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Do this more…

Have Baby Will Travel‘s mission is to inspire, motivate, and help families travel with babies, toddlers, and young children. Part of fulfilling that mission is by sharing our travel stories, and other families’ experiences as well. I loved reading about Stacey’s first trip to Puerto Vallarta with her infant daughter, and Keryn’s road trip in Eastern Europe. And while I might not be able to manage a month in Cuba with my family, reading about another family’s adventure inspires me to plan our next trip regardless – and I hope it does the same for you too.

I’ve always found there are three barriers to travelling more – time, money, and logistics. There is never enough of the first two, and always too many of the third! I find ways of stretching our vacation time by planning more mini-breaks and using statutory holidays to pad out our time off. And to save money, I always look to using reward points wherever possible. I’ve been an AIR MILES Reward Program card holder since the program’s launch here in Canada in 1992. I used my AIR MILES reward miles for a long weekend in New York City not too long ago and couldn’t believe how fast I collected the 1,150 miles to get me there. It takes so few points to redeem for these great short haul fights, and  I just checked my balance and discovered I’m *this close* to another one!

Pairing an AIR MILES Collector card with an AIR MILES-affiliated BMO or American Express credit card allows you to earn even more reward miles on every purchase.

My husband and I take note of retail partner promotions to earn extra reward miles, but there are some people out there who are real experts at earning additional miles and have used them for amazing things. You can check out their stories at and vote for your favourite to help one lucky winner win get a trip for two to New York City plus spending money – I think I’m sensing a theme here 🙂

As for too many logistics getting in the way of travelling more with your family? Well, that’s why I’m here – to help you figure it all out!

new york city

See you soon?!

So now that I know New York City (or Chicago! or Boston!) is a very close reality for me, I’m off to do a bit of planning.

Many thanks to AIR MILES for supporting this post. Visit to read other inspiring tales of travel, and to vote for your favourite.

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6 Responses to Sharing Travel Stories And Tips – Be Inspired To Travel More

  1. John at #

    Thanks for sharing those wonderful tips in traveling. There are parents who think that traveling with babies and toddlers is not a good idea. I’m glad there are people who share ideas and tips in order to encourage others to travel despite of the hindrances along their ways.

  2. Hannah at #

    Awesome job! Glad your NY dreams will be a reality soon. We have been there and we know you will definitely like it!

  3. What a refreshing take on travel with children! I think most people assume that when they have a baby, it means their travel days are over. It’s great to know that it’s not only possible to travel with kids, it can be really fun and rewarding!

  4. Hi! Traveling with kids is also fascinating. I’m Peruvian Professional tour guide. I can tell you that I have guided several people couple with their kids. Once I had and experience with a Young parents with kids 5 Years, 3 and, the Young one of only 12 months. We did Cusco city walking tour, sacred valley of the inca and machu picchu. They enjoyed pretty much all the places.

  5. Ian at #

    Thanks for sharing those amazing tips! It makes me want to travel more.

  6. Lina at #

    Family is an important part in our life. Your content is full of many tips and information which help us. Thanks for sharing.

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