5 Reasons to Love Travel with a Stroller

Reasons to Love Travel with a Stroller

Some parents complain that travel with a stroller is a big hassle. It’s been years since my son outgrew his.

And on a trip to Walt Disney World, I tried to convince him that all bets are off when it comes to theme parks… A six-year-old in a stroller at Disney World is perfectly acceptable. He would have none of it, and we ended up carrying him out of the parks and off the bus every day.

He was 60llbs!

travel with a stroller, travel with stroller
How we left every park. I carried him a lot too. Couldn’t do that for much longer!

Your hands are full when traveling with a baby or toddler.

And travel with a stroller is often looked at as inconvenient. Like, it’s just another thing to lug.

But I’d like to counter that with 5 reasons to love travel with a stroller…

Travel With A Stroller

5 Reasons Travel with a Stroller is Awesome:

1. You can go faster, for longer…

Babies can’t walk. Toddlers don’t toddle very fast. If you want to go places by foot, strollers are truly the easiest way to move. Of course you can wear your baby, but their weight can place a strain on your shoulders and back after a few hours, even in the most high-tech baby carrier.

Travel with a stroller lets you linger at interesting places, or speed though when you need to escape.

travel with a stroller, travel with stroller
Why yes, that is my child sleeping on the floor of the airport.

2. It’s a portable bed…

No need to rush back to the hotel room at naptime, because travel with a stroller ensures a safe and comfortable place for baby to sleep on the go. Some of my kids’ best naps were taken while at the beach, safely in their stroller and in the shade. Post-stroller, a flight landed at midnight and my son had been sleeping for about an hour. What I would have given to have a gate-checked stroller waiting for us as we deplaned! Lugging him through customs and baggage claim was not fun. Did I mention he weighed sixty pounds?

3. It’s a portable high chair…

Some of the most family-friendly destinations like Italy and Spain don’t typically have high chairs in their restaurants. And sometimes the high chairs that restaurants do offer are meant for older babies and toddlers. If there’s room, it’s great to be able to wheel your baby up to the table to enjoy meals with the rest of the family, and keeping your lap and arms free to actually feed yourself.

Playhouse Disney Channel Epcot Stroller
Bub “helping” with his stroller at Epcot

4. It can double as a trolley…

Sometimes babies just need to be close and want to be held. That’s when your stroller can take over and carry all that stuff you need to lug with you when traveling with a baby. No more travel with a stroller means actually having to carry backpacks and coats. It’s the main drag of having kids outgrow strollers. Enjoy your trolley while you can!

baby's first trip, varadero, varadero tower, varadero with baby, cuba with baby
Taken during our first family vacation in Varadero, Cuba

5. It’s your own personal baby jail…

In the Starbucks line. When checking in at the airport. That time you need to rummage in your bag for your keys/the pacifier/a tissue. These are the times your toddler usually utilizes your distraction to their advantage and takes off. A stroller, with a nice and secure 5-point harness, doubles as a nice and secure place to jail your little Houdini so you can actually take your eyes off them for one second.

travel with a stroller, travel with stroller
Shopping in Zihuatanejo, Mexico. Made better with a stroller.

Now go and give your stroller a nice pat and a thank you.

You’ll miss it, trust me.

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13 Responses to 5 Reasons to Love Travel with a Stroller

  1. jodyR at #

    Baby jail is the best! I forgot about that one, but remember how convenient it was for naps, while mom and dad played tourist.

  2. I was so ready to get rid of the stroller, I overlooked some of the perks. For years afterward, I missed that ready-made place to stow bags and purses!

  3. JessieV at #

    I’ve felt like sleeping on the airport floor like that, too.

  4. Susan at #

    My Wife Love stroller travel system is a stylish, functional way to travel with our child. I think you’ll love travel stroller same me and my wife.

  5. Mary at #

    Stroller is a great thing, most of times it helps you to carry your luggage and very helpful at the time when you are traveling with your child, new mothers are always happy with this thing, stroller helps them many time when they are going to market with her child.

    Your blog is very nice and all 5 reasons are truly great and it is genuine.

    Thanks 🙂

  6. Chaya at #

    Hi Corinne
    Thanks for sharing this information with us, this post is very useful for me.I Love Travel with a Stroller.

  7. Diana at #

    Completely agree! I worry about when our youngest is too big/old for the stroller! At least I have a few years before it is a reality!

  8. Natalie at #

    So happy I found your blog. We are planning to have a baby soon and I all I can think of is how to travel ( we are a family who travel every month ). I see my friends who have toddlers and they tell me they miss when their kids were babies because it was so much easier,with a toddler you can’t really take an eye off him/her for a second and travelling/going to places can get hard.

  9. Nice post here, Corinne!!

    One things i love most about travel with a stroller is your baby can sleep on the go.

    It’s super convenience.

  10. Rachel at #

    The greatest advantage of an Travel stroller is that they can fold up very easily for storage and they are extremely light. So whether or not you’re keeping it stored around the house, or you’re outside pushing it around, it will not be a burden to you.
    BTW, thanks for the amazing article.

  11. hello,
    love to read this article.
    Yes stroller is one the vary useful gear for 0-12 months baby when travelling. stroller is not only baby vehicle it also bag carrier. Its useful toddler and infant also.

  12. What such lovely five reasons. They makes sense


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