Baby Travel Gear Guide: Sleeping

Baby Travel Sleeping Gear Guide Cribs and Portable Toddler Beds

Do We Really Need Baby Travel Sleeping Gear?

For now, the days of traveling light are long gone…  As a new mom, I wondered how such a tiny person could fill and clutter our small city house. I also wondered how, all of a sudden, we had the same amount of luggage as J.Lo. Except, of course, our luggage is not Louis Vuitton and we have to schlep it ourselves. Come to think of it, J.Lo had twins. Can you imagine what her luggage cart looked like? Did her babies sleep well on the road? Baby travel sleeping is an every parent issue.

Can’t You Just Co-Sleep?

Co-sleeping or bed sharing never really worked for us. It was more like co-thrashing-around-bed-hogging. So a safe travel sleep solution was important.

Our first experience with a hotel crib was not a good one. From then on, we always brought something with us.

Travel Bassinets and Portable Cribs and Inflatable Toddler Beds, Oh My!

Beyond the actual portable baby bed, there are other baby travel sleeping accessories that can make bedtime easier in a strange hotel room.

My absolute number one tip is to bring your crib sheets and bedding from home. So even if your little one does not sleep well outside of their own crib, the familiar feel and scent of their bedding will help relax them. Trying to stick to your usual routine and bedtime rituals will help, too.

If you’re staying at a vacation rental or with family, see if they can provide an approved crib or bassinet and you won’t have to worry about any of this. Another option is to put a call out via family and friends who live near where you’re visiting to see if anyone has something kicking around that you can borrow.

We are constantly revising and updating our lists of travel sleeping gear. Please let us know if you have a favourite travel crib or must-have!

Baby Travel Sleeping Solutions for Infants, Toddlers & Every Stage in Between:

This list is a collection of all of our recommendations for travel cribs, cots, toddler travel beds, and other gear and accessories that help encourage sleep while you’re traveling…

Next to a travel stroller, a portable baby bed is an essential piece of baby travel gear. Knowing that your baby or toddler has a safe and comfortable place to sleep is important, especially if you have a sleep routine you want to maintain.

And since one of the biggest fears about traveling with a baby is that travel will mess up baby's sleep, if your baby or toddler has a travel bed they are famiiar with, chances are they'll sleep better. And then, chances are, you will too!

Below, please find our recommendations for the best portable baby bed, toddler travel bed, and safe travel crib options and sleep accessories...

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3 Responses to Baby Travel Gear Guide: Sleeping

  1. Nic at #

    We’ve found the Safe-T-Sleep great – it wraps around the mattress and has velcro straps to keep baby on her back / side. (so no standing up or trying to escape the cot either!)
    We’ve used it since DD was 6m, as she would keep rolling over onto her tummy in her cot and be unable to get back over. You can buy ones that fit everything from bassinets to king size beds – although, they can’t be used with the typical portacot mattress, they say the mattress should be 10cm+ thick. Can be used until they’re 3 – or until they work out how to undo the straps and escape!
    She is now 15months and still loves using it – we’ve used it in numerous locations on cots, single beds or even a thick couch cushion! Looking forward to using it on our next overseas trip.

    • Nic at #

      Forgot to mention that it folds up to a very small size – imagine single bed flat sheet all folded up, perhaps even smaller.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks for the tip! Will be updating the gear guides soon and will definitely check it out!

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