Baby Friendly Las Vegas… Las Vegas With Kids

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Fear And Toddlers In Las Vegas?

I have never been to Las Vegas. It’s probably the last place I would think of visiting with my kids. At least it was until I was surprised by a Vegas hotel’s reaction to complaints about a breastfeeding mom. I want a grown-up getaway there with my husband or some girlfriends and days filled with cocktails instead of sippys and high heels instead of flip flops. Reader Helene Vece grew up and has lived in Las Vegas for the last 35 years, and she’s sharing top tips for Las Vegas with kids – thanks, Helene! 

Las Vegas for Toddlers

Las Vegas and toddlers normally aren’t associated as two things that go together. But, they really are! Parents with young children shouldn’t miss out on visiting the famous Las Vegas Strip because of travel concerns. In reality, Sin City has tons of activities for toddlers!

The DISCOVERY Children’s Museum, the Fountains of Bellagio, the Coney Island Emporium, and Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat are just a few of the baby and toddler-friendly attractions in Las Vegas. The best part? They are all affordable and located on glitzy Las Vegas Boulevard! Parents can see the sights while children delight in engaging and educational attractions.

Las Vegas With Kids, Vegas with kids, vegas with a baby, vegas with toddlers
Las Vegas with Kids – More Than Just Sin City

The Bellagio

First, let’s address the main concern for most moms: bathroom breaks while walking the Strip. Baby-friendly bathrooms in Las Vegas are hit and miss, except for The Bellagio! The bathrooms inside this beautiful resort are extra-large! Moms with young children don’t have to cram into a single stall with their child. The Bellagio has plenty of room for mom, a few toddlers, and a stroller.

The separate sitting (nursing) areas built into the lobby bathrooms are an appreciated comfort. The Bellagio is a wonderful place for families to visit because the resort is clean and the attractions are free. Little children are always fond of the dancing fountains out front of the hotel, which go off every 15 minutes. The Bellagio also hosts an indoor flower conservatory that is free, too.

Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat

Vegas with kids, las vegas with kids, vegas with a baby, las vegas with toddlers
It’s Dolphins, Baby…

Another great activity for those traveling with children is the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. The tickets prices are very reasonable. Parents can take children in strollers to the bottom level of the Habitat for an up close and personal view of the dolphins. Large glass windows allow children to press their hands and faces against the glass as dolphins swim about- sometimes they even come face-to-face with the children! The Habitat has a large cat section filled with lions and tigers, but no bears-oh my! The lions do brag about with furious growls, so use your discretion when it comes to visiting this section of the Habitat.

Coney Island Emporium

The Coney Island Emporium located within the New York New York Hotel is fun for parents looking to stroll around, grab a quick bite and keep the younger ones entertained. The carnival games may be for school-aged children, but the lights and sounds will make toddlers “ooh” and “awe”.  Plus, the Coney Island Emporium has great ice cream. The hotel’s bathrooms do offer changing stations that will do the trick, but they are nowhere in comparison to those at The Bellagio.

DISCOVERY Children’s Museum

Las Vegas With Kids, vegas with kids, vegas with a baby, las vegas with toddlers
Learning More Than Five Card Stud…

About ten minutes from all the glitz and glitter of the hotels is the DISCOVERY Children’s Museum. The Museum is on Las Vegas Blvd. but families will have to take a cab to get to the location and back. Everything in Las Vegas looks close, but the Museum really isn’t. Tickets for children are $13.50 and $15.50. There is no charge for babies who a year old or younger. The Museum has lots to offer toddlers and the building was designed to accommodate parents traveling with several bags and multi-child strollers. Every exhibit, and there are over a hundred, incorporates an educational component.

Las Vegas has many fun (often free) activities for toddlers. And, there are several hotels that offer daycare or in-room babysitting in their concierge office. Find more information about attractions for kids and toddlers in Las Vegas at

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Many thanks to Vanessa at for the picture of her daughters at the Children’s Museum. Check out her original review here.

Las Vegas photo courtesy Bob Townsend

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27 Responses to Baby Friendly Las Vegas… Las Vegas With Kids

  1. There is so much to do in Vegas with kids. Great article we didn’t do some of these things, so for next time 😀

  2. Nads at #

    I think Las Vegas would have been the last place I’d visit with my young kids – very presumptuous of me I know. But you’ve shown me that this is an awesome place to take kids, thank you 🙂

  3. Jennifer at #

    Everybody thinks of Las Vegas as a ‘night’ life type of place but no one knew that there is so much to do in the day for families. Thank you for sharing this.

  4. Amit at #

    Take your babies to las vegas, So that they could learn gambling, see the nude babes crushing the floors.. Huumm..
    It was the first thought that come to me. but by the end of this post i find my other lovely places that babies really love to go.
    Thanks for posting it.

  5. Vegas is becoming very child friendly with many child caring services that are offered now.

  6. Julie P at #

    As a new mom with an 8 month old living in As Vegas, I find myself often at a loss for baby friendly places to spend an afternoon. The Fashion Show mall is a decent place to escape the heat, even if you’re not into shopping. Springs Preserve has indoor and outdoor activities for all ages and is, IMO, stroller friendly. An annual pass is easily paid for in two day-visits and includes the museum on site as well as the gardens and wet lands. When it’s not so terribly hot out, Sunset Park behind the airport on Sunset and Eastern has a huge duck lake. There’s a Walmart very nearby on Eastern that sells wild bird feed (and sunscreen) Hope that helps!

    • Corinne at #

      That’s awesome info, Julie – thanks so much!

  7. jihyeshin at #

    Anyone tell me which hotel is best for family???

  8. Judee at #

    Too bad that you have to pay $20.00 to watch dolphins in captivity swimming around a cement tank instead of being free.They were ripped away from their families, they are fed dead frozen fish and perform like circus clowns with no hope for the future. So disappointing that you want to condone captivity and that is what you wish to teach your children, that abuse is acceptable. Take them to the children’s museum or somewhere they can learn respect of animals and using their imagination.

    • Corinne at #

      Thanks for your comment. I have mixed feelings about captivity programs, and definitely don’t support those that force the animals to “perform.” From the photos I agree that the pools look tiny–chances are I’d give this spot a miss if I was to visit Las Vegas with my kids.

  9. Sara at #

    I assume all ages are admitted into the casinos?

    • Corinne at #

      I think so, Sara — although I’m not sure how much casino time you’ll want to do with a little in tow!

      • Kelley at #

        You can’t have a baby with you and gamble.

  10. Chris at #

    It’s all fun and family until your young son gets to see naked business cards littered all over the Strip sidewalks, soliciting sex. It’s NOT for kids! Not to mention, you will feel awkward as you push a stroller and everyone looks at you in judgement for having your child there to begin with.

    • Sam at #

      Well, it all depends on the age he has. With a small toddler it doesn’t matter what he sees. And who cares what they think. They can judge all they want, but I’ll be happy pushing my stroller around Las Vegas.

  11. Margret at #

    You cannot have kids around when gambling when you want to gamble and have children the best place to go is circus circus upstairs they have sort of carnival games shopes and coin/tickets arcade games and also there are roller coaster rides and more activities in the hotel

    • Margret at #

      And also there’s a free show every 30 mins for all ages

  12. sandy at #

    what about car seats?

  13. elisa m. at #

    Hi, we are an Italian family and we will visit Las Vegas in august, when our baby will be 23months.
    Do you know if there is some hotel with baby-sitting service?


    • Corinne at #

      Hi Elisa! I think most hotels can arrange for babysitting through their concierge. I’m pretty sure it would be quite expensive, however!

  14. Angela at #

    Thank you for the article it is very helpful. Vegas is not the ideal destination for kids but sometimes you have to bring the toddlers along if you don’t have a babysitter. This article helped give me some great ideas for our trip. Thanks again. 🙂 All those posting negative comments must be so perfect 😉

  15. Great article. Has saved my bacon. I’ll get back to you with how I go with these things. Only 1 week till vegas (with toddler) woot!


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