Travel Personality Types – What’s Yours?

travel personality types

We’re Road Trippers 🙂

I’m delighted to kick off the year by helping to support Scotiabank’s Around The World With $20K contest!

The folks at Scotiabank have determined that there are four main travel personality types. Turns out I’m a “Road Tripper” – certainly due to the fact that traveling with kids is that much easier when you’ve got your own wheels at the ready. But being a Road Tripper is more than that – it’s having the freedom to set your own pace, to come and go as you please (or as you need to) and also remaining financially responsible – we would never have been able to travel to Florida last year had we not decided to drive. The drive to Florida has instilled a real travel confidence in us – it’s totally freeing to think you are no longer beholden to airline schedules and fares! Using a travel card like the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card can help get you there faster, by allowing you to earn points 4x faster on eligible gas, groceries, dining, and entertainment – purchases I make everyday as a mom!

Enter Scotiabank’s Around The World With $20k contest to determine your travel personality type! Are you an Adven-tourist, a Road Tripper like me, Foodie, or Culture Vulture? Would you rather hit the slopes or the open road? Do you prefer art on a canvas or on your plate? Would you rather go for an exotic hike or go for an exotic dinner? Would you rather visit multiple cities or go to multiple concerts? Would you rather go out and play or go to a play? Would you prefer roadside diners or five star dining? Answering these questions will not only help determine your travel personality type, but also enter you to win $20,000 from Scotiabank to put towards the trip of your dreams!

I have a feeling that most family travelers will be Road Trippers. That’s not to say that you can’t have or appreciate facets of the other travel personality types within your realm, but chances are when traveling with little ones, you appreciate the opportunity to take your time or take off if need be, as well as the freedom that comes with having your own wheels (filled with your own stuff!) at the ready.

Here are a few travel planning tips for other Road Trippers:

· Eating-
Always have plenty of healthy (and a few not-so-healthy) snacks on hand, as well as more formula and baby food than you think you’ll need. Delays can happen, and you won’t always have easy access to a store or supermarket. Having your own food on hand means one less thing to worry about when you’re out and about, or sidetracked by delays.

· Sleeping-
Don’t begrudge naps. They can help you plan and compartmentalize your days, so you can schedule outings around them. If you’ll be spending a lot of time in the car or in transit, do remember that a lot of sleeping while you’re en route can and will mean a lot of awake when you get where you’re going.

· Playing-
Tablets are game changers when it comes to traveling with toddlers and preschoolers. Babies need to be engaged and stimulated if you’re to have any peace from the back seat. Consider riding back there for a while, and old fashioned sing-a-longs and nursery rhymes can help to pass the time.

· Getting around-
Driving for long stretches can wear on anyone, so plan for stops where you can all stretch your legs and blow off a little steam. Being cooped up in a car seat might mean your little one would prefer a little toddle time or a stroller ride, as opposed to being worn, but it’s nice to have the option for both.


**This post is supported by the Scotiabank Gold American Express Card, but all opinions remain my own.**

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  1. I keep fairly much to myself when I travel. I’m busy looking at the landscape and what’s going on around me. There’s always so much to see and I like to “take it all in”. My husband and I really enjoyed car trips because there wasn’t any pressure of being someplace at a certain time and date. We liked to take off in the car and make it up as we drove along. That was great and very relaxing!

  2. Interesting post. My wife and I are definitely “foodie adven-tourists”. 🙂

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