Travel Stories: Toronto Staycation With Baby

Centre Island Farm, Far Enough Farm, Centre Island, Toronto

Far Enough Farm, Centre Island, Toronto

Some people don’t like the term staycation. I don’t mind the term, I just never liked the idea. Especially since I started working from home, a staycation to me is NOT a vacation. And it really wasn’t, or at least not until now. I’m fortunate to live in Toronto, and as a lifelong Torontonian, there is really nowhere else in this country I’d rather live. And while we fully enjoy the city on a regular basis – this summer, time and money meant we’d be staying here for our time off, so I’d better make the most of it. Luckily, there are lots of things to do in Toronto with a baby or toddler, and we did most of them!

We were blessed with perfect hot weather, and our week included baby-friendly family favourites Centre Island, The Toronto Zoo, and Ontario Place. Then, I couldn’t take it anymore so we drove up for a quickie getaway to our fave Ontario resort, The Fern. And as we approach the 2nd last long weekend of the summer, my husband and I just had our VERY FIRST NIGHT AWAY FROM THE KIDS IN OVER 5 YEARS!! That was a little jaunt that we will very likely be repeating sooner rather than later… 😉

I wouldn’t say that our Toronto Staycation was relaxing, but we did have fun. The bonus Fern visit at the end was relaxing in spite of a trip to Orillia’s Memorial Hospital for stitches (don’t ask, coming up) but we did made a plan for the week and were out of the house each day before breakfast. Some days I secretly just wanted to be lazy, but I’m glad I made the effort and we broke up the week with an easy day in the middle.

Ontario Place, Splash Works, Ontario Place Splash Pad, Toronto

All Splashed Out At Ontario Place!

This is a very different summer than last year, where we traveled to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Turks & Caicos. But those were press trips and we weren’t all together as a family. As our lives get busier and busier, I’m so grateful we’re able to spend the time together that we manage to, and I look forward to dreaming of new places I’d like to visit with the kids.

How did you spend your summer vacation with baby?


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