Finding a Vacation Babysitter or Child Care on Holiday

A family vacation is about fun for every member of the family.  And sometimes that fun involves co-parents enjoying some grown-up time together… ALONE. Maybe a fancy dinner, going out dancing, or even just relaxing beach-side sans enfants. 

But that couple time can’t come at the expense of the safety of your children. So, how to find a great vacation babysitter or arrange child care on holiday? A vacation babysitter you’ll feel good about so you can actually enjoy your grown-up time?

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FDR Resort in Jamaica. The one with the NANNIES 🙂

Book hotels with kids’ clubs…

In my pre-parent days, I completely looked down my nose at those who dropped their children off at kids’ clubs. Memories of my Mexican honeymoon include noticing two very bored-looking kids and their equally bored-looking teenaged babysitter, making sandcastles almost every day. “Why bring the kids?” my (then) new husband and I would scoff as we snottily wondered which of the swim-up-barflies were the kids’ parents.

Flash-forward and both of my children became kids’ club aficionados who’d cry when we pick them up, rather than when we’d drop them off. Crushed egos aside, we’re continually impressed with the resorts that focus on their supervised children’s programming. The fact that it’s often included in their hotel rates means it’s one less thing to budget for as well.

There are a number of resorts with baby clubs in the Caribbean and Mexico, where guests as young as 12 weeks-old are looked after and well cared for while their parents take a break.

A favourite of ours is Franklyn D. Resort in Runaway Bay, Jamaica. Yes, it’s the resort with the nannies! And the Beaches resorts in Jamaica and Turks and Caicos are renowned for their excellent (included) care for kids as little as three months-old. Select Club Med resorts offer Baby Club Med supervision at an extra cost.

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Bub with Nanny Loraine at FDR Resort

Use local resources…

Peruse online local classifieds and use local services without actually being local. Nanny agencies often pre-screen their applicants, so all you need to do is post your job and sort through the prospects. Hotel concierges will either refer you to local agencies or they may have a list of locals they know and trust. If your hotel books babysitting for you, the prices may seem very high – or at least inflated – with restrictions on the number of children and hours booked. If you can cut out the middle man, you’ll usually save money and be somewhat certain your caregiver is actually keeping the money she earns.

Get referrals

Using social media, you can get creative in your search for a vacation babysitter. Send out a query on Facebook or Twitter – you may get a personal referral from someone in your network. One of my travel clients was quoted over $35 per hour for a sitter from her hotel. I found her a local caregiver on St. Kitts, who charged much less, by searching through recommendations from someone renting their St. Kitts villa.

Get real?

Every now and again I’ll come across an article touting the latest and greatest in vacation babysitting advice and options. Honestly, you’re not going to find an airline nanny via social media. Also, if you can afford to bring your nanny or teen-aged niece on vacation to look after your kids, chances are you’re not reading this article 🙂

Find the best deal, compare prices, and read what other travelers have to say about vacations with nannies at TripAdvisor

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12 Responses to Finding a Vacation Babysitter or Child Care on Holiday

  1. Great tips…..but the best babysitters are the parents. Interesting blog.

  2. I’ve taken a sitter with my on trips a few times since I had to work, but my kids had to come with me too. I loved having a little back up support so I could still hang out with my boys, but also focus on my job when I needed to. It’s been harder for us to hire a sitter when we travel, mainly because I am not organized enough, but these tips are great and might just let my hubby and I get a date one of these trips!

  3. Jenna at #

    I was just talking with a friend who flies to Brazil to visit family about the idea of babysitters in airports. Sometimes after flying all night, she has a 6-hour layover and almost can’t stay awake while watching her two small kids. I’ve never thought about babysitters while traveling, but your tips are good ones!

  4. David at #

    Goes to show there are always ways to truly enjoy your vacation even if you have young children!

  5. My children love kids’ clubs too! In fact, if we stay somewhere without a kids’ club, they get all disappointed.

  6. Madonna Grill at #

    Like hotels, most cruise ships offer child care or supervised activities for children. With the kids safe and nearby, parents can get some worry-free alone time. Mulholland is a fan of the Disney Cruise Line, which offers lots of options for young kids, teens and tweens.

  7. I was at Franklyn D. Resort, in one word amazing . Not a lot of better vacations to go on with the kids . On general ever since my first vacation as a parent I always look for these type of options . Otherwise it’s no vacation at all !

  8. Ra Ro at #

    They charge a lot of money in NY.. hate them.

    • Corinne at #

      I think everything is more expensive in NY 🙂

  9. KelleyMarlo at #

    Can I find a babysitter for my 17 year old son? He’s so moody and he doesn’t want to do his homework at all. I remember when he was a kid and it was so amazing. He never cried and was just a great kid. I want him to spend some time in a place without the internet.

  10. Amy at #

    As far as even begin finding care while on vacation, don’t underestimate the power of websites like or Hubby and I wanted to go on a date-night while on vacation but were struggling to find babysitters for evening hours on a lot of the popular sites or with the concierge. I say just keep in mind that communication is key when finding a babysitter. LAY OUT ALL THE DETAILS upfront.

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