Welcome To Have Baby Will Travel's Very First Blog!

We are so excited about the brand new look of Have Baby Will Travel!  Technically we’re now a toddler, and with toddlerhood comes big changes and major developments – Have Baby Will Travel is no exception…

It’s been my goal from the very beginning to provide new parents who still have the travel bug all the information they need to make traveling with their baby or toddler an easier and more enjoyable experience.  I hope that with this redesign, using Have Baby Will Travel will be an easier and more enjoyable experience!  As always, I value your input, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch at [email protected] with any feedback.

Here on the blog I plan to post the latest family travel news, updates to the main Have Baby Will Travel site, as well as the various deals, specials and promotions that are often emailed to me by those in the travel industry.  I’m also happy to answer any travel related questions that you may have, and I’ll do that here on the blog as well.

Happy Travels!



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