Have Kinder® Eggs, Will Travel!

Kinder Surprise Egg, Kinder Egg, Kinder Eggs, Kinder treatsOne of the bonuses of flying with a preschooler is they are easily distracted with both treats, and new toys. And since I’m all about minimizing the amount of stuff you have to carry, a Kinder® Surprise Egg is a travel essential for us now that Bub has turned three. Part (nut-free) chocolate treat, part new toy – I am not above using Kinder® Eggs as a bribe – “the sooner you get that seat belt fastened, the sooner you can have your Kinder® Egg!” or a reward – “thanks for being so cooperative on the plane, when we get to our hotel room you can have your Kinder® Egg while mommy unpacks.”

And new for 2013, the Kinder® Surprise Eggs have brand new toy collections – our favourites are the Softy Tummies animals, and also the Dino Age series. The kids get to unwrap their egg, eat the chocolate treat, and play (for a few minutes at least!) with a new toy, and maybe (just maybe!) you get to sit and watch a teensy bit of an in-flight movie. And if the kids lose the toy, it’s not the end of the world.

I thought it was an urban myth, but it is actually true that Kinder® Surprise Eggs are not legal in the United States! If you’re headed to the US , probably best to enjoy the eggs on the plane, as I was surprised to learn that Customs and Border Protection seized 25,000 eggs last year!


Disclosure: I’m part of the Kinder® Mom program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.

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2 Responses to Have Kinder® Eggs, Will Travel!

  1. Paulina at #

    Hi Coinne,

    Kinder Eggs are a great idea! But I didn’t know they where not legal in the US! Is that only on the airplane? or in the whole country?

    • Corinne at #

      Crazy, right? Not legal in the US. At all!