Babysitting On St. Kitts

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St. Kitts

Currently I’m trying to figure out where we’ll be going this winter, and the lovely island of St. Kitts popped up as a possiblilty…

Conveniently, I received an email from Julie, who will be traveling with her children to St. Kitts and was looking for a bit of babysitting for an adult dinner out.  The quote she received seemed mighty steep…

I just found your site while searching for babysitting services on St. Kitts, which I am exhausted trying to find. The Marriott will arrange for babysitting for a fee of $35/hour (4 kids) plus transportation. Can you imagine that the 3 hour minimum for dinner will cost $116 in babysitting fees. And believe me, I called twice to confirm this wasn’t a mistake.

I don’t know what you think about this, but I believe this amount is exorbitant! If you know of any babysitting services on the island of St. Kitts, I would really appreciate it!

Um, yeah. $35/hr with a 3 hour minimum is a lot more than I’d expect to pay for babysitting services on holiday.  So I decided to search a bit around on the ol’ Internets, and thanks to the power of said Internets, we’ve found someone!

Her name is Krista and she’s an American living on St. Kitts and working at a school there. She comes highly recommended from someone with a vacation home on the island, and she also has a handy-dandy website all about St. Kitts. I’m presently surfing that site like a madwoman, ’cause if St. Kitts is where we end up in January, I want to know all about it!

I’m considering creating a page on Have Baby Will Travel that lists babysitting/nanny services for vacation and tourist destinations. Whaddaya think?

Have a wonderful time on St. Kitts, Julie – can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back!  In the meantime, check out what other parents had to say about their visit to St. Kitts w/kids.

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  1. Krista at #

    Thanks Corinne for the plug for my babysitting as well as my travel forum. For any of you who are planning a trip to St. Kitts – I consider myself a bit of a “junkie” when it comes to helping others plan their trips. So feel free to e-mail me with questions: [email protected]. St. Kitts has so much to offer and I love to make sure that people make the most of their time here!

    Krista (in St. Kitts)