Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Eating

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Shirtless is one way of doing it 🙂

Concerned about feeding your baby while traveling? We’ve got all sorts of tricks and advice to share for feeding baby on the go, but this list is really all about quick go-to baby travel tips – and the more, the better.

Do you have some advice to add? Please share in the comments below!

Baby Travel Tips – Eating…

●Get baby used to room temperature food and bottles. This saves you the hassle of heating while you’re en route.

●A box or two of instant baby cereal doesn’t take up much room in either your checked luggage or carry-on, and ensures a nutritious meal wherever you are.

●Are you concerned about food safety at your destination? Follow the old Peace Corps adage: if you can’t peel it or heat it, don’t eat it.

●For travel days, try to have at least two more meals on hand than you’ll think you need. A flight delay+hungry baby=no fun for anyone.

●If you’re flying, try to limit sweet treats and juice to just before landing. A toddler with a sugar rush+cramped plane=no fun for anyone.

●To save baby’s outfits and cut down on laundry, don’t forget a good wipeable bib or two. The best for travel are large ones with a pocket to collect the mess!

●If you or your baby is fussy about particular brands of food or formula, it may be best to lug yours along just in case it’s not available where you’re going, or if the formulation is different.

●Never underestimate the power of a snack as a distraction.

●Always stash a handful of zippered baggies in your bag. Great for carrying along leftovers to eat later as snacks, to collect used eating utensils, or stash soiled bibs or shirts.

●Ginger can help settle upset tummies. Ginger snap cookies or a few sips of flat ginger ale can help ease nausea for little toddler travelers.

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14 Responses to Ultimate Baby Travel Tips List – Eating

  1. Janell Yamada at #

    When we went to japan when my son was one we found they did have highchairs but they had no straps on them! basically they were just high chairs! lucky I had a large swaddle blanket so I used it to secure him to the chair, a cotton swaddle blanket also makes a good sunblock for a stroller and is very useful to clean up spills, plus they clean and dry well

  2. Katie at #

    Totally… room temperature saves soooo much headache! I can’t recall any other tips at the moment as I must have blocked that tired part of life out of my brain. 😉

  3. Jenna at #

    Great advice! It can be so hard to feed babies and toddlers at home, let alone on the road. I always try to order pasta when we travel. My son wouldn’t touch Japanese food in Japan but would eat spaghetti at a little Italian place we found there. Also, the snacks are a huge tip–sometimes getting something unexpected helps a lot, like ice cream, chips, or a candy bar. I don’t usually buy those things for my kids at home, but while traveling, it provides a great distraction and is fun for them.

    • One of the things that you can do that would really, and I mean REALLY test your patience especially if your kid is not much of an eater.

      Challenging to say the least.

  4. Such great tips and so important to read up on before traveling with baby- for your sanity and everyone else’s 🙂

  5. Baby Fox Mom at #

    We are travelling to Mexico with our 11 month old. I would like to take some formula and baby food/snacks just to be safe. Does anyone know how this works with customs? Do I need to declare it? What happens?

    • Corinne at #

      Hi there! You should have no problems so long as it’s not fresh fruit or veg. Have a great trip and tell us all about it when you get back!

      • Emma at #

        If your travelling somewhere where the water is questionable what do you give you 13 month old?

        • Corinne at #

          Hi Emma!
          Bottled water is perfectly fine to give your 13 month old 🙂

    • Nikki at #

      If you have a ready made bottle it can go through customs provided you take a sip. My advice would be to pack formula in your suitcase, my friend told me Ella’s kitchen pouches were allowed to go through customs

      I have a trip in 3 weeks to Canada where I’m sure I will find nothing that I give to baby as they produce their own brands and stick to in country goods. Wish me luck!

      Btw I live this blog!


  6. ha ha i liked the pic. BTW, this is always the biggest worry for me while planning the trip…what will my two year old eat. So much so, I get stressed out when I should be happy planning the trip.

    It is getting better now, though.

  7. Maria at #

    Hello Corinne,

    Any tips on what to bring as baby cereals/ meals? And which snacks people carry more often/baby accept best? I have no experience on travelling. My baby has always been eating homemade food.

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