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Family vacations and traveling with a baby or toddler made easy.
Well, easier 😉

Our information and tips for traveling with a baby or toddler have you covered! From our famous printable packing lists, to how to feed your baby on vacation, to dealing with jet lag and time changes, to basic tips for flying with baby, to airport security and traveling by car with babies, toddlers, and young children, this page is your starting point to creating a memorable journey with your little one. Don’t forget to tell us all about it when you get back!

tips for traveling with a baby, baby packing list, packing list for baby, traveling with baby, traveling with childrenThe Mother of All Packing Lists!

Gone are the days of traveling light…
This list is based on a destination where you wouldn’t have access to many of the things we deem to be necessities. For example, when we went to Cuba, there really wasn’t much you could buy, and what you could buy was very expensive… (read more)

Carry-On Packing List

Trust me, you want to have these things handy!
To many, this list may seem excessive. But if you’ve flown with a baby or toddler, you know that needing something and not having access to it could be outrageously frustrating! If you split the contents between the usually allotted 3 bags of carry-on luggage by most airlines for 2 adults and a lap baby, you should be able to avoid bringing along a mule to carry everything! (read more)

The 5 Ts to Happy Travel with Your Tots!

Top tips for smooth sailing (or flying, or driving) on your next family getaway!
Some find the term ‘family vacation’ to be an oxymoron – is it really a holiday if you’re still up at the crack of dawn? Or coping with a tantrum in the middle of a busy airport? Well, I can’t help much with your little one’s sleeping habits, but I can suggest 5 easy tips to a more harmonious holiday – from beginning to middle to end. If you adopt the Scouts’ motto of ‘be prepared’ – you truly will be… (read more)

The 5Rs to Rosy Road Trips…

This summer, hit the highway in harmony!
I think everyone has a memory of at least one family road trip… Piled into the family station wagon, safely buckled in and taking turns singing harmonies of Row Row Row Your Boat in-between neatly munching healthy snacks. No? How about pinching, bickering and hogging the one Sony Walkman in a seat that’s sticky from spilled juice with the vague scent of vomit wafting by occasionally (this being a time pre-Febreze). More like it? Me too. (read more)

car seat on airplane, baby in car seat on plane, baby sleeping on planeFlying with an Infant or Toddler – On the Plane Tips for All Ages and Stages…

There are different challenges and joys with each stage of a baby’s life, and each of those stages present different challenges and joys when bringing said baby on a plane. Whether you’ve a tender newborn or a hearty toddler, we’ve flown with a baby that age and are sharing with you our concerns and tips from that stage. (read more)

The 3Ps to Passing Airport Security with Babies & Young Children

Strollers & Liquids & Toys – Oh My
I think it’s been a while since the heyday of travel – when hopping on a plane was an experience in itself.  I know my mom always looked forward to being able to just sit for a few hours and have someone bring her a hot meal and a glass of wine (obviously I was older by this point!) while she thumbed a book or napped.  Unless you’re flying first class or by private jet, it’s safe to say those days are long gone, and now the “fun” of air travel begins before you’ve even hit the departure lounge.  Ah yes, I’m talking about going through security. (read more)

Baby Bottles, feeding baby on vacation, sterilizing bottlesFeeding Your Baby on Holiday

It’s not so tough, honestly!
My daughter was 11-months-old when we took our first family vacation to Cuba. At first I was overwhelmed with the thought of bottles, formula, jars and bibs taking up all of our luggage allowance and all of my time while supposedly on holiday. However, like all good vacationers at an All-Inclusive resort, she came home a few pounds heavier! All my worrying was for naught but my organization wasn’t. If you prepare well, you will be fine – and it will be no more difficult than feeding at home, except hopefully you’ll be sipping a well-earned cocktail! (read more)

Where to Stay when Travelling with Babies and Small Children

You have lots of options!
Everyone has travel preferences. But whether you’re the backpack/hostel type or perhaps the exotic locale/boutique hotel type, once you have children and decide to travel with them, you have to be open to new and different travel experiences. I was always a travel snob. To me, unless you were staying in B&Bs and taking public transport, you were not experiencing the true culture of where you were visiting. It never occurred to me that traveling was meant to be relaxing as well! Since opportunities to get away are now fewer and further apart, I now wholeheartedly embrace the ‘travel as vacation’ mindset, but I still need a little local culture as well. (read more)

Planning Your Vacation

Keep your family safe and healthy on holiday…
Sometimes the best part of planning a family vacation is figuring out where to go. Sometimes this is also the toughest part! The world is a big place and different countries have different pros and cons. Whatever your travel preferences, if you’re bringing along a baby or small children, you have two main things to keep in mind while deciding upon a destination: safety and health. (read more)

ferber method, co sleeping, how to go to sleep, tired baby, can't sleep, sleep like a baby, travel tips, sleep routineA Little Jetsetter In The Making…

Coping with time changes and jet lag in babies and young children.
A big concern many parents have about traveling is how time changes and jet lag will affect their child’s routine and sleeping patterns. It’s a valid concern; we all know how jet lag makes us feel (zonked and cranky), and who wants to cope with a toddler in that same state? (read more)

Baby Travel Gear

Babies need lots of stuff, and they need stuff for travel too…
We’ve come across some awesome, excellent, great (and sometimes not so great) baby travel gear. Whether it’s a travel crib or a travel stroller, or which is the best car seat to travel with, we’ve likely tried it out. In most cases, all the info is here. Except for the bad stuff, because my mother always taught me that if you don’t have anything nice to say… (read more)

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