Baby Travel Gear Giveaway Extravaganza

Call me crazy, but I’ve amassed a bunch of fabulous baby travel gear, and tempted as I am to keep some of it, I’ve decided to give it all away!

For details on the items and where to buy them, scroll down… (Complete details on each item will be in upcoming posts.)

Two lucky winners will be getting a major Happy New Year gift at the end of January!

The first prize pack will be:

  • UPPAbaby G-Luxe Stroller
  • Skip*Hop Central Park Blanket/Cooler Bag
  • Skip*Hop Zoo Pack
  • Trunki with Saddle Bag and Customizable Stickers (thanks, WeeBrits!)
  • Tommee Tippee Wipeable Bibs
  • Tommee Tippee Bowls with Lids and Spoon
  • Boon Squirt Spoon
  • Totseat
  • Patemm Change Pad
  • Package of Diaper Buds
    ***total value of prize pack is over $400!

The second prize pack will be:

  • Phil & Teds Smart Stroller Bundle (Buggy & Peanut Bassinet) + Versa adaptor
  • Phil & Teds Traveller Cot
  • Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper
    ***total value of prize pack is over $600!

To enter, subscribe to our monthly newsletter here, and then leave a comment saying you’ve done so. Current subscribers (thanks!) just leave a comment.  Be sure to “Like” us on Facebook to stay up to date on all the latest happenings here at Have Baby Will Travel!

I’ll pick a winner via at the end of the day on Monday January 31, 2011.  Good luck!

Winner #1

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Winner #2!

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**all items are brand new and unused but may be out of their original packages for demonstration purposes**

Uppababy G-Luxe Stroller
To purchase, American shoppers click here.
Canadian shoppers click here.

Phil & Teds Smart Bundle (Buggy + Peanut Bassinet) + Versa adaptor

To purchase, American shoppers click here.
Canadian shoppers click here.

Skip*Hop Central Park Outdoor Blanket/Cooler Bag

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers click here.

Skip*Hop Zoo Pack

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers click here


To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers, please visit

Boon Squirt Spoon

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers click here.

Tommee Tippee Wipeable Bibs

To purchase, American shoppers click here.
Canadian shoppers click here.

Tommee Tippee Weaning Bowls with  Lid & Spoon

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shopppers click here.

Tot Seat travel high chair

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers click here.

Phil & Teds Wriggle Wrapper

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers click here.

Phil & Teds Traveller

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers click here.

Patemm Change Pad

To purchase, American shoppers click here.

Canadian shoppers click here.

Diaper Buds

American & Canadian shoppers, please visit


**Have Baby Will Travel may receive a small commission if you purchase something by clicking through from here**

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