Travel Health & Safety Resources: From Healthy Travel to Tips for Traveling Sick

Healthy Travel Advice and Tips for Traveling Sick with a Baby or Toddler

Travel Health & Safety: From Healthy Travel to Traveling Sick

Have Baby Will Travel is not a medical site. However, health and safety while traveling is paramount to a parents’ peace of mind. Especially in a world after COVID-19, nobody wants to be traveling sick.

Always consult a medical professional prior to travel

The tips and advice here for healthy travel and for what to do if you find yourself traveling sick should not replace a consultation with your family doctor or pediatrician prior to traveling.

Prior to your trip, it’s important to choose a baby travel destination that is clean, safe, and with access to good health care. It’s also essential to purchase travel insurance, and to ensure that your children are covered if you already have a work policy.

However, if you have been exposed to or suspect you may have COVID-19, please do not travel.

One of a parents' greatest fears is baby getting sick on vacation. And should you cancel an upcoming trip if baby seems to be getting sick?

Here is a complete list of our tips and resources for healthy travel with a baby or toddler, as well as information on traveling sick and preventative measures you can take to hopefully stay healthy while traveling.

The best piece of advice is not to travel if you are sick…

Once again, please consult your family doctor or pediatrician prior to any travel with a baby or toddler. Traveling sick is no fun and it’s best to avoid it if possible.

Once again, if you have been exposed to or suspect you may have COVID-19, please do not travel. The world of travel after COVID-19 is starting to open up. But please self-isolate for at least 14 days after travel to avoid the spread and transmission of COVID-19.

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9 Responses to Travel Health & Safety Resources: From Healthy Travel to Tips for Traveling Sick

  1. Such good advice. Especially about the sun burns. That does a lot of families in.

    • Corinne at #

      Sunburn was definitely one of my greatest fears. I feel so lucky that my kids inherited my husband’s olive complexion so they don’t burn as easily.

  2. So many useful posts! A sick baby during a vacation is every parent’s nightmare, and cause of so much stress. Thanks for compiling this. I especially am saving the first aid kit post. Also, I’m a huge admirer of your blog 🙂

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks, Supriya! Traveling with a baby is so rewarding in spite of any trepidation 🙂

    • Cosette at #

      Great tips. A sick baby, toddler or kid is not great. Our son has been sick a few times on vacation, once we didn’t know what was wrong so we went to the hospital in Denver, luckily it was something innocent.

  3. Definitely a lot to think about when traveling with a baby. It’s so scary if they get sick. Love your first aid kit suggestions.

    • Corinne at #

      Especially as a first-time parent! But it’s always scary no matter how old they are.

  4. Getting sick on vacation is THE WORST. We’ve definitely dealt with our share of stomach flu (in a cramped hotel room and cruise ship cabin!), motion sickness, colds, and strep throat during our travels. Great tips!

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