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NOW I Know What The Badlands Look Like…

Note the “u” in favourite – that’s a dead ringer right there that gives away the fact that I am a Canadian gal through and through. But up until a while ago, I’d seen much more of the rest of the world than of my home and native land. I’m delighted to say that since having kids, that’s starting to change.

My favourite Canadian destinations are pretty much every place we’ve been – some I can recommend more than others depending on the age of your children and the activity level your family prefers. But know this about Canada – it’s safe, it’s clean, and it’s a great place to visit.

Québec City, PQ

Province, Quebec, Quebec City, Old Quebec City, Weekend In Canada, Holidays In Canada, Holiday in Canada

Wandering Vieux-Québec)

Québec City was our very first trip with Bub – at just 10 weeks we wanted to stay somewhat close to home and we felt given his age and our daughter’s love of castles, Québec City was a great choice! While it’s most famous for its Winter Carnival, our Canada Day weekend spent there was a wonderful mix of Canada and Europe. While the steep steps and cobblestone streets of Vieux Québec can give you and your stroller a workout, Québecois culture adores children and families – you are welcome everywhere with a baby or toddler in tow.

Drumheller, AB

hoodoos, drumheller hoodoos, drumheller alberta, drumheller

Bub And His “Rock River” At The HooDoos…

I had no idea anything like the badlands existed in Canada. On our drive from Calgary to Drumheller, Alberta I kept wondering if I’d even recognize them – and my husband kept laughing! Once we crossed over from the prairie the change was unmistakable, and you could imagine you’re somewhere near Vegas or Utah – not in Northern Canada. The drive from Calgary is short – well under 2 hours – and there’s more than just the Royal Tyrrell Museum to check out. The real highlight of that trip for my kids was climbing the HooDoos, and the highlight for me from that stop was watching them climb the HooDoos (in between nail biting, of course!) While you could easily tote a baby along for the ride, older toddlers and preschoolers will get the most out of the museum and exploring the landscapes – not to mention the pool in the motel!

Toronto, ON

Province, Ontario, Centre Island Ferry, Weekend In Canada, Holiday in Canada, Holidays in Canada

Centre Island Ferry, Toronto

Come on… we live here for a reason! I’m rare in that I was born and raised here in Toronto, but my husband as a transplanted Albertan is now officially (begrudgingly) a Torontonian raising two Torontonians here. This city is not only home for me, but it is our playground that we explore during all four seasons – Toronto with kids is awesome. We’ve had plenty of summer staycations here, and though we ARE the centre of the Universe when it comes to Canada, we’re also so close to so many beautiful resorts in Ontario for when you need to escape. Perhaps I’m lucky to be able to say that my favourite Canadian destination is the city that I live in, but that’s why after all our travels I’m always so happy to come home.

Happy to share the Canada love! I’m tagging Lisa Goodmurphy of Gone With The FamilyDeborah Peniuk of Aya Life and Christine Duncan to tell you why they think Canada is amazing!

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7 Responses to Favourite Canadian Destinations For Families – This Is My Canada

  1. Arienne at #

    I can’t wait to make the trip out to Alberta’s Badlands. It seems unreal that we even have that type of landscape here in Canada!

  2. Canada is definitely a family-friendly destination – love your picks! We haven’t been to Alberta yet with the kids and I’m hoping to get out there this summer. I was only thinking about the mountains but the Badlands look pretty cool too!

  3. Alouise at #

    Love this. I’ve been out to Drumheller a couple of times and the change in landscape always fascinates me.

  4. Allison at #

    The only part of Canada I’ve seen is British Columbia, and that was spectacular. I’d love to visit other parts of this beautiful country with my family. Thanks for the recommendations!

  5. Debbie at #

    Definitely have not seen enough of Canada yet. Drumheller must be next! Great suggestions!

  6. Bill at #

    I love Canada! This is such a beautiful place worth traveling for. I have been to Québec City a couple of times already and one reason why I love coming back to Canada again. Wonderful photos!


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