Travel Stories: Our First Couples Staycation Without Baby…

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A toddler-free bed… Even in the morning!

Bub was almost 2-and-a-half. Big Sis was 5-and-a-half. And up until then, we had never been away from them for overnight at the same time.


Most people don’t wait almost six years for their first night away from baby. But I didn’t have a problem with this. Honestly!

Our last trip together as a couple was our pre-Babymoon in Barbados, which we took right before I became pregnant with our daughter. And I’m not kidding when I say that I didn’t have a problem with this. My husband didn’t either. We both believed that the kids are small for such a short time, and there’ll be plenty of opportunities in the future for us to get away.

We had originally planned to go for a long weekend in Havana for my “big” birthday. But I’d just finished school and the kids were in full-time daycare for the first time and I missed them. I didn’t want to go away without them. So we didn’t go anywhere.


First night away from baby, old mill,, staycation, toronto adventures, kayak, humber river
This is Downtown Toronto…

A Couples Staycation in the City

We were invited on a little jaunt: A country getaway in the heart of the city, with kayaking down the Humber River, and a night at the lovely Old Mill Inn & Spa.

I accepted!

Kayaking was fun. And as a lifelong Torontonian, I didn’t know you could do this sort of thing in the city. I loved the juxtaposition of the Blue Herons and sounds of the riverbank with the subway rumbling overhead. I also loved that I didn’t capsize the kayak! Seriously, it was nice to be out on a beautiful summer evening and Toronto Adventures really puts on a great excursion.

Our stay at The Old Mill Inn & Spa was lovely. The room was very nice, with a great view of the treetops. I can only imagine how beautiful it would be in autumn. Dinner was really great – great food, great wine, great company. It was definitely a great night out.

Why not just a date night?

But as we went to sleep that night, we both agreed that we’d had lots of fun and should definitely make it a priority to have more date nights. But we still kinda wished we’d just planned for a fab night out and gone home afterwards.

**Until the morning came.**

We didn’t necessarily sleep in, but we didn’t have to rush out of bed. In fact, since we had a late check-out, we didn’t have to get out of bed at all! This is where I truly saw the benefit of our couples getaway and where I totally felt the most relaxation from it – the morning.

We got dressed at our leisure… No super-fast shower and quickly throw on what’s clean!
We ate breakfast at our leisure… No rush to put something on the table that will only get picked at!
We lingered over coffee and chatted about this and that… No interruptions!!

I’ve never really envied those who can leave their kids at the grandparents and just take off. When I have traveled away from the kids for work I spend pretty much the whole time missing them and thinking about them anyway. Plus, we don’t have parents that are still together and able (both mentally and physically) to care for them for an extended period. Also, I didn’t feel comfortable with the thought of both of us going too far away. That’s just me.

A grown-up staycation in town is a good idea. I can’t wait for more lazy mornings!

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