Voltage Issues When Traveling With A Breast Pump

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Got Proper Voltage?

When I’m not making my own, I love to hear about other people’s travel plans.  And if you’re planning your first trip with baby, then you’re bound to have a question or ten.  I’m happy to answer as many as I can!

Recently I received an email from Samantha, who is exclusively pumping for her 6-month-old son.  That is a full-time job in itself, so Samantha definitely deserves to get away! She wrote to me regarding traveling with (and using) her breast pump…

I am looking at going to Varadero, and currently I pump and bottle feed. I want to bring the pump with me and continue but wondering about getting a converter for the power outlet because I can’t afford to fry my breast pump. I bought one 2 years ago but it didn’t work when I got down there..which would be disastrous! Just wondering if you have bought one and if so from where?

AND do you think it’s doable to pump and bottle feed with a 6 month old on vacation (my husband is coming as well LOL).

Firstly, kudos to you, Samantha, for pumping for as much and for as long as you have! Your best bet would be to get in touch with the resort directly with regard to power. One place we stayed advertised that they only had the 220v but when we got there our room actually had both. Not to mention, the plugs can be/are a different shape…

My husband bought our converter at an electronics surplus store downtown for around $20. It’s an RCA Foreign Voltage Adapter Kit (AH260R) (AH260R) and it worked fine for us on our last trip to Cuba. Once you’re there, test the adapter you end up getting on a less precious electric item to make sure it works.

If you can pump and bottle feed at home, you most  certainly can pump and bottle feed on vacation. Make sure to eat well and keep properly hydrated – but don’t deny yourself the odd pina colada – you deserve it!

Just a couple more notes… at 6 months you may be thinking about starting cereal and solids. On vacation is not the time to try new things, but if you’ve started on a cereal it’s fine to bring along a box or two for your trip. Make sure it’s the kind you can mix with water and that the bottled water you use has little/no sodium in it.

Don’t forget to pack your bottle brush and a small bottle of dish soap!

As for your second question, your husband will get to see just how much you actually have to do when you’re home looking after a baby!

Take care & Happy Travels!!

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2 Responses to Voltage Issues When Traveling With A Breast Pump

  1. Meg at #

    I had to buy a bigger suitcase, but brought my pump along on our travels for the first year. As I remember the Medela pump transformers may be OK with multiple voltage so all you need is an adapter rather than converter. Check in the instructions.
    In addition to the bottle brushes, I would bring your own dish soap as well. It doubles as laundry detergent, will save a trip to the market, and you will know your baby won’t react to it.

  2. Corinne at #

    Great point Meg! Our camera battery charger is compatible with different voltages, it never occured to me that the pump might be also.

    Mine is an Ameda and we only brought it to Florida with us so voltage wasn’t an issue.