Do I Need Travel Insurance for Baby?

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There is a lot to consider when planning your first trip with baby. After deciding where to go and where to stay, chances are you’ll be daunted when you realize how much you have to pack. And I wasn’t really surprised when a recent survey by TD revealed that purchasing travel insurance did not make it into the top five things Canadians do first when preparing for a trip. In fact, more than one third of Canadians have forgotten to purchase travel insurance at least once before (37 per cent) or say that it is the last thing they think of (36 per cent).

I wasn’t surprised because, until you have kids, travel insurance is just one of those things you think you already have or isn’t really necessary. That same study reported that over a third of Canadians believe the travel insurance offered through their credit card (37 per cent) or their employer benefits plan (37 per cent) is all that’s required.

In many cases, it may be. But when you’re traveling with a baby or child for the first time, being in need of medical care is not the best time to discover exactly what you are or are not covered for. And if you’re in need of urgent medical care, you’re likely not in the best frame of mind to decipher the small print of your policy.

Prior to leaving, check your existing coverage via credit card or your workplace. Ensure that every family member is covered by the policy.  If not everything and everyone is covered under your policy, it’s time to do some research into insurance that will provide adequate coverage. Also, confirm any protocols or procedures your insurer requires you to follow. Some specify using specific medical providers or phoning in via a toll-free number before seeking care.

No matter your destination, purchasing supplemental travel insurance for baby and for you is a good idea. Not all plans include emergency medical coverage or accidental dental. Most don’t  cover additional meals, accommodations, and the return and escort of children.

Even if you’re travelling within Canada, your provincial plan may not fully cover you in the event of a medical emergency. Government health plans won’t cover certain emergency expenses such as bringing loved ones to visit you in hospital or returning you home if you get sick or injured, and may not cover ambulance rides.

Most families’ vacation budgets are stretched thin as it is. Adding travel insurance for baby onto the already extensive list of things to plan and buy is no fun. But what if you encounter an unexpected medical emergency? A small investment while you’re planning could save you money and stress down the road. Purchasing an annual travel insurance plan will ensure your family is covered no matter when you go where you go; it saves time before every trip and can even allow for a touch of spontaneity!

Travel Insurance for Baby Tips:

  • Print your policy, and familiarize yourself with the basics. Make sure you know what’s covered and if there is a deductible. Clarify the specific steps to follow in case of an emergency, etc.
  • Pack your policy print-out and keep it with your important travel documents
  • Check to see if your policy requires you to use specific medical providers. Confirm their location prior to your trip
  • Take note if you’ll need to pay upfront and be reimbursed. Sometimes the medical facility can bill your insurance directly

This post is sponsored by TD Insurance.

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  1. Very informative. No parent can really tell what can happen during a travel. Understanding what their policy covers is a must.

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