

And then I traipsed down to Miami for a quick stop at one of the great Miami boutique hotels that South Beach is famous for. Soho Beach House (sigh!) Again, not exactly a family getaway. However, Soho Beach House is totally welcoming of children. I just happened to be doing that trip (sadly) solo.

And like most trips I take where my kids are not with me, I spend a great deal of my time missing them. Then I take notes on what they’d like to see and do *when* I take them there. Miami is no exception. I love it!

Where to stay: Miami with Kids…

Miami Beach would be my pick for a home base in Miami. While South Beach proper runs only a few blocks at the southernmost tip, Miami Beach extends for many many blocks. Too many for me to walk entirely in both directions… however there’s convenient bus service that runs straight up and down Collins Avenue.

It also could not be easier to get to Miami Beach from Miami International Airport. I considered a cab (around $40 with tip) but ended up taking the Miami Beach Airport Express Flyer (Route 150) that runs every 30 minutes from MIA to Miami Beach/South Beach. The transfers to and from the airport were by far the easiest and least expensive airport commutes I’ve done. One-way fare is $2.25 (exact change, please!) Even if you choose to stay further North, it’s so easy to access South Beach and use those hotel savings for the Mall of the Americas 😉

Miami is very diverse, and so are your options for lodging. In Miami, you’re spoiled for choice between enormous resorts and independent condo rentals, and every conceivable option in between, with many decent rooms for under $200.00/night.

Some great hotels in Miami for families with little ones include:

Where to Eat – Miami with Kids…

The Cuban culture is hopping in Miami, and the warm Latin flavour infuses most local food. Now this is the USA, so of course there are your usual suspects of fast food, as well as dependable chain restaurants.

There’s a Whole Foods in South Beach, as well as three Publix locations. There are also a number of local markets selling fresh produce and groceries.

My absolute favourite was David’s Cafe in South Beach. Sadly it closed in 2020. I enjoyed a fantastic, traditional Cuban sandwich and cafe con leche while watching Telenovelas with the staff. It was awesome. News Cafe has a great vibe and Il Pastaiolo is an adorable Italian restaurant with delicious, classic food.

Miami with kids, miami with babies
Lifeguard huts on Miami Beach

What to Do – Miami with Kids…

The Beach! Different areas of the beach are better than others for little ones, but Miami Beach, be it North or South, is awesome. The stretch in front of the Soho Beach House is pretty incredible, especially if you’re lucky enough to be staying there. A stroll along the Miami Beach Boardwalk, that stretches for four miles from end to end, allows little ones to trot around relatively safely while you stroll along.

However, if you can tear yourselves away from the sand and the sea, there are a couple of places that caught my eye, pretty conveniently located in between Miami and South Beach.

Miami Children’s Museum

One of the largest children’s museums in the United States, the Miami Children’s Museum, affectionately known as MiChiMu, is over 50,000 square feet of interactive and bilingual exhibits aimed at kids up to 8 years of age (and their families, of course!) MiChiMu is open daily, and general admission is $24 (Florida residents are $16 and children under 12 months are free).

Jungle Island

The original Parrot Island was one of the first tourist attractions in the Miami area. Now the 22 artificial fertilizer-and-pesticide-free acres is home to a variety of animals and birds. Its biggest (literally) draw is Hercules, a 900-pound liger — that is a cross between a lion and a tiger — who is the world’s largest cat. Children 10 and up and adults are $29.95 and admission for children from 3-9yrs are $16.95. Toddlers 2 and under are free. Stroller rentals are available. Jungle Island is open daily throughout the year.

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    I’ve never been to Miami! I know, hard to believe. But when I do go, I will probably bring my kids, so thanks for the tips!

  4. As a Floridian, I consider Miami a must-see destination. Great itinerary!

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    Check out for all your stroller, car seats and baby needs while traveling to the south florida areas.

  6. These are really amazing tips for all the travelers who want to travel Miami with there kids.I am going to plan my next trip to Miami with triphobo soon with all my little cousins and family so this would be a cool and helpful post for me.Thanks for sharing.


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