Introducing Fast Facts For Families!

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Varadero Beach, Cuba

Deciding where to travel to is often the best part of planning a journey. Finding that beach of your dreams, reliving a moment in history, or standing in that fabled spot are all great reasons to do your research and make visiting these places a reality.

But once you’ve added diapers and sippy cups to your packing list, you have more than just your whims to consider when selecting a destination… That beach might be surrounded by jungle that’s filled with malaria-carrying mosquitos; reliving that moment in history may involve trekking through territory that’s politically unstable, and that fabled spot may be so high it’ll cause altitude sickness.

With so much to think about in terms of choosing a suitable place for your young family, I’m developing new destination pages for the Have Baby Will Travel called Fast Facts For Families. They’ll cover the basics for determining if a destination is appropriate for family travel – or at the very least is baby or toddler friendly. With the basics covered, hopefully you can more easily determine if that place is right for you. Each Fact Facts For Families Page will cover health, safety, types of accommodation available, transportation options, the availability of baby and toddler supplies and gear, as well as other important information such as power and currency.

These criteria may seem a tad dull to some, but it’s my hope that having all the facts close at hand might encourage you to choose somewhere you wouldn’t normally consider. Or, at the very least, have no unpleasant surprises once you get there.

Cuba will be our first entry.  You can find the post here… as always, your input and feedback is much appreciated!


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11 Responses to Introducing Fast Facts For Families!

  1. Fast facts sounds like a great idea! I’m a sucker for cute babies on the beach and the little butt in the photo made me smile. Thanks for that 🙂

    • Corinne at #

      You know she’s going to hate me in about 10yrs or so!

  2. Cute pic, and I look forward to checking out your Fast Facts section when I have time. Sounds like a great resource for travelling families.

  3. Corinne at #

    Thanks Karen!

  4. What a fun picture. Didn’t she get all sandy?

  5. I have so many pictures of my son that he will be sooo angry about when he gets older. And wait til he has girlfriends, I’ll be whipping them all out:)

  6. Corinne at #

    Sand was everywhere all week – I look at it as a good exfoliator!

    That pic was in my header before I had the site redesigned. I just love to look it!

  7. Mara at #

    I too like the sandy baby bottom. What always amazes me is how much of that sand goes into their mouths – and then out the other end!

  8. Kymri at #

    I just wanna slather that kid up in sunscreen!

  9. Corinne at #

    Mara: She definitely tasted her fair share – didn’t even grimace… (although I was surprised at how it comes out in the diaper!)

    Kymri: She was wearing SPF 65 – she has nary a freckle!

  10. Good luck with your new pages