Where to Go with 7-month-old Twins?

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Playa Quieta, Club Med Ixtapa Pacific

Julie emailed a question about vacation ideas for infants. She wants a ideas of where to go; a good destination/hotel with her active (and very generous!) parents and her husband and their 7-month-old twin boys…

My parents (active early 70s) would like to take my family (husband and me in our 30s, twin boys 7-months-old) on a vacation somewhere warm. Mostly to hang out together, do some active things – swimming, hiking, walking, but in a relaxed atmosphere. All-inclusive appeals to me for the simplicity but is not necessary. We’d like to have a fridge in the room for formula and don’t want to have too hectic of travel with the twins.

We’d like to go late March/early April if possible. Money is not a huge issue but we’d like to go somewhere reasonable. Maybe where there are things to do without packing the boys up in the car.  Somewhere we can take the boys in a warm pool (obviously they are not potty trained) and not worry about disturbing anyone. But we also don’t want to be in a place where kids take over the place and we can’t bring our boys in the water. So, the trip is more for the adults, but I would like it to be very infant friendly. 

Any suggestions? We live in the DC area so Florida would be an easy flight. Also don’t mind getting passports for the boys. Thanks so much!!

Where to Go with Infant Twins and Their Grandparents…

There are lots of amazing baby-friendly resorts that adults would enjoy just as much. The beauty of traveling with infants is they don’t need a lot of bells and whistles… yet

My very first thought was Club MedIxtapa Pacific is such an amazing resort and a great part of Mexico too.  It’s pretty pricey, however, and I’d feel a bit guilty about suggesting someplace so expensive on someone else’s dime. Unfortunately their Sandpiper Florida resort has closed its doors (it’s now the All-Inclusive Sandpiper Bay by Wyndham — also an option!)

Club Med Punta Cana also offers the Baby Club and baby-friendly facilities as Ixtapa Pacific. For your first getaway, you could do without the worry of vigilant mosquito defence in the Dominican Republic. The great thing I learned about Club Meds, even the family-oriented ones, is that there’s plenty to do for the adults without kid, so everyone can have a great vacation.

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Treasure Island, Florida

Since you mentioned Florida, a great option might be the Gulf Coast… Two airports from which to search for reasonable flights (Tampa and St. Petersburg), you don’t have to lug so much stuff with you as you can buy your same brands of food and formula from local stores. Plus there’s the option to do lots or the option to do nothing. We had a great time at Treasure Island, but there were lots of shells in the sand that would be a bit of a worry for younger babies.  Clearwater Beach has sand like baby powder.

At 7mos., babies don’t really care where they are, so long as they’re with their parents, so the main focus should be on what you, your husband and your parents like to do, and just make sure that babies will be welcomed when you’re doing it. The beach and pool are perfect, and you can go for a stroll around your hotel grounds or the local ‘drag’. One thing I will mention is that if the boys have an early bedtime, try to make sure your room has a bit of a terrace or balcony where you and your husband can escape to with a couple of drinks and a lovely view. After a day of sun, surf, and sand, your babes are likely to crash, and then you get to spend some quality time together too!

Have an awesome time, Julie, wherever you decide to go. If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to ask. And make sure to tell us all about it when you get back!

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