Q&A – Bathing a Baby in Mexico

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Rub a dub dub, a Bub in the sink…

I love, love, love getting questions and being able to answer them. So, I was happy to receive this question from Jessica:

Just wondering about what you’ve done on holidays in Mexico or similar destination when bathing a baby? Has the water ever been a problem? Have you encountered any water sickness at all? Our son will be 9 months when we go….
Thanks for any wisdom!

Drinking Bath Water

My daughter was a massive bath water-drinker. Like, she would down cup after cup if we let her. So I could see how bathing baby in Mexico could be a concern.

Our boy enjoyed big sips but was really more of a bubble blower. However, I knew that save for some soap and probably pee (ugh!), our tap water is clean. They probably wouldn’t get sick from consuming it… accidentally or otherwise. But, bathing baby in Mexico could be a different story.

Tap Water Safety While Traveling

For our first trip to Cuba, I was definitely nervous. Even though the tap water in Cuba is safe (we drank it on subsequent trips). But to be on the safe side I used bottled water for drinking and tooth-brushing. After all, safe does not necessarily mean that it doesn’t have micro-organisms that would upset tender tummies.

Depending on where you stay in Mexico, your resort may have its own purification system. Like at Club Med Ixtapa Pacific. Our room there had a shower only, but I still worried about the trickles that may enter her mouth and what they might do.

We took extra care to make sure that baths were fast and we didn’t dump water over her head to rinse her hair. I took a very wet washcloth to wet her hair and rinse it afterwards. It took a little longer, but not having a cup as a tub toy removed the temptation for her to drink.

For smaller babies who aren’t mobile, you could probably get away with a sponge bath, but 9-month-olds are likely to be very sandy and sunscreen-y at the end of the day and could use a good wash!

Have an an awesome time in Mexico, Jessica! Although jokes about Montezuma’s Revenge are still prevalent, the truth is the more touristy parts of Mexico have stepped up and cleaned up. Stick to bottled water for drinking and tooth-brushing, take precautions against insect bites, avoid fruits and vegetables that can’t be peeled or cooked (unless you are certain they were washed in safe water), and try not to fret over bath time too much. Just make sure to pack your little guy’s rubber ducky!

Happy Travels!

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9 Responses to Q&A – Bathing a Baby in Mexico

  1. Anna at #

    Great tips in this post. And I love the photo, I have a very similar one of my son which was taken in a sink in Germany! One for the 18th…..

  2. Corinne at #

    Thanks Anna!
    Bub was only 10 weeks on this – his first trip. He had another sink bath on another trip a few weeks later but he was that much bigger and soaked the counter!

  3. Agnes at #

    My husband and I are heading to Cuba this week with our 11 month old daughter. We are going to Varadero and will be staying at Memories Varadero Beach Resort. My husband is worried about the water – will it be safe to bathe our daughter? She is on solids (along with some formula) and likes putting all the food on her head 🙂 so baths are a nightly requirement.
    Thanks so much!

    • Corinne at #

      No worries for the water in Cuba – we tend to drink bottled for the taste but have never had any issues. My son also used his hair for a napkin – many baths have been had in Cuba! Have a wonderful time – drop us a line when you’re back!

  4. Agnes at #

    Thanks so much Corinne! I appreciate your quick reaponse. I will definitely let you know how the resort is!

  5. Kalee at #


    So Me and my 7 month old son are going to take a trip to México this month but im really worried about the water there. We are not staying in a resort or hotel, we are staying witj My husbands parents in Veracruz and i heard lots of kids coming back with worms and wondered if that was from the water or from anything and need some advice on how tp protector My baby from any major illnesses.

    • Corinne at #

      Hi Kaylee! Stick to bottled water for drinking and formula and be extra careful during bath time to make sure no water gets in baby’s mouth–no cups for tub toys! Sink baths and sponge baths are easiest for this.

  6. Mandy at #

    What about washing baby bottles with tap water in Mexico? We are going to Island Holbox with our 8 month old in February and are staying at a normal hotel, not an all inclusive resort…

    • Corinne at #

      I would recommend using bottled water to make your baby’s bottles in Mexico.

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