My 3 “Best Kept” Travel With Baby Secrets

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Waiting For Our First Flight…

I have been invited to participate in Tripbase’s “3 Best Kept Travel Secrets” blog tag game by Katie at TripBase who says “The aim of this game is to unite travel bloggers in a joint endeavor – to create an amazing list of top travel recommendations across the globe to share with the entire online travel community.”

I do tend to blather on and on – so i’m not sure how well kept these secrets actually are, but if you’re planning an upcoming adventure with your baby, here are my Top 3 Best Kept Travel With Baby Secrets:

1. Before your trip, get baby used to room temperature bottles and food. On top of everything else that you’re juggling, heating the baby’s bottle at the time it needs to be heated is a hassle you can live without. In preparation for your journey and while you’re en route, pre-measure your formula mixture so you can just add bottled water you purchase after clearing security. Check the Sodium level on the brand you purchase (most are absolutely fine).  You only need to be concerned if it’s more than than 20mg of Sodium per litre.

2. Dress baby in layers, with built in feet if possible.  I learned this the hard way during our last trip when we were all bundled up with hoodies and cardigans – baby included.  When clearing security, everyone has to remove their jackets and shoes – baby included – and it’s already “fun” keeping track of your own stuff, never mind fiddling with tiny sweaters and footwear!  Use pullover-type sweaters for babies and young ‘uns, and a footie sleeper or jumpsuit keeps tiny toes warm without extra bother.

3.  Distribute all of baby’s things amongst all of your luggage. Especially if you’re headed somewhere that it may be difficult to get the things you need, it would be a real drag if the bag the airline lost was the one full of baby’s necessities.  Spread out, at least you’ll have enough to tide you over so you’re not having to find a store straight away. This is a good tip for all travel parties, as my dear friend learned the hard way after spending a week in her husband’s clothes and a borrowed swimsuit when her “misplaced” bag never turned up.

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  1. Great baby travel tips, thanks for sharing