Ville de Québec avec un bébé (Québec City With Baby)

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A Doorstep In Vieux Quebec

With every trip we take with our daughter, I get less and less concerned about how she’ll handle the journey, and how to keep her occupied en route.  This was trip number 6 for her, and at 3.5-years-old, she’s a great little traveler.  Because I was a big chicken (and thankfully I was because that inspired this site), her first trip was at 11mos.  Our little bub made us a family of four, and now at 4mos has 2 trips under his (elasticized) belt – with many more to come!

Why Quebec City?  Well lots of reasons really.  I haven’t seen much of this beautiful country of mine… at just over 2mos. postpartum, I wasn’t terribly eager to hit a beach… and I’ve been totally jonesing for Europe, but that’s just not in the cards right now… I’ve always heard that Quebec City is a little slice of Paris here in Canada, and now I know it’s true.

One thing that struck me was how lush and green everything is. The rolling green hills of the Plains of Abraham demand to be frolicked on, and the centrepiece of the city, the beautiful Chateau Frontenac, sits atop the city like a princess’ crown.Most of our trips have involved sand and sea, not cobblestones and cannons, but our daughter had a wonderful time.

quebec city with a baby, horse and carriage ride, quebec city, quebec city family travel

Bub Enjoys His Horse & Carriage Ride

And the baby?  He just enjoyed the ride…

I WAS a little concerned about how we’d get along with a baby in a stroller when most of the streets were narrow and cobbled and we weren’t bringing our big jogging stroller.  We did bring the carrier, but like his sister, the bub is not happy to be in it for very long.

In spite of the cobbles, Quebec City is quite stroller-friendly.  Even the narrowest streets have some form of sidewalk, and there are always ways around the myriad of staircases.  You’ll definitely get your excercise on some of the hills – but if you absolutely need a break, you can bring your stroller on the Funiculaire so long as it folds.

international breastfeeding symbol, breastfeeding friendly

International Breastfeeding Symbol

It wasn’t that long ago that the typical Quebecois family had 6 or more kids, so it’s no wonder that French Canadians embrace children.  Traveling with a baby so young presents a couple of challenges, but fortunately, feeding him wasn’t one of them.  Since we’re still exclusively breastfeeding, I didn’t have to worry about bottles and formula and sterilizing.  The inclement weather made nursing outside a little uncomfortable at times, but there was nary a stink eye in sight.  In a lot of restaurants, this decal was placed prominently in the window – a welcome sign for those with infants in tow!

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12 Responses to Ville de Québec avec un bébé (Québec City With Baby)

  1. I love the picture of little Riley! Too cute!

  2. jessiev at #

    what a lovely trip! i esp like the international breastfeeding symbol. hadn’t seen that before!

  3. Oh.. You are not a big chicken. 🙂 But thankfully, that you created this site. I wished it will be sooner since now my kids are out of the baby stage. 😉

    I am so bad that I haven’t yet visited our neighbor in Canada yet. But with so many great Canadian bloggers, you guys definitely put your country on my radar.

    The pictures sure look like it can be any European cities.

  4. Corinne at #

    Thanks guys!

    I pretendeded we were in Paris one morning – went to the nearby market for baguette & cheese and had a picnic in our hotel room.

  5. We love Quebec City. The History and the architecture is extremely photo friendly. And contrary to what some people here say the people are very friendly.

    The Doorstep photo is really nice.

  6. I love the breastfeeding sign. Mamas International blog is having a whole theme on that this month. about breastfeeding without feeling embarrassed. You would never find this sign in the States.

  7. Lorraine at #

    This sounds like a colorful and inspiring city. I agree with Tim about the doorstep photo – very nice!

  8. It’s great that your kids can enjoy travelling with you and that the area is so wlcoming to families

  9. Corinne at #

    My husband will be thrilled at all the props for his photo. He was especially proud of that one. (It’s getting difficult for him to focus on his photography when we travel now as we’ve another person to supervise!)

  10. As Tim says, we loved Quebec City. We were there one Canada Day…so there were lots of tourists, buskers and separatist protesters! Like you say, it is a nice little slice of Paris 🙂

  11. Candice at #

    Corinne – Very cute pictures. I love the one of you and your daughter on the street. Thanks for sharing.


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