Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Playing

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A few sand toys = priceless

Our collection of baby travel tips and advice is based on first-hand experiences of helping a baby or toddler play while away. Keeping them busy and engaged while traveling (whether you’re en route or enjoying new places) is essential. So whether you prefer to keep it low-tech, or appreciate the tablet for the miracle that it is, our collection of tips and advice is by parents, for parents! 

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Baby Travel Tips – Playing…

● Hide a few toys and books before your trip. Your baby or toddler will be happy to see old favourites while en route.

● Wrap the toys you’re bringing along. This means extra fun for baby and extra time with each toy.

● Bring along a large sheet or blanket if headed to the beach. You can spread in the shade for sand-free play or a nap.

● Traveling may be the time to bust out the phone or fancy watch and let baby finally play with it. Supervise closely!

● New toys for the trip needn’t be expensive. Dollar stores are great for small trinkets and it’s no tragedy if toys are lost or broken.

● If there’s a dearth of play areas in the airport, the movator can be your best friend. Be sure to hold their hands or stay within arms’ reach!

● Learn about your destination and connect with the culture by chatting with local parents at a playground. Thanks to Google Maps, you can easily find a park near you, wherever you are!

● Consider your child’s temperament before boarding the plane. Hard to calm down? Stick to quiet activities at gate until the last minute. Easily distractible? Take advantage of any airline pre-boarding options for families.

Put crayons in a clear make-up bag for travel. You can see all the colours easily and there’s no awkward cramming back in box.

● Whatever you do, don’t forget the charger. (Or spare batteries.)

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5 Responses to Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Playing

  1. Hey Corinne, I visited first time on your nice blog to see some tips about baby travels. I have two baby & I travel with both, wherever I go. Now I’ll follow your all step that which will help too much safe to our baby. Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Holly at #

    Ahh great tips for getting out and about with baby. I love the tip about the sheet. It is so tempting to take too many toys when travelling with baby I guess. One tip Ive found is that hotels always have something that can be used in the bath to fill up with water and tip out – no need to take bath toys.

  3. I’d say let the baby play with the smartphone before the fancy watch 🙂
    Great tips as always!

  4. Great tips! I don’t have kids, but I like the idea of wrapping the toys too add another activity–that’s a great idea! We always bring a sheet to the beach as well–it’s nice to have a big space to rest!

  5. Amelia at #

    What a great, helpful article! I know many families who can benefit from this on their travels! We will be sure to share it with our vacation rental customers! Thanks!

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