Best Travel Stroller Options for 2020

best travel strollers

I’m firmly of the belief that you should bring a stroller when you’re traveling with baby. Getting around can be one of the more complicated things to do when you’ve got your hands full with an infant or toddler (and all of their stuff)!

What Is the Best Travel Stroller?

The best travel stroller is one that is lightweight, easy to push, and is easy to fold and unfold. But, a lot of other factors often come into play. Ultimately it depends on your destination and the type of trip you are taking to determine if bringing a stroller is worth it and, if so, what kind?

I don’t necessarily believe you have to purchase a second, smaller or umbrella stroller for travel. However, if you have the budget for it, you may as well.

If you think you will be doing a great deal of travel with baby, it may be worth it to splurge on a good full-sized stroller that travels well, rather than two strollers of varying quality.

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Best Travel Stroller Options – Full-Size:

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UPPAbaby Vista

UPPAbaby Vista:

While most airlines are amenable to gate checking a stroller in two pieces, the fact that you can fold this full-size stroller in one piece is a big help. We traveled with our UPPAbaby Vista A LOT, and rarely was its size or weight an issue. We became quite used to the ginormous basket, however, so transitioning down to an umbrella stroller was a little tough for us!

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Peg Perego Booklet

Peg Perego Booklet:

Peg Peregos were the stroller and travel system when my daughter was born – second only to the Bugaboo which introduced us to the notion of spending a lot on strollers. Pegs are still reasonably priced–comparatively speaking–and if you are planning on doing a lot of traveling but don’t want to purchase two strollers, the Peg Perego Booklet might be right for you. It folds like an umbrella, but lays flat for naps. The connectivity with their Primo Viaggio car seat is second to none. Check out our review of travel with the Peg Perego Travel System.


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Baby Jogger City Mini

Baby Jogger City Mini:

We’re seeing a lot of these around these days, and for good reason. The Baby Jogger City Mini offers a sweet, comfy, and apparently full-sized ride. It’s also incredibly light and the fold mechanism is super-duper easy.

Best Travel Stroller Options – Umbrella:

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UPPAbaby G-Luxe

UPPAbaby G-Luxe:

We went the umbrella stroller route for our first cruise, and I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to travel with an umbrella stroller. Granted, by then my kiddos were bigger and also seasoned travelers. However, a light stroller that didn’t take up much room made it a lot easier to manoeuvre through the airport and our various transit routes. We loved the G-Luxe. Read our review of travel with UPPAbaby G-Luxe to find out more.

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Maclaren Triumph

Maclaren Triumph:

The Maclaren is kind of the creme de la creme of the umbrella stroller world. Many of my fellow city-dweller moms opt to just babywear until baby is big enough to ride in the Maclaren. With prices venturing into the full-size stroller territory, they are certainly an investment. But, a Maclaren is a worthwhile splurge if you plan to do a lot of traveling.

joovy new groove, best travel stroller, travel umbrella stroller

JOOVY New Groove

JOOVY New Groove:

I had a giant JOOVY Caboose which served me well on Kindergarten runs when I had a Bub in a car seat and then when he could sit upright and enjoy the ride. I loved the fact that my daughter could stand or kneel or sit down when she was tired. But it was heavy and awkward and I would nevery consider traveling with it in a million years!

However, I love how much JOOVY has expanded their product line, and the New Groove looks like an ideal umbreller stroller for travel that’s on the affordable side to boot. The JOOVY New Groove is just over 15lbs and reclines almost flat for babies and toddlers up to 55lbs. It has a carry strap and a zippered pocket to keep your keys and phone safe.



33 Responses to Best Travel Stroller Options for 2020

  1. Kacie at #

    Thanks for this post! As an expat living in a big city with 3 small kids we travel a lot. Do you have any recommendations for a good for travel double stroller?

  2. Corinne at #

    Hi Kacie!

    The Baby Jogger City Mini Double is also receiving raves in the Facebook stream of this post. Check it out!

    • Di at #

      Hello Corinne,
      Thank you for this great blog! It’s very helpful! Question: any specific reason you chose Uppababy’s Vista over Cruz model?

      • Corinne at #

        At the time the Cruz was not an option, but now knowing both strollers I still would have gone with the Vista because I like the bigger wheels. I feel it’s easier to get around with them. Best of luck with your decision!

  3. I’m rather surprised that the BOB Revolution isn’t on this list. It’s definitely our go-to. It’s incredibly robust – carries many times beyond it’s rated weight in kids and cargo. The large inflatable tires are great on stairs, cobblestones, city streets, and overland. And it has turn-on-a-dime fingertip handling, even fully loaded.

    (No, I’m not a spokesperson for BOB. I only wish. 😛 )

    We modified ours with footrests so it could be a “double.” Here’s a pic:

    • Corinne at #

      Great pick – Amy! I’ll update the list this weekend 🙂

      • Kim at #

        While I love my BOB Revolution, no way on earth would I ever call that a travel stroller!!

        • Corinne at #

          Of course not, but it’s a great everyday stroller that can be utilized well on trips. Thanks for your feedback!

  4. Jenny at #

    I have to sing the praises of the Cybex Onyx. It’s the nicest umbrella stroller I’ve ever seen, with a near-flat recline and a truly awesome sun shade. I’ve traveled to Spain and around the US with it and it was perfect. We also have the Uppababy Vista, and now that we are expecting #2, the plan is to travel with the Vista and a rumble seat in case our oldest needs to rest. I’m a stroller geek….

    • Corinne at #

      Ooh – will have to check that one out. Love to ‘meet’ a fellow stroller geek, I’m only sad now my youngest is getting too big!

  5. Natalie at #

    Hi There! I am new to the site and already love it! We travel a great deal with our now 17-month-old daughter. I just purchased the Mountain Buggy Nano for our recent trip to California and I couldn’t be happier with it! Very durable, light and folds up to carry-on size. The true test will be when we take it to Europe in June. I’ll let you know how it goes!! Thanks for all of the great tips!

    • Corinne at #

      That is awesome, Natalie – thanks so much for sharing!

    • Rachel B at #

      Just wondering how it went with the Nano? I live in Europe and am expecting my first in November – I’ve been leaning towards buying the nano but would love to hear feedback first.

    • Rachel Weatherston at #

      Oyster zero is great for travel.
      Extendable hood with UVA protection. And lies completely flat.
      Best buggy I’ve ever had and used abroad.

      • Corinne at #

        Thanks for the tip, Rachel! I will add the Oyster Zero when I update the post 🙂

  6. Grace at #

    Great post! UppaBaby’s G-Luxe is always a good choice for traveling. I also like to use it because not only is it lightweight but it also has good reclining features and adjustable footrest to let my baby sleep comfortably.

  7. We use the Baby Jogger City Mini and personally, I cant recomend it enough. It is compact and solid at the same time.

    • Megan at #

      Hi! I, too, have the Baby Jogger City Mini and will be flying with our 6 month old for the first time this week. Was debating if I should bring our City Mini or pick up something else. When you travel with your City Mini, do you check your stroller? Or gate check it?

      • Corinne at #

        Hi Megan! Probably much easier just to gate check it. And it should be waiting for you as you deplane once you arrive. Have a great trip!!

        • audri at #

          hi, this list is amazing. I have heard a lot about BOB Revolution, haven’t seen it here.

  8. Genevieve at #

    I love the Mountain Buggy Nano 🙂

  9. Ajita at #

    Hi.. Thanks for your informational article.
    We are soon about to travel with my first who will be 3 and a half months when we travel.
    Which travel stroller would you recommend? I would not like to buy a car seat. Want to get away with only buying a stroller that last both infant-hood and toddler-hood 🙂


    • Corinne at #

      Hi Ajita–I would definitely recommend the City Mini!

  10. hello,
    nice article you shared.
    I actually love Hot Mom 3 in 1 stroller. but i also like UPPABaby vista. Bumbleride is costly any other jogging strollers.
    but any one mind it before buying a stroller –
    1. Cost
    2. Portability
    3. Easy folding
    4. Canopy
    5. Storage
    6. Buggies
    7. Swing wheels facility
    8. Available parts
    9. Add other seat facility
    10. Strong frame

    thanks from

  11. Andrew at #

    I think you should add more options available about baby stroller. You left many good stroller in this list. Thank you for spending your time.

  12. Wow, what a cool blog post. Thanks for the useful info, I’ll definitely share this with my mom friends 🙂

  13. BN at #

    I find the Cybex Mios great for traveling. It’s really sturdy and light and compact. It can also lay completely flat and has a huge canopy.

  14. sunita at #

    Nice article. Also useful and informative for all mothers. The strollers are quite attractive and I hope of best quality so that babies stay safe every time. Thanks for sharing this informative article.

  15. Donna Neace at #

    Thanks “Corinne McDermott ” for sharing best travel stroller review. Your recommended all strollers are really good. But I think you can also add world’s smallest folding GB pockit stroller to your list.

  16. PCK at #

    I’m surprised that GB Pockit or GB Pockit Plus isn’t in the list.

  17. Lauren at #

    Have you travelled to London or Switzerland with the vista? I’m worried about getting on and off public transport? Is it worth purchasing a travel specific stroller?

    • Corinne at #

      It is a bigger stroller however it folds pretty easily and is super versatile for travel. Beware not to overload the basket — it’s easy to do when you’re out and about however I HAVE folded it with a full-ish basket in a pinch.

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