Gate Checking Your Stroller When Flying with Baby

Instructions on how to gate check a stroller and a list of all the airline stroller policies, gate checking stroller tips

How to Gate Check a Stroller

Looking for gate checking stroller tips?

Maybe you’ve bit the bullet and bought a travel stroller. Or perhaps you’re schlepping along your trusty old jogging stroller. If you’re bringing your stroller when you’re flying with baby, you’ll need to gate check it.

This seemed really complicated to me before I actually did it. But honestly, it’s nothing. Depending on your airline, your stroller simply needs to fold.


When you check in with your luggage, tell the counter person that you want to gate check your stroller. They’ll either give you a tag to affix, or they’ll put it on your stroller themselves. If your stroller needs to be folded in two pieces (I’m looking at you, Bugaboo) you’ll get two tags – one for each part.

I don’t necessarily believe you need to purchase a lighter stroller specifically for travel. However, some airlines (like American Airlines, for example) have re-jigged their gate-checking policies so that only light ones may be gate checked.

With our jogging stroller, I was concerned we’d have to deflate the tires. We didn’t, but I had a small pump and a patch kit in our carry-on anyway, just in case we got a flat on our trip. In most cases the stroller was waiting for us as we deplaned, but in smaller Caribbean destinations like Cuba, we retrieved it at the baggage claim. I have heard horror stories about having to retrieve your stroller at baggage claim at big airports like Heathrow. It doesn’t hurt to have a lightweight carrier or sling in your carry-on just in case you have to trek a ways to pick up your wheels.

gate checking stroller tips

Gate Checking Stroller Info: Before You Board

Buckle all straps and empty the basket completely before folding your stroller. Chances are anything attached to the stroller like Mommy Hooks or drink holders won’t stay put, so you may want to detach those as well.

Our UPPAbaby Vista had a travel bag you can purchase, and most stroller brands have accompanying travel bags, but we’ve never used one. I have considered it, though. We had a shiny new UPPAbaby G-Luxe and I didn’t want it to get damaged. Our Uppababy Vista suffered some slight damage on one of its trips, but not on any subsequent ones.

Gate Checking Stroller Info: Boarding

If you’re lucky, your airline will still offer pre-boarding for families with young children. When the time comes, simply push or carry your stroller toward the entrance to the plane. Fold it, and leave it with the tags showing for the baggage handlers. Put it just off to the side at the end of the jetway. Depending on your destination, this is where you should find it when you arrive.

Easy, right?

Below is a list of most airline’s gate checking stroller policies, and any notes that I can add from personal experience…

Airline Gate Checking Stroller Policies:

Air Canada Gate Checking Stroller Policy:

Air Canada strongly recommends the use of small collapsible umbrella type strollers… A stroller with a collapsed diameter not exceeding 25.5 cm (10 in) and a length not exceeding 92 cm (36 in) is allowed, in addition to your carry-on allowance, regardless of destination. It can be checked at the gate to be delivered to you at the aircraft door at the end of your flight.

Because gate facilities in airports are not designed to accommodate them, large, heavy strollers will need to be checked in. They will count as one piece of baggage toward the maximum number of checked bags allowed by your fare type. Large strollers are also subject to space limitations, and there is a risk that they cannot be accommodated in the aircraft.

**NOTE** We’ve taken two round-trip flights with Air Canada and a stroller, once with our Peg Perego, once with our UppaBaby Vista. For either flight, no one asked about the dimensions of our stroller, nor the weight, only that it folded.

Air France:

You can transport a foldable stroller and car seat in the hold at no extra charge. Some strollers may be accepted in the cabin, subject to space availability. Depending on the type of stroller, the following size limits apply.

• Small foldable stroller:* dimensions cannot exceed 15 cm x 30 cm x 100 cm / 5.9 in x 11.8 in x 39.4 in

• Other foldable stroller: this replaces your child’s hand baggage allowance and once folded, its dimensions cannot exceed 55 cm x 35 cm x 25 cm / 21.7 in x 13.8 in x 9.8 in.

Please note: strollers must be packed in a carrying case that covers the stroller fully. In addition, for security reasons, some airports may have to deny access to strollers inside the boarding areas.

Air Transat:

One stroller and one car seat accepted free of charge

Compact, foldable strollers that do not exceed our standard carry-on dimensions (23 x 40 x 51 cm / 9 x 16 x 20 inches) may be taken into the passenger cabin in lieu of a regular carry-on bag

Please ensure that checked equipment is properly wrapped/secured for transport to prevent loss or damage.

At most airports, passengers can use strollers up to the boarding gate. Upon arrival, strollers are delivered to the baggage arrivals area (except in Orlando, where they are delivered to the gate).


Remember to attach a label to the stroller with your full name, address, and telephone number. Strollers are sent free of charge to all destinations and for all travel classes when traveling with a child up to 11 years of age.

For flights served by Alitalia, arriving and transiting passengers can request at check-in to have their strollers returned to them at under the aircraft or at the gate.

American Airlines:

-Each ticketed customer is allowed 1 stroller and 1 car seat to be checked free of charge

-If you have a stroller and a car seat only 1 can be checked at the gate

-Strollers over 20 lbs / 9 kgs must be checked at the ticket counter

British Airways:

When it comes to pushchairs, the size is all important if you want to be able to collect your pushchair at the aircraft door on arrival.

If you have a small, fully collapsible and lightweight pushchair/stroller (with maximum dimensions of 117cm x 38cm x 38cm/46in x 15in x 15in when the pushchair is collapsed), you will qualify to take this right to the aircraft door and collect at the aircraft door at most airports.

Please arrive at your departure gate no later than 45 minutes before departure time, and prepare to pre-board the aircraft.

The staff will put your pushchair into the hold and will do all possible to return it to you at the aircraft door.

All other, larger pushchairs, including double and multi-piece pushchairs can be taken to the departure gate, however, on arrival you must pick up these larger pushchairs at the baggage carousel in the baggage hall.

Please be aware that walking distances at airports can be long, and if you bring a pushchair that does not fit within the criteria to be collected at the aircraft door, you should be prepared to transport your child to the baggage carousel by another method. Many parents find slings useful to carry their baby whilst keeping hands free for baggage.


Children’s strollers and seat restraints are not counted as part of the standard baggage. Therefore, they can easily be checked for free. For your convenience these items may be checked at curbside, the ticket counter, or at the gate.

Jet Blue:

JetBlue will courtesy gate-check any of the following: strollers, car seats, child carriers/backpack carriers, booster seats, wheelchairs, walkers, canes, or crutches. If you chose to check any of these items (at the check-in counter or gate-check), it will not count as one of your checked bags. There is no fee assessed. There is no limit to the number of assistive devices a customer may transport as carry-on or checked baggage, within reason.

Additionally, this courtesy is extended regardless of whether the customer is traveling with the infant/child or is meeting the infant/child at their destination.


On all KLM flights, you can take one collapsible stroller/buggy per child. You can check in the stroller/buggy as hold baggage at no extra charge or hand it in at the gate so it can be put in the hold. The stroller must have a protective cover, but it may not contain any additional baggage.


You can keep your buggy or pram with you until just before boarding; it will be handed back to you immediately after landing.

Porter Airlines:

When travelling with infants and small children, a collapsible stroller and a car seat are accepted at no charge in addition to your checked bag allowance. You can choose to check these items at the check-in counter.  Or bring them with you to the gate where they can be accepted as GatePorter items. Porter will Gate Check them for you. For your convenience, GatePorter items will be returned to you at your arrival gate.

Your stroller must be checked if it is:

• Non-collapsible

• Weighs over 50 lbs

We have flown Porter with a baby, and it is a very baby- and toddler-friendly airline.


To make your time on the ground easier, most mainline Australian ports have strollers. They are available for you to use once you have checked-in your own personal stroller. Staff will be on hand at the boarding gate ready to collect the stroller and to further assist you with pre-boarding the aircraft.


You can carry 2 items of baby equipment free of charge per child. This can be 1 pushchair plus one of the following items: car seat or booster seat or travelcot.

On arrival at the airport the 2 free items of baby equipment can be tagged for travel at a Bag Drop Desk. They close 40 minutes before the scheduled flight departure time

Children’s pushchairs can be used up to the aircraft steps and after landing the pushchair will be available at the aircraft steps (provided local conditions permit this).

Southwest Airlines:

Customers traveling with children will be allowed to check one stroller and one Child Restraint System (CRS) or car seat per child without charge. This is in addition to the regular free baggage allowance.

The stroller and CRS or car seat allowance applies to any type of stroller (umbrella, full size, jogging stroller, etc.) and CRS or car seat.

The Customer may check the stroller and CRS or car seat at the curb, ticket counter, or gate. Southwest Airlines will not assume liability for damage to strollers, CRSs or car seats.

An optional Southwest-branded reusable car seat/stroller bag is available. Purchase at any Southwest Airlines ticket counter for a $17 onetime fee. Bag dimensions are 42”X20.5X12.5”.

We have flown Southwest with a baby and stroller and gate checked our Uppababy Vista without issue… Well, except that it got damaged on its first SW flight but not the second…

Spirit Airlines:

We will happily check one stroller and one car seat per child for no extra cost at the ticket counter. If you are traveling with two children, you are more than welcome to check a double stroller instead. You may also check these items at the gate. We’ll have them waiting for you in your arrival city when you get off the aircraft.

**NOTE – This is most surprising to me since Spirit charges for pretty much everything, including carry-ons!

Sunwing Airlines:

Parents are allowed one courtesy item such as a stroller, playpen, or car seat. This is in addition to their own luggage allowances.

**NOTE – We’ve flown Sunwing with a baby several times, with no issues with gate checking a stroller…

Thomas Cook UK:

A child younger than two years of age on arrival back into the UK, who will be travelling on your lap, may bring three of the following items free of charge: 10kg baggage allowance, a stroller/pushchair, a travel cot or a car seat (checked in to the hold). If all four are required, one item would be part of any pre-purchased hold baggage weight allowance on the same booking. Please remember that an infant does not have a hand baggage allowance. However, the accompanying parent/guardian is able to take infant food for consumption alongside their own hand baggage allowance.

If an Infant has been booked in a seat, the 10kgs baggage allowance no longer applies. A stroller or pushchair and car seat are still available for carriage free of charge. All other items would need to be part of any pre-purchased weight allowance on the same booking. A hand baggage allowance of 6kgs would apply if a seat has been booked.

A stroller or buggy can be taken to the boarding gate. It will then be taken to load into the hold. It must be completely collapsible and we would recommend having a protective cover, but may not contain any other items.

United Airlines:

United accepts one stroller and one car seat free of charge for each child, including children under the age of two traveling on an adult’s lap and infants traveling internationally on 10 percent of an adult fare, charged at the time of infant ticketing (it is usually less expensive to purchase the infant ticket in advance).

If requested by the customer, United can check strollers at the departure gate. United is not liable for damage to strollers. Customers cannot purchase excess valuation for strollers.

Note: Wagons and similar products are not considered strollers. Customers who bring them to the airport will need to check them as part of their checked baggage allowance before passing through security.


You’re welcome to bring one fully collapsible pushchair and a car seat, in addition to your free checked baggage allowance.

Car seats can be used onboard (in Economy only) if they meet the necessary requirements.

Pushchairs can be checked in or used up until the boarding gate, after which they will be put in the hold. Once we land we’ll have your pushchair ready outside the aircraft doors, whenever possible. However, at some destinations you may have to reclaim it at the baggage hall, due to local customs restrictions.

WestJet Gate Checking Stroller Policy:

When travelling with an infant, you may check in a car seat and stroller at no additional charge. A playpen may be substituted for either a car seat or stroller.

**NOTE – We’ve flown WestJet with baby several times, and other than the fact they don’t have milk on board, have had really great experiences with them – our strollers too!

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125 Responses to Gate Checking Your Stroller When Flying with Baby

  1. Jen at #

    We’ve found that no matter which stroller we take (the Vista or our cheap-o umbrella stroller) it’s super-handy to bring a carrier (Ergo for us) for getting off the plane and to our bags.

    Our home airport, Vancouver International (YVR) always delivers gate-checked strollers to the baggage area (which means clearing customs without the stroller if returning from an international trip).

    We’ve also had to tote our luggage across Toronto’s Pearson airport when on flights connecting to the US (since baggage needs to be claimed, and re-checked for the international leg).

    Though one thing I’ve found is that despite some horror stories, our strollers have always been treated kindly on airlines all over the world – discount carriers included.

    • Decker S at #

      These are great tips for traveling with a stroller on a plane. Several comments mention concerns about damage to your stroller, even if gate-checked, or differing airline policies on what you can check and what you can’t. One alternative to flying with your stroller is to consider renting one from a local parent at your destination. Stroller Solution is a peer-to-peer marketplace for parents to rent or buy strollers from local parents, to try products before purchasing or to make travels more simple. For more information, visit

  2. Corinne at #

    Definitely a good idea to pack a lightweight carrier – they don’t take up much room and are worth their weight (ha!) in gold when necessary!

  3. This is a very timely post for me since I’ve been wondering how exactly to work the whole “flying with a stroller” issue. Thanks for the great info! I’ve been concerned about taking a nice stroller along for fear of damage, but I feel a bit better about it after reading your post. Taking a carrier onboard is also a great idea that I hadn’t thought of!

  4. Jewel at #

    I have always rented strollers and gear at my final destination point and put my little one in a carrier or back pack carrier through the airport..

  5. Corinne at #

    Renting is a great option, but at some point while we’re en route I’m usually grateful for a “baby jail”!

  6. We’re going through this very dilemna right now. We are travelling united from yvr thru ord to mco. We have a 3 year old and a 1 month old. We won’t be bringing any carseats, as we are renting car and seats on the otherside.

    The quandry is whether to rent a stroller for wdw, or, bring our own. And if we bring our own, should it be the bob, or the joovy double strollr?

    United has told me that as long as its with 35″ x 33.5″ folded it is good to go for skycheck. The bob when folded and wheels off fit this. Barely.

    • Corinne at #

      Bring the Bob. Seriously. We loved our Joovy but it was a great ride to/from a destination. And if you’re not bringing car seats, I doubt your 1 month old could really ride in it yet.

      If the Bob fits the limits (and I seriously doubt they’ll check anyway) you’ll be grateful for it as you know both kids are comfy in it, and you won’t want to wear your baby all the time as it will be quite hot.

      Of course you can rent strollers there – not sure on prices. The ones Disney rents at the park would be a decent ride for your toddler but not appropriate for the baby. I’d go for a proper double if I were you!

      • JOEL BRUNKER at #

        Disney´s strollers sucks!!!

        Dirty, sticky and smelly.

  7. We have travelled extensively in Europe with our three children, and i would like to suggest if you are going to Europe, or will be travelling within Europe, that you take the smallest umbrella stoller you can find, (that can recline for when baby falls asleep). We have encountered countless problems in getting our stroller back at the gate upon landing, as is often promised ahead of time, as there will suddenly be “no ground staff available” to bring your stoller to the gate, which in my opinion is when you most need it, to get sleeping baby/ toddler through the airport along with your other belongings and/ or children. (Esp. if you are travelling alone.) I even met a mother on the plane who had no stroller at the gate for baby and had a 8 hour wait between flights… and a toddler. I don’t know how she was going to manage. We have had this problem with reputable airlines, in France, Spain, and Germany… the exception for us has always been KLM which is very family -friendly. In three years of travelling back and forth to Canada with them we never had a problem. Now in Spain, we find many times there isn’t even pre-boarding for families with young children. I would suggest trying to get the flight attendant to put your stroller right in the cabin, as that way you’re guaranteed its appearance upon landing. Hope that helps.

    • Corinne at #

      I have definitely heard this about Heathrow, and the pre-board is hit and miss with pretty much every airline these days!

  8. Josianna at #

    So glad I ran into this post! We are flying twice this summer with our son who will be 16 and 17 mos while traveling. I’ve traveled before with a Kolcraft Universal Carrier/infant seat combo and also an umbrella stroller and had no problems. This time, however, I think we’ll use his car seat with a Go-Go Kids travel system as we’d like the car seat with us. I’d prefer being able to have him in his seat for the flights, but we weren’t able to buy the extra fare (I know all about the safety), so my question is if anybody has recent experience checking a car seat at the gate with either US Air or United (or if it’s easy to get an extra seat for him last minute with those airlines), what should we expect? Thanks!

    • Corinne at #

      I haven’t gate-checked a car seat with either of those airlines, but I’m sure it would not be any more difficult than gate-checking a stroller. Try to make sure all straps are secured, and for a more elaborate seat, a travel bag probably wouldn’t be a bad idea. Good luck!

    • Corinne at #

      Sorry I just saw this comment now! You should be ok gate-checking the car seats – fingers crossed for extra seats on board but I wouldn’t hold my breath. Also, if there is an extra seat on board, they will likely make you pay for it.

  9. marta at #

    Thanks for this. I’ve been scouring the Alitalia website and found nothing about what is permitted and their employees have told me something different each time I’ve asked!

  10. Lynn at #

    Hi, we’re going to orlando this Oct and was concern about taking our double baby jogger city mini stroller. Don’t know if we can check it in at the gate or have to be baggaged. Have anyone use this stroller using gate check-in going to Orlando with no problem and damage to the stroller. I have two small children and going to Disney World for sure would need this stroller as renting at Disney is soooo expensive and kids will not last long with so much walking. Any advice is greatly appreciated on what is the best way to take along this stroller. Also I was thinking of purchasing the double stroller bag from J.L Childress, would you recommend to buy this and use it? Have anyone have experience with the stroller bag or can recommend one for double stroller (City mini).

    Many thanks

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Lynn!

      The City Mini is remarkably compact (especially when folded) for a double stroller, but it is entirely up to the airline if they will allow you to gate check it. Do you know who you’re flying yet? I saw a woman gate check one of the full-sized (massive) double jogging strollers once, and JetBlue didn’t bat an eye.

  11. Sandra at #

    I will be traveling alone with my 2 children 1.5 and 3.5. I M trying to decide if I am going to bring my single Britax Bagile or my baby trend double jogger. I have already called the airline (United) and they said it was fine to gate check either. My concern is fitting the double jogger through the jetway door and other does throughout the airport.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Sandra!
      The jetway is fairly wide, so your double stroller should not be too much of an issue. Airports are fully accessible, so doorways are typically larger to accommodate wheelchairs and other mobility devices. So even though your double jogger might be wide, you should be ok. Another option if your 3.5yr old is a good walker is to bring a cloth carrier for the toddler (so long as they’re not over the weight limit) for quick jaunts when your older one needs to be strolled.
      Hope this helps!
      Take care,

  12. Karen at #

    I’m heading to ElSalvador with my 11 month old next week. Would you recommend that I bring my umbrella stroller AND mec backpack carrier? I was hoping to get away with gate checking them both. I will bring my Gemini carrier but I thought it might be too hot for ElSalvador and that’s why I want to bring the mec carrier.
    Any thoughts?

    • Corinne at #

      Hmmm – how long will you be gone for and how do you expect you’ll get around the most? It would certainly be handy to have access to both, but not if the hassle of transport would outweigh the benefit!

      • Karen at #

        Thanks for the reply!
        We’re only gone for a week and we aren’t doing any serious tours or hiking. Just going for surfing, the beachand local/small towns. We’ll have access to a car as well.
        I’m inclined to try to gate check the two items and hope for the best!
        Great site-I’m happy I found it!

  13. Ali at #

    We’re travelling with a 4 month old and have an UppaBaby Vista and will be using the bassinet portion. Does that class as fully collapsible? What are the views on what it counts as? Thanks!

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Ali! I think you’ll need to check your stroller as two pieces, which is usually fine. Double check with your airline just to be on the safe side…

  14. Christina at #

    For those considering renting car seats at their destination… please DON’T!!! You have no idea what the history is on the seat. No way of knowing whether it was replaced after a collision, no way of knowing whether the straps have been washed, no way of knowing whether it was dropped down a 20 foot flight of stairs etc. If it’s a choice between the two, take your car seat and gate check that, then rent a stroller on the other end. It’s a pain in the airport to drag the car seat but not worth the safety issue on the other end with a seat that has an unknown history!

  15. kristal at #

    Thanks so much for the info!!! We are travelling for the first time with our 23mnth old and I was in limbo about the rent verses bringing a car seat and stroller . I don’t like not knowing the condition of the car seat and eeewww germs!!! we are bringing both. its important to me that my some have the best and safest time ever on his first trip to Disney! ;0)

  16. Caroline at #

    I will be flying from Seattle to Houston with my 3 month old daughter. I will be bringing my baby jogger city mini and my car seat. Do I need to check in both, will I get charged for the car seat/stroller? will be flying United, This is my first time flying with a baby and I am so nervous!

    • Corinne at #

      Don’t be nervous – just be prepared! Try to gate check both items – and maybe look into getting a travel bag to protect the car seat. Certainly you can gate check your stroller, and I honestly doubt they will charge you to gate check the seat. Try to figure out a way you can transport both through the airport – maybe use the stroller to carry the seat and put baby in a carrier just while you’re in transit.

  17. james at #

    Stay away from American Airlines as they are strictly enforcing the 20lb stroller policy

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks for the heads up, James!

    • farah at #

      would u be able to still check it in ?? if its more then 20 pounds?

      • Corinne at #

        Depends on the airline. Make sure to check with yours beforehand.

  18. Tania at #

    We are travelling with twins and last time I simply could not walk from the plane to the baggage area, where they now deliver the prams. I heard that is now security and no-one could help with bags because they are personal belongings nor with the babies. I asked for a wheel chair and not possible for the babies, nor any special assistance. I need to travel overseas again and I am almost leaving my babies behind because I simply cannot manage. Does anyone have a solutions – i.e. any help from the plane to the baggage area please? There is a company (Dimond Air that could help for about £200 each!!). Thanks

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Tania! Can you reach out to the airport to see what assistance can be offered? We just returned home on Thursday from a trip, and I noticed airport personnel waiting at the end of our jetway for a passenger that required assistance. How old are your twins? Is there a way you could “wear” one and carry the other? Or perhaps if one’s in a car seat, attach one of the wheelie things to pull one and wear the other? Keep us posted, I’d love to hear how things work out. Good luck!

    • Sobia at #

      I am in a similar situation. I have set of twins who will be 22 months at the time of travel. Also have a 5 year old. I will be flying out of Canada by WestJet to Montreal then will be going international from there using Qatar airways. On my return its Qatar airways to Montreal again and then Air Canada to Calgary. It would be around 1.5 days of travel back and forth. I was wondering if I should purchase a double umbrella stroller for the twins or I have a double Combi stroller. Will I be able to take the stroller to the aircraft or do I have to check in. Fortunately, for the most of my trip I am travelling with my friend and her family, except on my way back from Montreal to Calgary. Any advice would be good. Thanks

      • Corinne at #

        Hi Sobia! If you have the budget, then a lightweight double will definitely be worth it. I’m not sure of the weight/dimensions of your current stroller but if it folds down compactly, you should be fine to take it right to the aircraft. Good luck–let us know how it goes!

  19. Christina at #

    This is a great post – so helpful, thank you!!! I’m going to try to gate check my bugaboo frog for my 4 month old from YYZ to Milan, with car seat.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks, Christina – have a great flight and let us know how it goes!

  20. Katie at #

    I had the Bugaboo. I always checked it in its big old travel bag and used a cheap lightweight stroller in the airport. Much easier!

  21. Very informative & thorough post!

  22. Kelly at #

    Just before a month i bought some accessories for the stroller like travel bag, handles and extra adjustable wallet which make it more usable i hope i will able to uninstall by own before checking.

  23. Flakita8509 at #

    I want to know if the radio flyer wagons for kids are allowed to take on a trip?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Flakita!

      My guess is they would probably charge you extra to check the wagon–I doubt very much they would allow you to gate check it. Certainly if a wagon is your preference you could probably rent one depending on your destination, or there’s this folding wagon that might work? Good luck!

      • Kay at #

        I plan to gate check in two car seats (4 yr old and 3 yr old) on Hawaiian Airline. To get those two carseats around the airport, I was going to haul them on the collapsible wagon (your link above). Have you seen or know that has done that successfully.


        • Corinne at #

          Hi Kay!
          I have not seen anyone do that, but it’s a great idea!

        • Julie at #

          Hawaiian airline doesnt let you gate check wagon or stroller wagon and you have to pay fee when you do checked in. They just dont count whatsoever wagon as stroller .sigh….

      • Kevin at #

        Any chance that Babytrend Wagon Baby Trend Expedition 2-in-1 Stroller Wagon PLUS, Ultra Black pass on it? I can be at cargo area but not sure if they will charge anything (I will fly AA)

  24. yolande at #

    Any advise regarding taking a stroller and car seat on a Quantas international flight?

    • Corinne at #

      I would double check with Qantas what their policy is, but I’m certain they would allow you to gate check both.

  25. Heather at #

    I’m travelling to Mexico with my 2 yo and 6m old. I have both the baby jogger city select and chariot double stroller. I would like the chariot but not sure if the plane will allow it. Any advice on which would be better plane wise and destination wise. Thanks.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Heather! Whether you can bring the chariot depends on your airline. I saw parents with the huge bike trailer strollers on JetBlue and no one batted an eye.

  26. Corinne at #

    Hi Emily!

    Honestly I’m not sure just how sticky they are about the weight requirement. Worst case scenario is they make you check it as baggage, which kinda would be the worst case scenario. Air Canada has a similar weight limit, which my stroller excited by a couple of pounds, and it was never weighed. I’m sorry I can’t be of more help!

  27. Shayna at #

    Hi! I will be traveling alone with 2 small children, one is 2.5 yrs old and the other is 11 months old, from a small airport in Europe where you take a bus to the plane to a large European airport, with final destination being a very busy airport in the states (2 legs). I would love to take our BOB Duallie (for airports and also for our time in the U.S.) but am afraid of being able to manage a toddler and a baby who isn’t walking yet AND a large double stroller (besides the odd looks I will get in the small airport, in particular). Actually, I would have to put baby down to fold up any stroller, umbrella or gigantic. I’m just trying to imagine how all of this is going to play out, and can’t visualize a solution. Baby is also quite heavy and so keeping her in my Beco carrier too much is not an option. Plus I can already envision my 2.5 yo cackling madly as he races away from me were I to depend on him walking as we try to get from one gate to another. I will have the Beco with me but really, really feel like I need a stroller to keep things under control. Any suggestions on helping me keep this from being a travel nightmare? 😉 Thanks so much in advance!

    • Corinne at #

      If it’s at all possible, I’d see if you can get your hands on a smaller double stroller. It is possible to travel with a Duallie, but since you’ll be on your own with the weird connections, I think a more lightweight double would do the trick and would be less work. Sorry but I did a little chuckle at your description of your son cackling as he runs away from you! I have one of those 🙂

  28. Daisy at #

    So for American airlines you can not take a jogging stroller at all?? I have a trip coming up soon and my kiddo feels very comfortable in his stroller and so do I just because it’s very compatible and easy to push. It weighs maybe 22 lbs, but I thought that even thought it weighed more than the limit it can be checked at the gate and put under the plane! I don’t know this is all very new to me. This will be my first trip ever with my little boy. So I am just asking questions just to be sure. I wanted to buy a new one but my son did not like it he was very uncomfortable when I placed him in it and he started to cry. Once I put him back in his original stroller he was happy. Oh gosh I guess I will have to buy a new one. I hope not !

    • Corinne at #

      22lbs is very close to the limit. So long as it’s not bulky and folds down, you should be ok. Don’t stress!

  29. New mommy at #


    I am travelling from Toronto to Delhi, India with Jet airways and it is my first time traveling with my 5 month old infant. I have 2 questions, if you can kindly help me please

    1. I was wondering if I can bring both my Uppa Cruz stroller and my Graco car seat? Tell them it’s a 2 piece stroller? My daughter is traveling on my lap in jet airways.

    2. It’s a long 17 hours flight, I was wondering from your opinion whether it’s safe for my daughter to travel such long flight and if you know people who have traveled in long hours plane with infant?

    Thank you very much!

    • Corinne at #

      Hi there!

      You should be fine with the stroller frame + car seat combo, but do consider getting a travel bag to protect your seat. That is indeed a very long flight. Your baby is young enough to still fit in a bassinet (if your airline has them) so definitely call in advance and see if you can reserve a bulkhead/bassinet seat. Even if there’s a fee you might find it’s totally worth it. Good luck!!

  30. Krysten at #

    Hi Connie,

    I was googling “flying with stroller” and your blog post came up .

    I’m looking to travel mid December from San Diego to Toronto without my husband and with my daughter (who will be 4 months old) .

    I have the Uppa Baby Vista 2015 model – I would like to bring the frame with the Uppa baby Mesa car seat snapped into the frame to use while in the airport, and of course while I’m traveling . .

    I Looked up aircanada policies / and the stroller frame is over the weight limit itself – not including the car seat.

    It will fold up, but id have to remove the car seat first . .

    Would this be considered one piece , or two ? Do you think they will check it at the gate? Should I be worried about it being damaged ?

    I’m very nervous about traveling with her so young, by self -and not knowing what to expect with the whole stroller situation .

    Any advice would be appreciated .

    Ps – I plan on her sitting with me in my seat in the plane , and will bring her ergo baby carrier

    Thank you !

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Krysten! My best guess is they won’t give you an issue about either. They will tag your car seat and stroller separately, and you should have no issue in gate checking both. I couldn’t see any weight restrictions for gate-checked strollers on Air Canada’s website. I think you’ll be ok with just the Vista frame. Our Vista flew several times but was damaged after one flight when the foot rest was used to lift it by the baggage handlers. If you bite the bullet and get a carry bag that should remedy that situation. If at all possible, a padded bag to gate check your car seat would be a good investment as well.

      Air Canada still (I think) offers family pre-boarding, so your best bet would be to wear your daughter in the Ergo when boarding, that way your hands will be free to fold your stroller frame and prep your car seat for gate checking. You’ll have to take her out of the Ergo for take-off and landing, though. You’ll do great!

      • Krysten at #

        Thanks so much for your quick response Corrine !

        I looked into purchasing the travel bag uppa makes for Vista – and was pleased to see that they offer a flying damage insurance if you simply register the travel bag .

        Im wondering if perhaps it would be easiest for me to bring my rumble seat(instead of car seat) , and the frame – as it could easily be folded as one piece and stored in the travel bag for gate checking

        In that case , I wouldn’t bring the car seat – I would have my parents borrow one from a family member.

        The reason I thought of the above option / was due to me not knowing how to pack the car seat base, as it’s too large to fit beneath stroller- and too large to fit in suitcase . .

        What do you think?

        Thanks again ! <3

        • Corinne at #

          That sounds like the best solution, especially if your parents can source you a car seat to use. I assumed most infant seats can be installed without the base, but if yours can’t that is indeed the best way to go. Have a great trip!!

  31. I used to rent stollers. This is the great option for traveling with a stroller on a plane and pack light weight carrier.

  32. Karolina at #

    What is when you are flying with twins alone with 2 car seats and a double stroller (britax b ready) with American Airlines? I mean a double stroller weighs more then 20 pounds.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Karolina! In your case I recommend getting in touch with American directly to see if there’s any way they can offer any assistance.

  33. John Burke at #

    Great article, very helpful. I just wish we had looked more into this before flying with TUI (Dutch airline that also goes by the name JetAir, Thompson, and I’m sure a few others), for our trip to Orlando.

    When disembarking they sent the stroller to baggage claim, leaving my wife and I to carry our personal items, carry-ons, and a once sleeping 1 year old now quite fussy after the trans-Atlantic flight. Coming into Schiphol, we had to walk about 15-20 min like this, before we found the stroller not at regular baggage claim, but underneath ski equipment in the oddly shaped baggage section.

    This together with their odd booking process (your booking through their website is finalized before you pay, making it very difficult to cancel), and the initial trip to Orlando, which was booked as a 10 hour direct flight from Amsterdam, which turned into a 25 hour journey that included two stops and a five hour bus ride from Miami, means we won’t be flying with them ever again.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks for sharing your story, John. What a hassle!

  34. Keira at #


    I’m travelling with Qantas from Melb – LA direct. I have a steelcraft strider compact which is way too big to take all over america with us for four weeks so we are looking at purchasing a smaller stroller. Any suggestions? Something we can gate check or would fit in overheads. I will be with my husband and 8 month old son. I also have the ergo 360 carrier which my son loves and will be using that a lot. Any advice would be appreciated as this is my first time traveling internationally and traveling with an infant.


    • Corinne at #

      We loved loved loved our UPPAbaby G-Luxe. Folds down small but has full recline and sun shade so baby could nap no problem. Doesn’t fit in overhead, but easy to gate-check. Good luck!

  35. Brenda at #

    I am planning to travel by mid September to Mexico.
    Our first time traveling. My daughter will be 1.5 by then ..
    We’re only going for a week and not sure if I can afford to pay for an extra ticket for her. .
    Can I still bring her car seat & umbrella stroller ??
    & she’s on whole milk what am I allowed to bring for her (as in snacks/milk) or do they provide that ?
    Thank you

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Brenda!
      You should be able to gate-check her car seat and the stroller no problem. I recommend purchasing a padded travel bag to protect the car seat. I wouldn’t count on the airline being able to provide enough milk. Since she’s under two you can pack what you think you’ll need, just make sure it’s set aside for easy inspection for going through security. Have a great flight!

  36. John and Molly at #

    I have a double honey bee bike/jogger stroller that I want to bring to Cali for bike rides…We are flying with Delta. Would we have any trouble leaving this at the gate?

    • Corinne at #

      I would double check by calling the airline. I’ve seen some families use those large bike trailer/stroller hybrids, but it was on JetBlue.

      • Winvy at #

        Has anyone travelled with the Mamas & Papas Urbo 2? It’s still quite bulky after it’s folded, so I am a bit worried we won’t be able to check it at gate. We’ll be travelling to Japan via Cathay Pacific.

        • Corinne at #

          Hi Winvy!
          Unless Cathay Pacific has specific dimensions listed for their gate-checked strollers, you should be ok.

  37. Julia at #

    Do you think that a travel system could be gate checked if your baby is staying the her/his car seat for the flight?

    • Julia at #

      In her/his car seat for the flight*
      Sorry for the error

      • Corinne at #

        Hi Julia! If you’ve purchased a seat for your baby, they will need to be in their seat for the flight and you can gate-check the stroller portion of the travel system. Have a great flight!

  38. Amanda at #

    Hi! I was so happy to see this post! I have a Bugaboo stroller (2 pieces -ugh!) and am flying from Ottawa to Barbados with Air Canada. According to their policy I have to check the stroller and it counts towards 1 piece of luggage. Do I pay to check it at the same time we pay for our checked bags – then take it to the gate? Or do I have to leave it at the counter when we drop off the rest of our luggage? Is there a chance we won’t have to pay for the stroller? If for example we take it to the gate could they refuse it at that point? I guess I’m wondering if we try and take it on for free – at what point will we be told its too big and can we check it at that point?

    Many thanks!!!

    • Corinne at #

      All this should be cleared with the gate agent. In spite of what the rules posted are, I still see families gate-checking strollers that fold down into two pieces. Usually the gate agent offers two tags, so each piece can be tagged. How old is your baby? If he or she still rides around in their convertible car seat, could you bring that if it attaches to the stroller frame? Both should be able to be gate-checked no problem.

  39. Amanda at #

    Very helpful post, thank you. My question is if gate checking a stroller means you do not pay an additional luggage fee. I am soon traveling with Lufthansa and I understand I can gate check but is there an associated cost?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Amanda!
      Typically airlines allow you to gate check at least one baby item free of charge. You can double check with Lufthansa before your flight to be sure.
      Have a great trip!

  40. indhupriya at #

    Hi I’m indhu.., I’m going to Chicago to chennai on apr 24th with my 18 months boy baby..even we’re bought one big stroller recently.., still we are confusing allowing the stroller inside the flight or not.., but very easily handled with my kid u r allowing the stroller.., actually this is my first trip with my kid

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Indhu! Depending on the airline, you should be able to gate-check your stroller regardless of size. But no, you probably won’t be able to bring in on board.

  41. Lee at #

    Hi! Do you know about Atlas airlines stroller policy (for gate check)?? I’ve scoured their website but it’s a no go! Please help! Ours is an uppababy cruz. Thanks!

  42. Aahiya at #

    Hi, I will be travelling with my 7 month old from India to canada. I will be travelling by jet Airways and air Canada. I want to know if they provide milk on flight.

    Secondly my final destination is edmonton. At Toronto Airport, i will be collecting my luggage for connecting flight to Edmonton. I want to know, will there be any help provided to pick my luggage as I will be having stroller for my baby. It will be difficult to push s stroller and trolly with luggage. I have also requested wheelchair si that I could get some help with my luggage.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Aahiya!
      I would check with the airline to see if they provide milk. To be on the safe side, I would travel with the formula you usually give your baby.

      An option for getting around with baby and luggage cart is to bring along a soft carrier or sling, and then wear your baby and put your folded stroller onto the trolley with the rest of your stuff. There are sometimes porters to help with luggage but usually they are not available or accessible until after you’ve exited the baggage carousel, which you won’t be doing if you’re connecting on to Edmonton.

      Good luck!

  43. Emily osborne at #

    I noticed that Emirates is not mentioned but I would like to share my experience if it will help someone else. I flew jet blue and connected with Emirates to Africa with my baby and it was a great experience. Jet blue allowed me to check my large jogging stroller and car seat at the gate with no issues and no weighing or measuring. Emirates did the same without batting an eye. I had two flights with Emirates. One from NY to Dubai and another from Dubai to Kenya. Once I left my stroller and car seat at the gate in NY however, I didn’t get it back until we received our luggage on the belt in Kenya. It had some scratches on the side but was in great condition otherwise for an 18 hr journey on two different planes. But for those of u wondering what to do, Emirates offers free stroller services upon landing in Dubai so we had a stroller not far from the arrival terminal. Emirates and jet blue are GREAT with kids and I would recommend them to anyone with kids who has the option to choose those airlines.

    Note: Emirates and jet blue also allow a 50lb checked bag and a small carry on for lap infants. I was impressed. Preparing to do it again next month on our return trip.

  44. Maya at #

    I’ll be traveling with my 22 month old daughter to Iceland using WOW airlines. Would you happen to know if a stroller car seat combo will be considered 1 item? Or I have to pay to check in her car seat?

    • Corinne at #

      Looks like the WOW website will let you check one or the other for free, but if the car seat clicks into the stroller, I’m not sure how they’d know it’s two items? Looks like it costs less to check if you pre-book online, so you may want to call to confirm and perhaps save $$ if you do have to pay. Good luck!

  45. Amanda at #

    Recently traveled on Air France and was disappointed that my gate checked stroller was not available for my long layover in Paris- they checked it to my final destination! Traveling soon on Delta and have again layover. Does anyone know if I’ll have the same experience? What about KLM?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Amanda!
      I really think it depends on the airport. I have heard of this happening for layovers in London Heathrow as well. Best bet is to contact your airline to see if they have any insight. Good luck!

  46. Sammie at #

    We will be traveling to Europe with a four-month old (Lap Ticket). We would like to gate check a stroller and a car seat (or a travel system); have you tried this?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Sammie!
      I have done both. It really depends on the airline if they will charge you extra for it. Air Canada and Southwest did not charge us but it was a few years back.
      Good luck!

  47. Lourdes at #

    Hi I am flying alone with my 9 months baby to Miami and I am worried about moving along the airport specially to the parking to rent a car with baby, stroller, car seat and bags. Is it possible renting a cart? Need ideas please!

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Lourdes!
      I’m pretty sure MIA has luggage carts that are accessible by baggage claim. You can take them to the car rental areas. Good luck!

  48. Amanda at #

    I have purchased a mother care xss ( it’s basically the gb pocket stroller) it folds so compact but Ryanair’s second bag policy is so tiny that it’s even too big to bring in the cabin. We aren’t checking any bags as we don’t want to visit baggage claim in Spain on our night-time flight with a tired toddler.
    We plan on gate checking the stroller at the airplane steps. My only worry is that because it comes in a little square travel bag, will the grounds staff think it’s a normal bag and send it to baggage claim instead of leaving it at the steps for me? Would it be worth labelling the bag with the word buggy in Spanish!!!

    • Corinne at #

      Wow–I had to Google the stroller and is it ever tiny! It’s a good idea to label it, or maybe leave it folded and not in the bag so it’s obvious it’s a stroller and not a suitcase? Does Ryanair give out Gate Check tags to clearly label your stuff?

  49. Miranda at #

    Just in case it helps anyone- the BabyZen Yoyo+ is small and light enough that it can and is designed to be taken as carry-on luggage (like, stored beneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead compartment). It’s really tiny! We had a few skeptical flight attendants on our last flight from Japan, but they agreed to test the size and couldn’t argue that it fits! We’ve been on a bunch of domestic & international flights and have never had to gate check, which means no waiting with a cranky baby to get it at the end of the flight. Happy Travels!

  50. Very helpful tips when bringing a stroller to the airport.

  51. It’s a helpful post about checking stroller in airport. I have planning for the next trip with my family. And i found your blog with helpful. Can you inform me in airport they have charged extra for this? And if it then how much it is? Thanks in advance for giving me the clarification also for the sharing such a informative article.

  52. Sarah at #

    We flew with our child so many times as a baby/little child, essentially on Southwest. When he was 22 months old (so he in fact still qualified as a lap tyke) we chose to spring for his own seat, and brought his auto situate on board. SUCH A LIFE SAVER. He was certifiably not a super snuggly little child and would not like to be shaken to rest in our arms. At that age he was excessively versatile and wiggly, making it impossible to need to sit with us for long.

  53. Paige at #

    AMAZING ARTICLE! I’m about to go on my first trip with my baby sister. I was looking for some trustworthy info. Thank you!!

  54. Meredith S. at #

    I just got a BOB stroller travel bag to be able to check our stroller with southwest. Only problem is that it is 1-2″ outside of the 64″ luggage dimensions. Will i be charged an oversized baggage fee or do strollers not count towards that luggage rule?

    • Corinne at #

      They are unlikely to break out the measuring tape when you check in–if it’s the bag that makes it fall outside the dimensions I’m sure you will be fine. Have a great trip!

  55. Alison at #

    Hi Corinne,

    Do you have any information about the policies of Icland Airlines and how many items they allow to be checked at the gate?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Alisson! From their website –> it says that,
      “Infants are allowed 1 checked bag (except in Economy Light). A stroller and car seat or carrying basket are always included.
      Children 2-11 years old Children aged 2-11 years old have the same baggage allowance as an adult traveling in the same class. In addition, a completely folding stroller is allowed free of charge**”
      This is regarding checked, not gate-checked luggage, but I imagine the same rules apply. A quick phone call wouldn’t hurt to put your mind at ease. Have a great trip!

  56. Sam at #

    Do airlines typically allow you to pack some extra items in the car seat/stroller bags? I’m wondering if it would be an issue when gate checking my stroller or car seat, if I were to pack diapers, baby wipes, and infant life jacket in the hollow space.

    • Corinne at #

      If you’re using a stroller travel bag you may be able to squeeze in a few extra items but I wouldn’t try to stuff too much in. Infant life jacket is a pretty good idea since it’s light and might work as extra padding!

  57. This is a great resource for parents who are planning to fly with their little ones and need to gate-check their stroller.Your website provides helpful information on stroller gate-check policies for various airlines and offers tips on how to make the process as smooth as possible. The website also includes valuable advice on what type of stroller to bring on a flight and how to prepare it for travel. This information is a lifesaver for parents who want to ensure their stroller arrives at their destination safely and in good condition.

  58. Nic at #

    So which is the best and most comfortable umbrella stroller. I have a 5 year old and 14-18m old (age depends on travel). I wanted a wagon but worry it won’t do well in England so now I’m struggling with which stroller. My daughter (5) will walk but with 6hr jet lag and just a ton of walking she would appreciate a place to rest. Any thoughts on wagons vs stroller for flight and arrival/stay in England?

    • Corinne at #

      We loved our UPPAbaby G-Luxe — managed to squeeze our guy in it when he was 6 and he was big. You’re never too big/old for a stroller when traveling!


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