Happy Birthday, Have Baby Will Travel!

I’m guessing that this is the actual day, because the lead up to going live was so much work that it didn’t actually occur to me to note the actual date.   After doing a few calculations and going over old calendars, I pinpointed April 28, 2007 as the day that Have Baby Will Travel launched.

And the banner looked like this:

A First Look At Have Baby Will Travel...

Tips on trips for moms by moms (& dads too!) is still a pretty good subtitle, I’m not entirely sure why I dropped it…
Anyhoo, I had just returned to work after a glorious 14-month maternity leave, and I didn’t have that much going on (lol) so I just figured I’d launch a website in an industry that I knew absolutely nothing about (still really don’t) and I figured if I built it, they would come.
Well, technically, my husband built it.  He taught himself GoLive, which Internets people know is an obsolete program, but we didn’t at the time.  My home page had ClipArt, which Internets people guffaw at, but I thought it was cute. Hey, I still think ClipArt is cute!
And did they come?  Yes. Truthfully not as quickly or as many as I thought would, but I’m still so delighted to have helped so many families plan their trips.  I’m trying to build the site I searched for when I was planning our first trip with baby, but simply couldn’t find.  I’m not quite there yet, but I know I’m on the right track.
To celebrate Have Baby Will Travel’s 3rd birthday, I’m going to do a Twitter Tip of the Day (hashtag #HBWTtip), for as long as I’ve tips to give.  I’m thinking about a year – but that’s kinda ambitious, and I might need your help.  Once all the tips are out there in the twitterverse, I’m going to compile them into a handy dandy ebook that we all can refer to when planning our trips.
I was damned and determined that Have Baby Will Travel would be a success.  And it is. And I still am.  Like a pre-schooler just learning how to use their wings and take off, Have Baby Will Travel is coming into its own and so am I.

There’s so much more room to grow and that is so exciting!  I thank you so much for all your support.

To get the ball rolling, here’s the first tweet:

#HBWTtip#1: Get baby used to room temperature bottles & food. Saves hassle of heating while en route.

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  1. Happy Blog Birthday!! Here is to many more wonderful years!!