Have Baby Will Travel Readers’ Top 5 Dream Destinations…

When picking destinations for your family travel, there are always those places that seem inaccessible. Not because they’re physically inaccessible, but because there seem to be hurdles in place that would make it tough to travel there – be it distance or expense.

Have Baby Will Travel’s readers sent in their dream destinations, and the top 5 is a very diverse list of places. If it’s truly your dream to go somewhere with your family, make it happen. If money’s the issue, start saving now. If it’s time or distance, start planning now. The experience of traveling with your kids is so worth the effort.

jamaica travel, jamaican countryside

Jamaica - More Than Just Beaches

5.   Jamaica…
Beautiful beaches, lush countryside, great coffee and even better rum – Jamaica is a great choice for a family getaway. There are numerous accommodation options – from private villas to family-centred all-inclusive resorts, it’s malaria-free, and there are no language barriers. Jamaica would also be an easy option if it’s your first trip with your tot. A bonus? You’re much less likely to be hassled for ‘herb’ if you’ve got your kids in tow.

4.   Visit Extended Family Overseas…
This dream came up so frequently but for different destinations – and it is a dream of mine as well. For me, it’s Scotland and England, but the Have Baby Will Travel readers are an international bunch, with family in Poland, Bolivia, South Africa, Japan, Czech Republic, France, Pakistan, The Philippines, Holland, Spain, Chile & Croatia! I get why a trip of this nature seems daunting – visiting family often means staying with them and you’re not always sure of the facilities. Add in multiple locations with different family members PLUS the extra time you’d want to spend there and a trip ‘home’ is more of a big deal and probably not an annual event.

italy with kids, family travel italy, italy loves families

Italy Loves Families

3.   Italy…
While there’s no shortage of adult enjoyment to be had there, Italy is a wonderful place to bring your kids – the top reason being that Italians absolutely love children. Art, architecture, history & nature – not to mention the ultimate toddler-friendly food – Italy is well worth a visit with your family in tow!

2.   Australia…
To us North Americans, visiting Australia seems so daunting due to the task of getting there. And since traveling Down Under would take so long, you’d want to extend your stay to make the most of your journey. Once you’re there though, Australia’s possibilities seem endless – both underwater and on dry land.

disney fireworks, disney wishes, cinderella's castle fireworks

"Wishes" Fireworks Over Cinderella's Castle

1.   Walt Disney World…
By a landslide, Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida is Have Baby Will Travel readers’ #1 destination! I have to admit, this really surprised me – or it would have had we not gone just a few months ago. Growing up, I thought Walt Disney World was just another theme park (and I guess I was spoiled since we went a number of times!) On this trip I realized that to fully experience all that WDW has to offer, you need to really plan ahead AND that the costs can really add up. If a trip to The Mouse with the kids is truly your dream, my suggestion is to book with a Disney specialist, who can find ways to save you money, and plan your itinerary so you don’t miss out on anything. Believe it or not, Walt Disney World can be done on a budget!

Wherever your dream destination happens to be, you can bet it will be that much more special once you see it through the eyes of your child!

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3 Responses to Have Baby Will Travel Readers’ Top 5 Dream Destinations…

  1. We are spoiled by living in Florida as well. Disney World is just another vacation spot for us and we took it for grant. But lovely list of top destination.

    I also want to let you know that I gave you ‘One Lovely Blog Award’


    Thank you for such a great tips for family travel with baby!

  2. Cristina at #

    Looks like a lot of the moms are alike in choosing their dream family destinations. I’ve done quite some research and I’ve found that these destinations can be made available through 
Little Nomads. They give great tips on travel with a family and finding the perfect destination, including in these places mentioned.

  3. I like the post so much Because am thinking of family vacation to travel overseas but Don’t decided the destination because i don’t have idea where should i travel with my wife and my daughter (she in only 9 months.). But from your article i get good information about the tourist places where i travel with my sweet daughter.I am very grateful to you for this post.I decided to travel Italy with my Family.