Spring 2009 Ultimate Baby Travel Gear Prize Pack Giveaway!


Everything you’ll need for eating, sleeping, playing, and getting around when you’re traveling with baby!

Have Baby Will Travel is celebrating its first giveaway since the relaunch with an amazing Baby Travel Gear Grand Prize Pack.  But there’s more chances to win as we’re also giving away 2 Toddler Travel Prize Packs and 1 Baby Travel Prize Pack…

  • The Grand Prize:
    * A PeaPod travel bed
    * A BedBugz bed rail
    * A HandySitt portable high chair + travel carrying case
    * A Trunki
    * An ERGObaby hands-free carrier system
    * A Travel ‘N Doodle
    * A Snack & Play Travel Tray
    * A SnackBall
    * A Mommy Mat
    * A Wet Happened waterproof bag
    * A CARES safety harness
    * A Bibagogo travel bib



  • The Toddler Travel Prize Pack (2 to give away):
    * A Trunki
    * A Travel ‘N Doodle
    * A SnackBall


  • The Baby Travel Prize Pack:
    * An ERGObaby hands-free carrier system
    * A PeaPod travel bed
    * A Bibagogo travel bib


The Grand Prize total value is over $800 – and includes everything you need to travel with your tot for years to come!

To enter, simply send a trip report, your best travel tip, or (in case you’ve yet to travel or yet to have a tot!), tell us your dream family destination at [email protected] by Mother’s Day – Sunday May 10, 2009.


The winners will be chosen in a random draw on Monday May 11, 2009 and will be contacted by e-mail.  Please, only one entry per submission – multiple entries require multiple submissions.  Odds of winning depend on the numbers of entries received. There is no cost to the winners. All legal residents of the 50 United States including the District of Columbia, 18 years of age or older as of the time of entry and legal residents of Canada, over the age of majority in their province/territory of residence, as of time of entry, excluding residents of The Province of Quebec, are eligible to enter the giveaway.

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103 Responses to Spring 2009 Ultimate Baby Travel Gear Prize Pack Giveaway!

  1. N.B. at #

    My husband and I are expecting our first child and we always imagined that we would be that couple that countinues to travel with baby. We’ve noticed when we mention this we get a lot of eye rolls.
    Even before being married my husband and I have really enjoyed travelling, and usually like to ‘rough it’ in some ways (hostels, bus tours, camper vans). We have travelled through places like Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and would love to share our joy of discovering new places with this new person!

  2. Brianne Kelly at #

    I saw you today on BT. I am a mother of an 18 month old boy named Brayden. My husband and I have been trying to get away on vaccation with our son but find it too stressful with the baby. We have no idea what we need to bring to help him and us enjoy our trip. We finally just booked our trip and now that I have found this wonderful website, I can get all the convenient supplies needed. I hope to win the give a way and I will recommend this site for all my “mommy” friends, and I have alot of them LOL!!

    Thanks for entering me in this fabulas draw

    Brianne Kelly
    [email protected]

  3. Keira Brown at #

    I have not travelled yet but my dream vacation with my husband and 2 girls ages 2 and 1 would be to visit Nova Scotia and take my girls to the ocean, out on a boat, maybe even see whales and to dance the jig at a caleigh!
    Cheers, Keira Brown

  4. Adella Faria at #

    Wow, I just saw your product on Breakfast Television (which I watch faithfully every morning, and this is why!).

    I am soooo excited. I had my daughter at a very young age and she is my very best friend. She got married Sept 2007 and wanted to start a family. Shannon has a condition that has totally messed up her hormonal balance and therefore she had to resort to IVF.

    She has finally conceived and we are all crazy with excitement for the arrival of this beautiful baby.

    Shannon is a Social Worker for the City of Toronto and works in group homes for disabled adults. She is an amazing person with an extrodinarily huge heart to help others. She is so looking forward to being a mommy and would appreciate your products so much.

    Shannon and her husband Rob love to travel. They have been to the Dominican Republic several times and Rob’s parents live 5 hours away from us. I’m sure when the baby arrives there will be lots of road trips to see both sets of Grandma and Grandpas. Also, we have a lot of family in New Brunswick that we will definately be visiting.

    Well with our fingers crossed, hoping to win, thank you for such great products.

    Adella Faria
    Proud Grandma to be!

  5. Natasha Baird at #

    This is a great site…just watched your segment on BT, you have some great tips for travelling. Love the trunki

  6. Jill at #

    Saw you on BT this morning, just in time – leaving for Florida tomorrow!

    Great site.

  7. Nicole Ladouceur at #

    My daughter just turned one and we have yet to travel but our dream family destination would have to be Italy. My husband is Italian and he has relatives there, including his grandmother. It would be great to take my daughter to see where her family is from, what her heritage is about and to visit some family members that she would not otherwise get to see. This pack would definetly come in handy when we do go over.

  8. Michael Briggs at #

    Very cool, Giveaways are the best. especially in our situation..

  9. Jane Lansbergen at #

    I saw the presentation on Breakfast TV this morning and loved the great ideas. Flying with two small children is a challenge. You have wonderful products to make that easier.

  10. Sierra Lewis at #

    i have yet to travel with my little one because of the sheer confusion and preperation i thought it would take but these items are perfect! i would have to say my dream destination would be St.Kitts

  11. Jodi Webster at #

    My husband and I are big travellers and preparing to have a baby. I saw your demonstration on Breakfast television and thought that your presentation and travelling products were so great I could not pass up sending you a comment.
    Even if I do not win the prise pack you have given us great ideas as to what to buy before we travel.

    Thank you

  12. rob browning at #

    just saw ya on city tv
    thought would take a look
    neat stuff

  13. Nicole Brassard at #

    This website is fantastic. I have already added this site to my favorites!!!

    Thank you!
    Nicole Brssard.


    i am expecting a baby and yet to travel

  15. Linda Finigan at #

    I think your products are wonderful.. I am the parent of 5 and the Grandmother of 9 and have had many experiences through the years. I would love to have some of your wonderful travel ideas in order to share tavel time with the grandchildren as I love to travel and any extra help is always welcome. To reduce worries and replace them with smiles and fun is a dream come true. Thanks for your great ideas

  16. Cristina Roda-Zaffino at #


    We will be traveling with our 7 month old son this coming September! We are planning a European vacation with a mix of visiting family and sightseeing. We are traveling to Italy primarily, but intend to finish our vacation in England. Your site is fabulous! All the handy gadgets and must-haves that I have been scouring for in various baby stores, are all available at one destination. Well done!

  17. Diana at #

    Hi! I saw you on BT this morning-great travel gizmos!I am entering your contest! We have yet to travel with our 5 month old son-to be honest, the thought is a little nerve racking, which is probably why we have yet to venture out with our little one. However, given the products you offer we may give it a try sooner rather then later! Our dream family get-away would be Hawaii!!

  18. Nathan at #

    Who wouldn’t love a trip to Walt Disney world !?! It is our hope to one day in the near future take our little ones to Florida to enjoy all the enchanted magic at Walt Disney World. Maybe we’ll get lucky and win the trip they are giving away on BT as well as ths great travel pack from your site 🙂 Wouldn’t that just be wonderful. Thanks for the opportunity to possibly win this fantasic prize pack

  19. Debbie Desmoulin at #

    My family dream destination would be going to Jamaica, Which is where my fiancee is from, we would like to go there to not only visit his parents but to also get married. Therefore this trip would include my family as well!!!
    i have also yet to travel and i have 2 children of my own my son 20 months and my daughter is 7-months, so i would love to give them the experience of traveling. one that i never HAD!!!
    thank you

    Debbie Desmoulin
    april 4 1986
    20 Sewells rd apt 114
    scarborough ontario

  20. Christa Burns at #

    Great contest!

  21. Amber at #

    I am 19 years old with a 4 month old baby girl.
    I’m looking for great easy to use appliances to use on a camping trips i’m going to take in the summer time with my little one!!

  22. Jaime bertelsen at #

    Travelling in may
    We are travelling in may with our 7 yearold and 9 month old on a 5 hour road trip! Help!

  23. Maureen O'Donnell at #

    I haven’t travelled yet with my son but our dream vacation would be to travel Ireland. To explore the countryside and go from village to village meeting new people and discovering new things.

  24. Louise Leonard at #

    I wish we had some of these when I had my children. When we traveled some of the restaurants didn’t have high chairs so we had to hold the child or use a scarf to hold them to the chair.

  25. angelita norton at #

    Just recently had a baby and would love to be a winner of this great prize. I have plans to go away soon and the thought of travelling with two kids will be a challenge. However, with your new innovative items it would make my life easier.

  26. suzanne reid at #

    heard about this on BT. What a wonderful idea.

  27. Joan Gale at #

    This summer we will be taking our grandson to the beach for fun in the sun. He loves the water so I’m sure he will have the time of his life. Must pack a tonne of sunblock and all of his gear.Seen the peapod travel bed and thought that would be perfect for my little man to have some shade wow.My travel tip I always have some wet face clothes in a ziplock baggy for in the car, yes I know they sell wipes but my face clothes are already paid for and I find they clean up much better.

  28. Carol Goddard at #

    I would love to be a winner, all your products are state of the art and are great and very safe for baby. Our family travels alot and would benifit from this contest.
    Have a Great Day
    Carol Goddard

  29. Nicole Best at #

    Just saw you on Breakfst Television. My husband and I live in Montreal (Im a former T.O resident)and are expecting our first child in August. My family living in Mississauga and his living in Windsor, traveling with our little one will be a reality. I always wondered how we are going to do it -this website will be something for sure I will be visiting for tips and products.

    Thank you for creaing such a great site for people such as my husband and I to relieve the pressure of traveling with little ones.

    Nicole Best

  30. Susan Laffan at #

    This would be a great gift for my sister who is having her 2nd child in July. She has never been away to a really great destination but this wold give her a little boost. Thank you.

  31. Tina Diamond at #

    Always travel with a portable chair. A child that is held all day will be very cranky when you return home.
    We use a fisher price chair that folds down for easy travel-allows for a safe place for our baby when we are at very busy family functions..

  32. Nooreain at #

    Hi, I had a chance to travel to Europe last year with my babies. It was fun & according to me, the best tip for travelling with kids is to Pack Lotsss of Stuff for kids.. i mean everything that woyuld make your kid feel at home, like a few fav toys & blanky.. stuff like that & specially fav stuff toy.

    Well i am hoping to win

  33. Raj Chohan at #

    All this stuff is very useful and I hope I win this prize as I need almost everything for my son’s first trip to new york with us. You guys have a great website.

  34. Tracey at #

    I would love to be able to win this prize pack to surprise my girlfriend who has 6 month old twin girls! My girlfriend, Nadine will be traveling to France this summer to celebrate her daughters christening. Nadine’s husband David is from France and is extremely excited to travel with his little angels back to his home land to show them off to all of his friends and family.

    I saw you on BT this morning and made mention to my husband as to how baby products have changed so much in the last 11 years. Thank you for making all of these wonderful products available to young mothers. Travel truly is one of the greatest gifts of all time, regardless of your age!!!

    Yours truly,
    Tracey Mastromarco

  35. Michelle Clouter at #

    I used to believe that if we went anywhere, that we would have to pack a pile of things and it would be a nightmare travelling with a little one. Recently we went to Newfoundland to visit family and it was so easy to do. Our family was able to borrow things from friends so we had to bring nothing with us except ourselves and our clothes. We only brought enough diapers to get us there and we bought anything we needed when we got there.

    So here is my tip: Try to travel as light as possible, and you can always buy what you need wherever you are going!

    Michelle Clouter, mommy to Savannah 7 months

  36. karen dore at #

    Hi, I was listening to breakfast television on your travel baby products and wanted to enter for the contest give aways, but had a hard time to get into the site to enter. Any suggestions. I am a first time Grandmother of 2 month old Aidan and would love to be able to travel with him. Thanks.

  37. April Bollers at #

    Please enter me in the draw for the grand prize!

  38. Crystal Marcial at #

    Enter me in the draw for the grand prize giveaway!

  39. Laura Polidoro at #

    I saw your products on Breakfast Television this morning and was VERY impressed and excited. I am a new mom of a 4 month old boy and my husband and I were just talking about the possibility of travelling with him. Of course, as I started going through the list of things I would need to bring I became quite overwhelmed. Seeing your products online and on BT reassured me that it is certainly possible. Thank you for this website and making it easier for moms and dads to travel with children!

  40. Tammy Acquaviva at #

    I am currently pregnant with our first child. I am 11 weeks 4 days today.
    A travel tip that my husband and I have followed with each of our Carribean or Mexican vacations has been to take doctor prescribed Dukoral to prevent getting sick while away. So far it has worked each time we took it. The one time we didn’t was the one vacation we did get sick so we now swear by it.
    Once we have our children I believe our ultimate family destination would be a huge luxury cottage up North in Ontario for a couple of weeks in the summer where we could really bring the whole family…our children, our parents, our brothers and sister in laws and our niece and nephew. And anyone else in the family that wants to come. That would be a truely winderfuo family vacation.

  41. Adelina Bellisario at #

    Saw these products on Breakfast Television Toronto. They are wonderful. Hope to win.

  42. Colleen Pinney at #

    What an great website! Thanks for all your tips. We’re going to Mytle Beach for our first family vacation and this prize pack would REALLY, REALLY help us travel worry-free!!!

  43. Lana Collins at #

    I was watching bt television toronto this morning and i saw some of the things you offer. I found this very interesting, my daughter is 19 and having her first baby, as i love to travel, i know she will be with me. These things would come in very handy for our trips. Do you have a list of cost of some of these items? Thank you .

  44. Amy Ballantyne at #

    I saw the info on Breakfast Television this morning!!
    Thank you so much – I didn’t even know this stuff existed!!

    I am so glad that there are others like me who are interested in travelling with little ones!

    I am expecting my 1st baby in May and am so excited that travel CAN continue to be part of our lives!

    I will be submitting for the prize – it looks fabulous!!

    Amy 🙂

  45. Pat at #

    Just saw your presentation on BT and was amazed at the wonderful baby gear available for travel. Our grandbaby #6 just arrived a few days ago and we love to travel as a family so I am very excited to see what is on the market. Thanks for the information!

  46. Andie at #

    I have yet to travel with our baby yet I’m not due till july 09. We would love to travel to england and Irland with our baby as soon as we can with little worry .Thank you

  47. Dina Savoia at #

    I’ve gone to Europe with my three and a half year old. I would have to say the best thing for any parent of a toddler or pre-schooler to bring on a trip is: a small umbrella stroller.

    These strollers are allowed on airplanes. They are collapsable, and fit in the overhead compartment. I found it to be very helpful moving around in the airport. I was able to push her around in the stroller as she was enjoying one of her snacks, while I was carrying a backpack on my back and a bag in another hand. When she was tired, she would sleep. This stroller came in handy when we were sight-seeing. We were able to see the Vatican, while she slept in the stroller.

    It is a great, inexpensive travel item to have. I would recommend it to anyone with young children!

  48. Brenda Cardwell at #

    I am entering for my daughter who is expecting in May. I was hoping to be able to help her out as she is going to be on her own with this child. Sadly i have lost my job and will be on a tight budget till i get back to work . These items would help her so much as the baby will be travelling to be with family members as my daughter trys to finish school and enrich her and the babys future ,Thanks for this oppertunity and i have my fingers crossed. Brenda

  49. Savi Nandkumar at #

    I have two children my son is 11 and my daughter is 4 we travel alot to Espanola, Ontario. We go every weekend we can and on holidays, summer, Christmas break, march break. It’s a 5 hour drive and we have a car and when we pack there is just enough room for our legs. We are expecting our third child in June ’09. I’m not sure how we are going to fit a stroller and another carseat. Along with more bags and all the other baby stuff we will need. We stay in a cottage at Lake Apsey Resort. Any way that’s my travel story. We travel as often as we can. I’m a stay at home mom. I try to pack light but I guess I will have to pack even lighter after I have the baby.

    Thank You,



  51. Katy at #

    I love to go back where my conjoint and me meet,because i always tell story to my daugther,i beautyful Lac louise has.Now that she bigger ,she could enjoy the amazing rockies,but with new little brother in the families ill woul’d be nice to be ale to hike and have my hands more free.

  52. Elizabeth Sigalas at #

    My daughter Cynthia is now 7 months old, she will be 1 1/2 when we travel to where her daddy is from, Dominica. It’s nickname is “Nature Isle of the Caribbean” as it has unspoiled natural beauty. It has rainforests, the 2nd largest boiling lake in the world, home to 365 lakes and beautiful scenery. Will be going during their carnival season so Cynthia will be able to experience the Dominican culture. Many of my husbands family members live there and I can’t wait to bring Cynthia to this beautiful island. I was fortunate to visit this island 2 years ago. I think Dominica is a little taste of heaven that Cynthia will enjoy and will be able to learn some french as this is a french island.

    I do have a second dream vacation, as my parents are form Greece, I would love to take Cynthia there when she is 5 or 6 years old to visit the beautiful islands and my culture. This is where she will learn to speak greek.

  53. Toula Kondos at #

    Saw your spot on BT and loved all your stuff. Trunki is too cute! My husband and I are planning a trip for the summer but our dream trip would be to Greece to introduce our son to our family members over there and to go to the Greek islands!

  54. B at #

    I have yet to travel with my kids, but they are 1 and 8 months. I am planning a trip, and though it may not be a dream vacation I really want to start taking them more places. We are going back to my home on the west coast this summer and I can’t wait.

  55. Mark at #

    I need all this stuff so that traveling with my new baby will be a breeze.

  56. Wendi at #

    We’re travelling to Asia to see my family in the summer with our 2 yr old and a 3 mos old. These gears are functional and would certainly be useful for us.

  57. Kelly K. at #

    This is a great site andf an awesome giveaway!!

  58. Trish at #

    I have a 10 year old and a 2 year old,both girls! I can’t believe how products have changed over the years,we had to buy everything all over again, but seeing your great products on BT this morning got me so excited that i emailed all my friends! My dream vac would be to Malta to see my husbands heritage, maybe one day, these products would be veryuseful, especially the travel bed and the Trunki! Thank you for introducing me to these wonderful products!

  59. Garnet L at #

    This would be great for my new Great grandson

  60. Amelia L at #

    Saw you on BT and checked out your website right away! I love it! its marked as one of my favourites.

  61. Darcy at #

    We’ve done quite a few road trips with our 3-year-old and 5-year-old. The things that really helped were: travel bingo, lots of snacks, our DVD player, and books.

  62. Connie Lewis at #

    I’d love to win this. It would be an awesome start.

  63. Heidi P at #

    A great tip for when travelling with your baby instead of packing a bunch of small suitcases rather just pack a larger one…easier to keep track of all the things you need for the little one and less stress on the parents.

    Lovely prize pack.

  64. Lyndsey Hart at #

    What a fantastic prize. I hope I am able to give this to my soon to be born niece + her parents

  65. Frank Ientile at #

    Pack a mini dvd player in a padded lunch pack with cushioning and ziplock the baby food in case it opens. Ziplock all food and crackers etc to ensure safety and convenience.

  66. Manuel Vizcaya at #

    will come in handy

  67. Liz at #

    This is a very cute prize package. Thank you for the contest.

  68. Sandra M at #

    My son and daughter-in-law travel a lot with my two adorable grandsons (19 months and 3 months). This would be awesome for them.

  69. Cheryl at #

    I haven’t travelled with my daughter (11mos old) yet but I would love to take her to Disney soon! I’m waiting for her to get a bit older so she can remember – I remember my first time to Disney World.

    As for tips, I’d say carry a pack of diapers wipes every where you go. It’s good to clean surfaces your baby/toddler might touch, good for cleaning your hands and good for their butts too! 🙂

  70. PJ Dechaine at #

    When travelling my wife and I try to pare our luggage down to the essentials, something we learned from the mother in law. No matter where in the world you are you can find a laundromat, just bring hard wearing clothes that can all be washed toghether.

  71. Sandra M at #

    You don’t even have to travel far for all of those items to be so useful. They would be great even for the weekend trip to Grandma’s!!!

  72. Maria at #

    This is a wonderful prize…must have for travellers with baby/infant !

  73. Gail at #

    I know my grandson and new little sibling will be grateful to have this prize.

  74. Sandra M at #

    I know that my son and daughter-in-law would be so delighted with these. It’s an awesome prize that would be so useful.

  75. Sandra M at #

    These items would be so useful no matter whether on a short visit to Grandma’s or a longer visit further away from home.

  76. Marisa Deschamps at #

    I bring some crayons and a doodle pad, books or a few toys whenever I go out with my kids. They are a great way to keep them busy when I’m too busy to give them a lot of attention.

  77. lynn at #

    This will be great for my son who is expecting their first baby.

  78. Annmarie at #

    My favorite tip for traveling with a young crowd is to never leave home without crayons and cheerios packed! Our dream family destination is Grand Cayman Island! We were actually fortunate enough to go when my daughter & son were younger. Our favorite activity was the Nautilus. a submergible that explored underwater like a submarine, then surfaces to allow passengers to go snorkeling. My husband, MIL & daughter had a ball snorkeling while I was able to stay “on deck” with my son because he was still so young!

  79. Teri at #

    We would love to travel all over, but the first trip we would like to do is to travel across Canada.

  80. Great contest for me and my readers. I just put a link to this on one of my posts. Thanks:)

  81. Mary Williams at #


  82. Janet Meisner at #

    Wonderful travel gear.

  83. Maureen at #

    The dream destination would be to go to Ireland. My family has their roots there and it would be great to see where we came from.

  84. Anna G. at #

    My best travel trip with small kiddies is to pack individual snack boxes/toy packs for each child…they will have fun snacking/exploring the boxes as the need arises and they are not waiting for you to give them snacks, etc!! This worked really well on a long car trip to Quebec…We kept replenishing the snacks and rotating toys each night…

  85. Kara Pearson at #

    This is absolutely something i would love to have. This is great since all my inlaw and family are so far we need to be able to have everything with us.
    [email protected]

  86. Debbie at #

    I haven’t done any air travel with our 16 month old yet. This summer we’re headed to Chicago for a family reunion – I could use some pointers on travel with toddlers! This travel gear looks wonderful and useful.

  87. Amanda at #

    Honestly, there are so many beautiful places in the world it is difficult to pick one as a dream destination. However, I think my families dream destination would be Japan. My husband and I both love Japanese food and culture, and Japan looks like such a beautiful place to visit.

  88. justin at #

    I’d love to go to Vegas. My boyfriend, his brother and sister-in-law might this summer to visit a cousin. They have at least 3 kids and wanted to leave them with grandparents. I could watch them at Circus Circus for the 4-day weekend. Driving would take almost 16 hours non-stop. If the kids come along, I suggest an Airstream trailer. I do, by chance, know that my mother’s first husband a.k.a. my half-sister’s father lives in town. There’s also something I would love to learn about at City Hall.

  89. Alisa at #

    You always need lots of clothing with kids since it’s inevitable that once you dress them they will get some sort of stain within minutes and you just never can predict the weather. There’s one tip I have with clothes that works if the timing’s right. I was going through my son’s clothing and had a pile to give away so I decided I would pack these to wear one last time when we go visit Grandma for a week. Before we left Grandma’s house I washed the clothes and dropped them off at a local thrift store, this made room in our luggage for gifts and souvenirs.

  90. Alex at #

    Make sure the kids will be entertained on the way.
    I pack storybooks that come with the CD so you can pop it in the player and they can turn the pages them selves. If you are travelling by plane these are also great to use with the portable cd players.

  91. Alex at #

    Does this mean I can enter more than once if I have more than one tip?? Uptop it says “Please, only one entry per submission – multiple entries require multiple submissions.” Anyway I entered once already, so if it is only one per person then please only count my other entry but I still really wanted to share these other tips so just don’t count this one, thanks.
    I strongly recommend travel size items and sample packs. You can use them up while you are away and save the bottles to refill yourself for next time if you like.
    Also, purchase a reloadable gift card from a franchise that will have many locations on the way, for those emergencies and last minute things you forgot. If you don’t end up using it then you can give it as a gift eventually or buy the things you really need when you get home.

    • Corinne at #

      Absolutely! Just one tip, trip report or dream destination per entry please.

  92. Alex at #

    I’d love to go see family in Oregon for a week then to Disneyland for another week ….That’s my dream vacation for my family of four.

  93. AlisaM at #

    Freeze juice boxes and yogurts ahead of time, they stay good for quite a while and will help keep other food items cool in the cooler.

  94. AlisaM at #

    Find out what stores are going to be near your hotel, ahead of time because if you are not renting a vehicle it may be difficult to get the things you need. My brother went somewhere this year and when he arrived realised there was no convenience stores, or grocery stores near by. He said he ejoyed the trip anyway, but was really hungry. As I mother of four I dreded the thought of not having access to something like a grocery store or at least a convenience store so if I plan to travel I am definately going to look into the stores around where I stay ahead of time.

  95. AlisaM at #

    If you are travelling by car, take turns sitting in the backseat with the kids. The parent who is not driving can have fun sitting in the back playing games, reading/telling stories, or just talking. You and your kids will love it!!

  96. Sarah at #

    My advice for travelling with children would be to try and pack to be prepared for everything (e.g., pack everything that is offered in the grand prize)!

  97. Kim Simpson at #

    I have made many trips with my 4 kids. We have had drive trips, plane trips and train trips. Our latest discovery is audio books, you can get them for any age at your local library. They are free and they keep both the kids and parents interested. My kids quiet right down to listen to the stories.
    Other tips, plenty of food, drinks, wipes and receiving blankets.

  98. Hi there,

    My best travel tip with a small baby is to bring a jolly jumper. We just went to Cuba with a 7 month old, and it was great!

    My ultimate trip would be to Hawaii, I’ve always wanted to go there.

    Thanks for the entry



  99. This would be the perfect thing for my son and his wife.

  100. Great tips and information sharing. I wish I has this sort of thing available when I was flying with 2 children aged 2 and 6 months. It’s quite a trick to get it all right.
    Definitely better to be breast-feeding than carrying all the bottle stuff. And the ability to time the feed for when the plane is ascending or descending, so their ears don’t drive them to scream their poor lungs out, is a great gift! That or suck a sweet.

  101. Jessy at #

    My Husband is Navy so we travel a lot just going to see our parents since he is from Michigan and I am from Kentucky. Its 12 hours to my parents house so we have to stop once with our son going to my parents house and twice to my husbands. We are currently stationed in Virginia Beach,VA and we are about to get stationed in Florida. We would love to take our son in a few years to Disney World and a couple of family places with him and the baby we plan to have in a year or so. Which ever one of the packs we win would really help!!

  102. Corinne at #

    Hi Jessy!

    Sorry, this giveaway is from a while back, but stick around because I’m always giving away great travel gear.