Have Baby, Will Cruise?

The Disney Fantasy Arrives At Port Canaveral...

The Disney Fantasy Arrives At Port Canaveral…

I’ve done all sorts of travel. As a kid I was lugged around the UK with my mom every August as we visited “home.” As a kid my dad would take me fishing and also to Walt Disney World. As a teen I took the bus (gah!) to Florida for Spring Break and NYC for long weekends. In my twenties I backpacked solo around Europe for six weeks, and then did a mini version of that trip with my BFF through Italy & Greece. I have stayed in fancy and not-so-fancy All-Inclusive resorts, I have pretended to be a local Bajan for our babymoon. But I have never cruised. But in less than a week my family and I will be boarding the Disney Fantasy for its inaugural trip to Castaway Cay, and to give us family travel writer-types an advance look at what appears to be a spectacular ship.

I’ve met so many people over the years that can not say enough about cruising for family travel. So this upcoming trip has inspired me to create a new section on Cruising With Babies, Toddlers and Young Children on Have Baby Will Travel. Of course I’ll be sharing everything I’ve learned about cruising with a toddler, and taking notes on all the baby-friendly and welcoming amenities on board, but I hope more parents who choose to cruise more often than not will also chime in and share their cruising with baby stories.  Let me know which cruise lines are the best for families with young children (I’m guessing Disney Cruise Lines is up there) and what are some tricks to maximizing your holiday on and off the ship?

I can’t wait to hear from you! Get in touch at [email protected] and let’s inspire, motivate, and help families cruise with babies, toddlers, and young children together!


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  1. Hey are you going March 23-26? I’ll be there

    • Corinne at #

      We’re going to just miss each other! We’re on board 26-29.

      • Oh you’re actually doing the cruise with your family. I going on the official press trip, – no kids allowed. Gonna be very weird without my little ones.

        • Corinne at #

          It’s a media cruise taking place directly before the maiden voyage.

  2. I can’t wait to connect with you on the ship! My kids are so excited, and you know I’ll be watching this post for tips! I’m collecting them (and retweeting them daily) @pitstopsforkids too. We newbies need to stick together!

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